Medical Officer of Health Grossly Negligent in Investigating Complaints

Health Protection and Promotion Act

Complaint re health hazard related to occupational or environmental health
11.  (1)  Where a complaint is made to a board of health or a medical officer of health that a health hazard related to occupational or environmental health exists in the health unit served by the board of health or the medical officer of health, the medical officer of health shall notify the ministry of the Government of Ontario that has primary responsibility in the matter and, in consultation with the ministry, the medical officer of health shall investigate the complaint to determine whether the health hazard exists or does not exist. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.7, s. 11 (1).

From Arlene Kings’ Office:

“I empathize with your concern about the neighboring wind turbines and the ineffectiveness of various agencies to legitimize your grievance. Unfortunately your request that our public health unit be able to take some action on this matter does not align with the current reality. I apologize for any false impressions I may have relayed to you about any type of regulatory capacity we may have but to do so would only give you false hope and perhaps undermine any legitimate avenue of appeal you are trying to seek through the appropriate provincial agency or court action.
Our public health unit does not have the recourse, resources or expertise to monitor the health effects of turbines and seek the type of remedy you are looking for. To circumvent or intervene with the processes already in place, however, would be foolhardy and wasteful on our part given our mandate.
I am sorry that you feel you have been undermined by these very processes but we are unequivocal in our principles to fully practice protecting the public’s health in an effective manner with the tools and guidelines we have. To stray from this course, by pursuing such avenues, would be highly problematic for effectively serving the public in accordance with our public health protocols and directives.” April, 2009

  • No one from the public health units or the Ministry of Health has ever investigated the many complaints from people who live near wind turbines
  • Every single person who has gone to their local Public Health unit has been told there is nothing they can do, are sent elsewhere, are told it is beyond their scope of responsibility and they cannot investigate.
  • Is this coming from political pressure from above?
  • Arlene King has never spoken with any victims in Ontario. Arlene King’s report is almost taken word-for-word from the CanWEA industry-sponsored “literature review”. She has refused to conduct any epidemiological study.

5 thoughts on “Medical Officer of Health Grossly Negligent in Investigating Complaints

  1. I just copied and sent this to Ms. King and our ombudsman. I also sent Dr. Neisenbalms (sp) counter report from this web sight as well. I hope everyone is bombarding her office with letters. She should be forced by public pressure to step down.

  2. Ontario citizens are waking up to the fact that we are all being “worked over” by Industry, Government, along with Health agencies to promote a money making scheme unlike anything we have ever witnessed and is not in anyone’s interest but the investors and will not be tolerated much longer.!

    These “players” are now under a microscope and every action to disguise their true intents will be exposed!

    If I were one of the “players” I would be polishing up my resume and looking for another line of work!

  3. Just how do you investigate a complaint without even talking to those who’ve made the complaint?


  4. A response from Calvin Luther Martin:

    … Ontario’s Department of Health, including its Chief of Health, is a captured agency. Regulatory capture. This kind of thing is not resolved by evidence; it’s resolved by civil disobedience.

    Now, let me tell you a little story. On June 5, 1981 the USA Centers for Disease Control first reported the disease, AIDS. On November 25, 2009, Nina Pierpont issued a comprehensive report identifying Wind Turbine Syndrome and suggesting a plausible pathophysiology. In March 2010 Dr. Arlene King, Ontario’s Chief Health Officer, issued a report wherein she made the observation that a literature search of wind turbines and health turned up nothing. Hence she concluded that all reports of health effects from living in proximity to industrial turbines were spurious. Fiction. Made up. Imaginary or a result of hysteria.

    What if Dr. King had done a literature search of AIDS and released her report four months after June 5, 1981—in October 1981—wherein she noted that a literature search of AIDS came up negative, hence the CDC’s report on this illness was bullshit. Spurious. Fiction. Made up. Imaginary or a result of hysteria.

    Would that mean that AIDS didn’t exist? “But wait a minute,” you say, “the CDC identified it as a discernible, comprehensive disease only 4 months previous. Only 4 months ago, the CDC joined the dots between symptoms and its agency, the HIV virus. Of course there’s no %$#$@#% literature on the subject, because—you knucklehead—it—was—only—described—in—the—clinical—literature—four—months—ago!!!”

    This is what King did with Pierpont’s report. Basically, the same thing.

    Would you call her (a) a bozo, (b) a jackass, (c) an astonishingly dumb broad, (d) or possibly all of the above plus a stooge for Big Wind?


  5. Stooge would be my choice………….I personally have got to the point that anything and I mean anything an Official says publicly who is “aligned” with McGuinty and Gang is at best “questionably honest” and at the low end of the scale is an out and out LIE!

    There is no other way to take Arlene King’s statements!

    Un-researched, absolute “verbal pablum” that has been regurgitated from the desk of some flunky who works either for McGuinty or the Wind Industry…………..No HEALTH credentials, no solid scientific peer reviewed evidence, just plain old PROPOGANDA and LIES!

    Time for this “tax sucking” position to be gone from our ranks and eliminated for the betterment of our overall Health service!

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