EPAW Demands the Deployment of Wind Farms in Europe be Stopped Immediately

Berlin, Saturday May 15th, 2010

410 federations and associations from 21 European countries have united into a European platform (EPAW) to transmit the following demands to the European authorities:

  • a moratorium suspending all wind farm projects
  • a complete assessment of the economic, social, and environmental impacts of wind farms in Europe.

EPAW objects to industrial wind farms that:

  • are spreading in a disorderly manner across Europe under the pressure applied by financial and ideological lobby groups, and have used the major part of public funds dedicated to renewable energies,
  • are degrading the quality of life of those living in their vicinity, affecting the health of many,- are destroying Europe’s heritage, and devalue people’s properties,- are causing severe harm to wildlife,
  • are making a mockery of the fundamental principles of sustainable development.

A petition for a moratorium has been sent to the European Commission and Parliament.

EPAW doesn’t want to interfere with renewable energy policies specific to each country, but we support all peaceful actions that denounce the appropriation of the countryside by wind farm developers.

In France, 675 associations joined forces in the Fédération Environnement Durable (FED), of which I am also the chairman. We are fighting together against the desecration of our country by 10,000 wind turbines.

Signed: J.-L. Butré, Chairman of EPAW
Press contact: contact@epaw.org  tel: +33 680 993 808

5 thoughts on “EPAW Demands the Deployment of Wind Farms in Europe be Stopped Immediately

  1. This info must be send to the Toronto Star so that Ontarians are informed.

  2. Kind of makes McGuinty’s argument that “Wind Turbines have been around for decades and have shown no ill effects at all” doesn’t it?

    This could be called an out and out LIE!

  3. 675 associations joined forces?

    Time to kick things up a notch folks.

    Reminds me of that Smokie and the Bandit song…how does it go?

  4. I skimmed over an article elsewhere, not too long ago, about this concern, but I didn’t pay enough attention to it, in order to see the problem. My wife came across this site and had me watch your first video. When David Colling addressed the head-pressure and ear-ache problems, I paid attention. I was reminded of when we lived near an orchard windmill, and that I had experienced this kind of discomfort myself. It’s good to know I wasn’t imagining it. Exposition-type work isn’t easy David, that’s true, but, way to go!

    C. Pinnell

  5. A Resolution to Norfolk Council is being presented tomorrow on behalf of one more Ontario group, the Norfolk Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines, asking that Norfolk Council support the 58+ Ontario municipalities and the 410 European organizations in their requests to all levels of government for a moratorium on the erection of any further IWT’s until rigorous, scientific epidemiological research is completed to show that IWT’s cause no harm to people living surrounded by IWT’s.

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