Open Letter to Premier McGuinty:

The G8 and G20 summits are in the news daily. Canadian flags adorn all businesses in Huntsville, so the G8 nations of the World in attendance will believe Government is listening to Ontario residents. This is not so. Government has turned its back on rural Ontario.

On Wednesday April 28, 2010 about 500 rural Ontario residents went to Queen’s Park in Toronto. John Yakabuski put forth a motion “ to ask the Legislative Assembly of Ontario for a moratorium on all wind farm projects until an independent, comprehensive study of the health and environmental impacts of wind farms is completed and Premier McGuinty restores the planning authority governing them to municipalities and local boards.” Neither you nor 95% of other Liberals were on the floor of the Legislature as Norma stood up and revealed her own personal health problems as a result of wind turbine placement too close to her home.

Everyone in the Gallery stood to give her a standing ovation, before we were all evicted. You, Mr. McGuinty, have turned a blind eye to the human suffering of placing wind turbines 350 meters form the turbine base to a person’s back door. These Victims continue to be ignored by your Government. The distance has been increased to 550 meters; however, this too is not adequate. There must be 2 km from the base of a turbine to a person’s property line, and a greater distance depending on the number of turbines. More turbines mean more noise and greater setbacks.

The problem of wind turbine placement is the result of flawed Ministry of Environment sound Models. These Models base their 40 dBA maximum sound levels 5 meters off the ground, rather than at hub height, where there is more noise. The Models do not take into account Professor VanDenburg’s Dissertation “The Sound of High Winds”; nor Engineer William Palmer’s work which proves there is more wind and consequently more noise between 11:00 pm and 3:00 am. at hub height. The truth is that the dBA noise, or the noise you can hear, is between 60 dBA and 70 dBA at night. Since 40 dBA is the maximum noise allowed before sleep is affected, both people and their pets cannot sleep at night due to the noise, vibration and stray voltage in their homes.

Ministry of Environment Models do not record infrasound, or low frequency sound, which travels further than dBA sound you can hear. It is this infrasound that may be creating health problems, because people are saying “they feel this in their chest”, which results in sleep depravation, heart, nerve and circulatory problems. Some Victims are also affected by the Shadow Flicker of turbine blades cutting the suns rays.

The Ministry of Environment Models do not compensate for the number of turbines. More turbines mean more noise, but more profits for the Developer.

The Ministry of Environment Models do not record the effect of vibration on the soil surrounding the massive turbine foundations—forty ready-mix trucks of concrete per base. The base you see at the soil surface is only a fraction of the size of the turbine base. Worms and other soil micro-organisms are leaving the soil surrounding the turbine bases. This is compacting soil and rendering it less fertile.

The gear boxes in the G.E. 1.5 MW Industrial Wind turbines use 2.6 barrels of oil, changed twice per year per turbine. This oil is hazardous to water. We have already had one oil spill at the storage facility in Melancthon. Hopefully our Groundwater is not affected. Due to dust contaminating the oil, the gears are micro-pitting and macro-pitting the gears in the gearbox. This usually results in a life span of only five years per gearbox. If left untended, the tower would collapse due to bending fatigue. New Direct Drive Wind turbines are replacing Greer box turbine models; however, these too require lubricants due to moving parts.

Bird and bat kill stats are skewed because predator animals remove blade kill before being recorded. Bats are especially impacted by wind turbines. When they are in the low pressure vicinity of turbines, their air sacks burst and they suffocate. There are mitigation measures to reduce the bat kill by half, but these are not implemented to the best of my knowledge.

The blinking lights on the wind turbine towers all night long, are a visual distraction to the star lit heavens, and could be labeled as light pollution.

The stray voltage created by the vibrating blades sends a pulse down the tower, which radiates into the ground and outwards from the turbine base. This is impacting farm animals. Cows are dying, having still born calf births, lower milk production, and lower birth rates. Horses are similarly affected, and are jitterier and less settled. Animal populations are leaving their habitats in search for a location away from the turbines.

