Wind turbines are not green

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With regard to the proposed Camlachie-Cedar Point Wind Turbine Project.

Wind turbines are not green. How much energy is consumed to produce, install, operate, maintain and dispose of these behemoths? Their wide disbursement requires the installation of miles of distribution cables which will produce widespread corona values as well as other unnecessary hazards. Oh yea, what is it that causes the hole in the ozone layer? Corona?

What is the life expectancy of these units? Then what? Do we get to admire a moonscape of derelicts? Has the government demanded a bond on deposit to guarantee a fund for the removal of these structures when the time comes?

Why would any responsible company build these units along a lake shore that has such highly desirable properties for residential and agricultural use? Could it be because it is the cheapest place for them to build them so as to make the most profit? Is there any doubt?

Don’t forget the provincial government has ruled that objections based on zoning and planning are not valid as if they understand the purpose of such foresights. This allows for the placement of such projects where ever the developers see fit so long as they can find someone willing to “rent” the land space. As a local sailor, I can verify that this is definitely not the windiest location in Ontario.

Where are the studies showing any potential impact on the health of the local population or the impact on wildlife especially migratory birds?

Jobs? There are no jobs associated with these things. After they are erected -a fairly quick and simple task -they are operated automatically and remotely. Maybe I was referring to the jobs that might be lost locally where real humans operate and monitor the generation and switching of our power grid through peaks and valleys, storms and heat waves.

Finally, just how much is the government contributing to the Suncor bank accounts to help fund this project or is it in the form of guaranteed overpriced sales of power? Wait a minute, aren’t we the ones that are the government and the aren’t we the ones paying for the power? Looks like we’re fighting ourselves. Maybe some house cleaning is required.

First of all we must stop this folly for the Emperor is not wearing any clothes.

-Brian Collier, CET Camlachie

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  1. I love it… After I became aware of what industrial wind turbines and this whole thing was about – I thought about that classic tale of the Emperor wearing no clothes!
    Until 2 months ago (when I found out they were coming to our rural area) I had no real conception of what these things were — a windmill ya right?! I’d pictured 1940’s style until I saw pictures and started researching what was going on in the world.
    I don’t see much hope until we all get together US, Canada, Europe, etc and say enough already let’s use some common sense. These things are dispoiling our rural landscape, being sited near landmarks and scenic areas.

  2. Hear Hear Brian Collier! Well said indeed. Clean house we will, in the up coming election! This debacle is such a fraud on so many levels it boggles the mind. History will call this time period the biggest BOONDOGGLE of all time. The worst part is that all this money could be used to investigate REAL GREEN SOLUTIONS. We must all make a stand, Loudly and clearly. The fact that the major newspapers in Toronto did not make any mention of the recent march in Europe by 410 coalitions in 27 Countries scares me. Could it be that people want and need wind to be the solution to climate change so desperately that they are blind to the truth? That many people cant be bought so that is all I can believe.

  3. Our local governments really need to get together…”Grow a Pair” and defy the FAKE Green Energy (Tyranny) Act…

  4. If anyone “thinks” that we can “clean house” by dumping the Liberals at the polls is sadly mistaken. The alternatives are not there! There is no clear cut statements by any other Political Party that they will stop Wind Development let alone give us back our Democratic Rights we have had stolen from us!

    We are being used as “pawns” in the political chess match that is being played right now and the grand prize at the end of this match is our homes, lands and health!

    Until one single political entity states publicly and clearly that this Wind Terror will end with their election then we are in the hands of madmen and women who know no bounds in their dishonesty!

  5. Calvin Luther Martin (a champion of our cause) advised me to look up:
    “Regulatory Capture.” It is explained in wikipedia:

    Now I am beginning to understand.

    Our government has been a “Captured Agency” by the wind industry.

    “If the government is to tell big business men how to run their business, then don’t you see that big business men have to get closer to the government even than they are now? Don’t you see that they have to capture the government in order not to be restrained too much by it? ”
    “Must capture government?” “They have already captured it.”
    U.S.A. President Woodrow Wilson 1913

    Surprised? It seems that big business has a large vested interest financially and therefore will need to “capture government” so they can have their way.

    We the people on the other hand have little or no vested financial interest so we do not fight or take much interest and big business knows this.

    Now that we have let government erode from it’s function to protect us and now that we are personally feeling the sting of big business or corporations riding roughshod over our beloved rural countryside, now WE DO HAVE A VESTED INTEREST and we want to fight tooth and nail just like big wind fought tooth and nail to get where the have gotten, get the victory they have achieved! Yes our government is facilitating big wind. They took it for granted we the people would be complacent and when it comes to IWT on someone else’s farm most people still do not care, or they naively assume that big business and government will take care of us!

    I feel that Canadians have to join with U.S.A, France, England, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Hungary and Italy.

    Only a unified front educating the masses will win this fight to restore our democratic principals.

    Do not be dismayed or overwhelmed because a grassroots exponential resistance can and does change the world. Just look to Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Mandela and Mother Teresa to name a few.

  6. Electoral reform which is what Fair Vote Canada has been working for since ~ 2000 can help to make EVERY VOTE COUNT.

    Encourage your community to join .

    How about bringing back the United Farmers of Ontario which formed the government for two terms, I think, a few years ago ;>)

  7. Isn’t it true that after 20 years is up the Wind Company has the “right” to renew the lease over and over again for a period of up to 80 years?…………
    Also what about mineral rights on that leased property?…..don’t they have the option to claim those rights?………………

    Tough questions……….maybe some tough answers………in other words anyone who has “leased ” their land has basically sold it to the Wind Company without even realizing it!

    And for what price?

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