Arlene King did not talk to one person affected nor conduct any independent research

Dr. A. King, oblivious and intentionally ignorant of the victims in her own province.

Toronto Star 

Barb Ashbee claims she was a victim of wind turbine noise. She used to live near the Shelburne wind farm, where there are more than 100 turbines, but moved to the Orangeville area because of health concerns.

“We had heart palpitations, stomach problems, sleep deprivation and terrible cognitive problems. My husband actually had thyroid problems,” she said.

The report’s findings “sicken” Ashbee. “These people are supposed to protect our health,” she said. “I am stunned.”

Ashbee’s health problems have improved since she moved away from the farms but she fears for others. “I get so angry. There are so many sick people and they are shutting them out.”

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16 thoughts on “Arlene King did not talk to one person affected nor conduct any independent research

  1. This report is almost verbatim of the AWEA/CanWEA report and used the same hired guns. What does one expect when a multi million dollar industry is at stake over a perceived small populace that is being “annoyed”. I guess being deprived of one’s sleep is the sacrifice that rural residents must make in order to allow McGuinty to appear environmentally conscious.

  2. The problem is that today’s physicians do not know what PURE SCIENCE is or what UNTAINTED RESEARCH is.

    EVERYTHING* in medical research right now is sponsored and controlled by chemical companies. In addition, physicians, medical and pharmacological researchers receive stipends for consulting, etc. from these same companies. As such, to release any statement about any health issue is always subject to the approval of corporate interests.

    *A minuscule amount of research is sponsored by societies, such as cancer societies, however, sitting on the boards of these organizations are the chemical companies’ heavy-weights.

  3. This woman and her counterparts must be dragged kicking and screaming in front of the Public!

    She single handedly promoted the H1N1 scare tactics during this past winter’s “false epidemic” and now is being touted as the “last word” on “Wind Turbine Illness”

    Dr. King has worked on the UN Panel for “pandemic policy” and is my opinion just a “mouth piece” for the Industrial Pharma groups and now appears to be working for CANWEA and their interests in the destruction of Rural Lands!

    One thing we can all be thankful for is that she has finally exposed her true colours and has clearly shown the side she is on regarding the Health of Ontarians………………the wrong side!

  4. Ms. King wouldn’t leave her padded office to ever “mingle” with the “unwashed and unclean” outside her little “surfdom” she occupies.

    These type of people can’t associate with anyone other than “like minded” people who are into greed, corrupt business practices and seedy political decisions.

    My question is: Why do we need a Chief Medical Officer? Last time I checked Doctors weren’t part of an ARMY!…….just another fake job creation by an ignorant and arrogant Premier on a drunken spending spree with OUR dollars!

  5. Maybe we’re underestimating wind energy cunning.

    In order for me to believe Ms. King’s philosophy about wind turbine “annoyance” I’d also have to believe the wind companies successfully identified rural populations containing a high percentage of hypochondriacs to target with turbines.

    Hypochondriacs now complaining of imaginery illnesses and annoyance causing them to leave their homes.

    Should Ms. King apply the same philosophy to hospital management there wouldn’t be wait times for anything. Hospitals would be near-empty because that’s what we all are–hypochondriacs not wanting to be annoyed.


  6. “Annoyance” has an important clinical meaning that is way beyond the lay meaning attributed to it by most in the Wind Industry.

    I am shocked that a Medical Doctor (even more, a Chief Medical Officer of Health) would continue to perpetuate this misuse of a medical diagnosis.

    The World Health Organization does not refer to people simply being annoyed – they refer to the important medical term “annoyance” which clearly has proven, direct causal links to serious, life threatening, medical conditions.

    When I read drivel like this – in a strange, twisted kind of way – I am thankful that we have not been able to find a doctor since leaving the City!

  7. Ms. King’s report is junk, due to its bias and has no value. Not all Doctor’s are equal, some good and some bad. I any good Doctor would not recognize Ms. King as a doctor. Any correspondence from us should be Ms. King. She is not practicing what it means to be a doctor. If she had it before, she has lost her way. Ms. King, all credibility gone.

  8. What I find very telling is the mention in both the CanWEA report and her report that “there is no hearing impairment”.

    Of course there isn’t! Where did that red herring come from? No one is complaining about that! No one has ever claimed that. Why is that even mentioned?

    It would take incredibly loud noise like a jackhammer to cause hearing impairment. These studies are being intentionally ignorant and do not want to understand the problem.

  9. I did read reports of the inner ear being affected by Low frequency noise & vibration. Many children living in close proximity to Wt’s have woken their parents with howling from ear aches. The inner ear is very delicate and vulnerable. Infra sound is a constant assault on the inner ear. Can you imagine the suffering of wildlife. Dr. King must have read some report, so she does know about it.

  10. Can you imagine a Doctor so full of herself that she doesn’t even acknowledge people suffering? Especially when appointed to the prestigious position of CHIEF of Health for Ontario! I have a feeling she has worked very hard to get where she is and she works such long hours she never gets out much! Not to rural Ontario for sure. The fact that she referred to IWT’s as Clean and Green means she has been sucked up in the Greenwash and has not had time to research the facts out of Europe! The fact that she is so over weight, leads me to suspect she is self medicating her stress with food. For sure she is a follower not a leader. Her obvious lack of independent study indicates she is either too preoccupied with her workload or has an inflated ego and believes her own lies! Is this the type of person we want in such a crucial position. She should either apologize and study or step down. I always try to understand and give the benefit of the doubt because I am sure her Mother or her children love her and she must have some redeemable qualities but she presents as a pickle up her a$$ , inflated nincompoop! Bet we are paying her 5 figures! If she actually thinks we will shut down coal plants because of wind and save people she is naive or a dumb broad. Shame, dirty rotten shame.

  11. In no way can this report be unbiased. She mentions that Wind Turbines are less harmful than coal plants. This report wasn’t about the ill effects of coal plants.
    In no way can large scale industrialization of our rural areas not be harmful to both animal and human welfare.

  12. If a doctor doesn’t examine and perform lab tests for a person who brings questions about the symptoms s/he has been experiencing, how can the doctor find evidence or cause of the symptoms?

    The Chief Medical Officer of Health seems to have abrogated her duty to “do no harm” and has forgotten if she ever did take a vow to the Hippocratic oath.

  13. One week later and I have not had a response from Dr. King or Andrea Martin. I would like to think that our Ombudsman Andre Marin is quietly gathering a war chest to expose this fraudulent report of our Chief Medical Officer and the wind industry. On the other hand I am thinking that some government lawyer has told Arlene King that she can not talk to even one victim as then it would be documented and she then could not say she didn’t know their were victims. It is a well known and practiced legal ploy. I am sure with the letters pouring in Arlene King is in great turmoil and conflict. We can only hope that her conscience wins and she does the right thing and makes a statement that she will do her job and begin talking to the victims even if it means getting fired. That is the honourable thing to do. I am going to write to her again today and also to Tim Hudak. I want to be assured that the leader of the Conservative party is aware and acting on the bogus report of Dr. King. Has anyone else received any kind of a reply from Mr. Marin or Dr. Kings Office? How about the Minister of Healths Office? If so please post.

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