Ice is thrown 500 meters from the rotating blades. With residents in Melancthon Phase One turbine project living 350 meters from the turbine base to their back door, there is no safety for these people at their own homes. A number of law suits and lower tax rate requests are in the works. Currently we have 114 G.E. 1.5 MW turbines in Melancthon, 350 m. minimum from the turbine base to a persons back door. The Government Led Green Energy Act Fit Program is permitting an additional 68 2.3 or 2.5MW turbines in Melancthon. This means that we will have 182 industrial turbines in one Township- Melancthon. What modifications has government made for the larger size turbines? Are the bases larger? Are the set backs larger? Is the ice throw further? Or is Government creating a new crop of Guinea Pigs for wind turbine placement with the approval of the Feed in tariff (FIT) program? What is Government thinking?

Wind Concerns has identified over one-hundred residents affected by Wind Turbine Syndrome. Dr. Nina Pierpont has written a book on the documented health risks of living close to Industrial wind turbines. Her book has been Peer Reviewed and supported by many prominent Doctors. Ms Carmen Krogh works to document case reports, after her extensive experience on Medical Drug Reporting. Yet the Minister of Health in Premier McGuinty’s Government has ignored all these Doctor based reports in favor of a Developers report. The Ministry of the Environment has also refused 17 requests for a full scale environmental assessment. None have been granted to date.

The Developer arranges their own noise testing. I am sure they pay well for these reports. Carmen Krogh has compared Wind Developer results to the Tobacco Industry reports. The noise tests are to be done for one hour. But, if after ten minutes they are over the 40 dBA sound noise level, the test is shut down and is resumed on a less windy day, when there is less noise. The blades are also angled to reduce noise levels. The tests are done during day time hours when there is less noise. As a result the Government must do their own independent noise tests to get true, unbiased results. The Government should insist that Victims of Wind turbine placement should be compensated financially, or be given the option to move, without Gag Orders. People have to give up their Human Rights and Freedoms, by being Gagged in order to move from their noise-hazardous home conditions.

With depopulation of rural Ontario, the Mining Companies descend. They receive top priority in the 2005 Provincial Policy Statement, over water and farming, which outlines the rules for future development. As a result farmland will be destroyed over time, water contaminated, and ecosystems will no longer sustain life. Has the Walkerton Tainted Water Tragedy taught us nothing? Most of this aggregate is not even for Canadian use. In the case of Melancthon, a Boston Investment Company bought 7000 acres plus of land to mine limestone. ( This F-Layer is part of our Draft 2010 Melancthon Official Plan. Originally Highlands (John Lowndes) told farmers Highlands Company was purchasing the land for a “World Class Potato Operation”. It was not until they had amassed the land, that their true intent was revealed in a DVD that ended up in area mailboxes. In addition, it has been rumored that Highlands Company is trying to buy a publically owned rail bed for 7 million dollars, to transport limestone to Owen Sound, before putting it on ships to be transported out of Country.

Melancthon in Dufferin County, and Dundalk, in Grey County are the Highest Elevation in Ontario. Our Headwaters bring fresh drinking water to all those downstream, along five major rivers. The Native Americans have identified North Dufferin as “Kanekota”, or “Where the water comes from the earth”. A mine would cut the Headwaters, and cause dewatering, and a gradual drying of land. Within twenty years, the 19,800 acre pit would turn “Kanekota” into a dust bowl. Is this the Long term vision Government has for the Headwaters of Ontario?

Melancthon is Kanekota-“Kanekota means “where the water comes from the earth” or headwaters in English. If we were to look at the earth as a human body, this would be where the kidneys and liver would be, cleaning the blood. It is a very important place and has the cleanest water in the world as a gift.”


