Lambton County Wind opponents not going away

Eric Gillespie

By Paul Morden, The Observer,

Opponents of a wind farm planned for southeast Lambton County have arranged for residents to hear from a lawyer challenging Ontario’s Green Energy Act.

The 30-member Dawn-Euphemia chapter of Wind Concerns want the Ontario government to halt the building of wind farms and commission an independent study of their impact on the health of people living near them, “so we can rest in peace that these things are being done right,” said co-chairperson Stewart Lewis.

A public meeting June 30 at the arena in Alvinston is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m. The main speaker is Eric Gillespie, a lawyer acting on behalf of a resident of Prince Edward County who is challenge of the legislation governing the building of wind farms.

 Lewis said many people fear that the Green Energy Act, which took planning approval for wind projects out of the hands of municipal councils, has taken away their right to have a say about living with wind turbines.

 “This thing is being challenged in court and when the case is won it’s going to make a big difference,” he said.

Also speaking will be Carman Krogh, from the Society for Wind Vigilance, and Dave Collings, an electrical engineer from the Ripley area.

Krogh’s group is an advocate for people reporting ill health effects from living next to wind turbines, Lewis said.

A wind energy project with up to 37 turbines has been proposed for Dawn-Euphemia and Brooke-Alvinston townships, and Chatham-Kent.

Lewis said he and his wife are concerned about potential health impacts from turbines and electrical transmission lines, as well as what the project will do to the value of their home.

After hearing about the proposal they travelled to the Goderich and Kincardine areas to talk to people living close to turbines.

“What we found was virtually a nightmare,” he said.

Lewis said all are welcome at the meeting in Alvinston, including residents of other parts of Lambton in which wind farms are proposed.

“We’re presenting, I guess you would call, the other side to the public consultations that the wind company had here concerning the turbines,” he said.

“We hope that a lot of people will show up. All we’re trying to do is inform people.”

4 thoughts on “Lambton County Wind opponents not going away

  1. Keep up the fight. We got Simcoe County to vote unanimously against Site 41 Dump site recently after one year of protest.

    So-called environment minister Gerretsen provided lies that he would step down, etc. to stop our protest.

    International figures may help fight the CORPORATIONS.

    Stand by for our reports on which has PDF pages for torontostreetnews.


    — Victor / Toronto Street News

  2. John Gerretsen, how do you sleep at night? The death of one eagle renders wind power non-green.
    GREED = NOT GREEN. The death of thousands of birds, amongst the most highly evolved sentients on our planet, is a monstrous, compassionless act of pre-meditated criminal negligence – or perhaps it is just plain murder because you KNOW that they will die, and horribly. There is no excuse for such vicious, cruel killing in the name of green. GREEN HEALS, IT DOES NO HARM.

    And you have betrayed the trust of your people. There is no redemption for you or anyone who claims industrial wind is green.

    May the ghosts of eagles killed because you are a corrupt codependent of

  3. To all corrupt, co-dependent pushers of so-called “wind power”: may the ghosts of eagles killed haunt your sleep, as the hideous turbines marr the sleep and dreams of so many, until you wake up to the light of compassionate consciousness that this earth, and all her magnificent, miraculous creatures, are to be PROTECTED, CHERISHED, RESPECTED, HELD SACRED.

    John Gerretsen, you and the others you sneak around with, must all fall away – for you have DELIBERATELY promoted the exploitation and destruction of that which which I hold sacred.

    To those of us who get it: blessings.

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