  • The Pine River flows east from Melancthn to the Nottawasaga.
  • Water flow is all down hill from the Headwaters Region.
  • Boyne River flows E. to Nottawasaga


  • Saugeeen River flows West to Grand
  • Mayfair flows West to Goderich


  • Noisy River and Mad River flow North to Wasaga
  • Beaver flows North to Meaford
  • Hockley flows North


  • Grand flows South to Lake Erie
  • Nottawasaga flows South to Orangeville

Michigan is closing its doors to Ontario’s garbage in 2010. So, rather than having cities manage their own waste, they are now looking to rural Ontario for a dirty solution. They want to change the name of Toronto Bio Solid Human Waste to “Compost”. They want to transport garbage to a DEEP facility(Dufferin Eco-Energy Park) in Dufferin County to vaporize garbage. However, at the Dufferin Gas Chambers, as I have renamed the facility, three wells are to be dug to use water to cool the gases after the garbage has been vaporized. This waste-water is contaminated and we don’t have a water recycling plant. Is the water to be sent out by truck to another facility? The smoke stack at the DEEP centre will release Florins and Dioxins. These are cancer causing emissions, and no amount of exposure is safe. Slag is another byproduct of the vaporization plant. Encapsulated within the slag is arsenic and cadmium. The company says that this can be used on roads or in concrete. However, over time I worry that with heavy rains and freezing/thawing over winter/summer; is it possible these contaminants may end up in our drinking water. Also, would you want a poured concrete foundation with arsenic and cadmium? I wouldn’t! During down time, a minimum of 2 weeks, they want area dumps to take DEEP’s garbage….no thanks….. I don’t want this “Compost” in our land fill. Also, any hazardous waste, or biomedical waste sent to area dumps may contaminate area ground water. With the volumes of garbage involved, our dump would reach capacity in two years, rather than forty.

ORICA is an Ammonium Nitrate facility that makes fertilizer and/or explosives. They want to locate a permanent 2 million dollar facility west of Shelburne on Highway 89. Currently they have a temporary permit. Local emergency personnel have not received training in dealing with disasters from this plant, as revealed in our local paper, involving an accident of an ORICA truck and a pick up truck that sent the pick up truck into the ditch. Also, Ammonium Nitrate dissolves readily in water. This means with the ORICA plant located in a marsh area, if a spill occurs, there will be no way to contain it. The Credit River that supplies Orangeville would be contaminated.

Truck Traffic will potentially be a nightmare if the Highland Pit, Duntroon Quarry expansion, or DEEP garbage facility proceeds. Thousands of additional slow moving, pollution pumping exhaust fume vehicles would be on our roads. Alternatively, train delays, noise, and dust from loading/unloading of trains is also a possibility.

Premier McGuinty, you have no idea the worry and mayhem you have created in Rural Dufferin. The reduction in property values, the exodus of landowners who can afford to move, the noise, the pollution, the demolition of heritage homes, increased taxes, and social harmony unraveling. It is partly your fault because of flawed Government Models (Ministry of Environment Wind Turbine Sound Models) and Initiatives(Green Energy Act, Samsung Deal, 401 Energy Deal); however it is also in your hands to fix your mistakes. Money is not what a Province or County should be built on. You have eroded rural harmony, biodiversity, and community.

My Canadian Flag will be flying half mast during the G8 and G10 Summits, symbolizing the Death of Rural Ontario.

Joan Lever

4 thoughts on “Open Letter to Premier McGuinty:

  1. Thank you for this letter Joan. You have just contributed a great deal of crucial information to help in the awakening of sleepy Ontarians who haven’t been paying attention or have been deliberately left out of the loop. Good for you!!

  2. Why Ontario residents have to “host” the G20, G8 or any other group of International “players” with the massive security efforts being put in place all at OUR cost makes no sense whatsoever UNLESS there is an “ulterior motive” for this display of “restrictive movement” of our taxpayers and citizens.

    Could it be that the “powers to be” just want to show Ontarians that NOTHING they say or do can stop these “foreign interests” to subjugate honest hard working people in their very own land and property from denying such a blatany “infringement” on their Liberties and Freedom of Movement!

    Since when has anyone in Toronto have to get special permission to go to work within a specified area of their OWN city!

    When was the last time normal hard working and honest taxpayers were told they couldn’t attend a baseball game in THEIR city because of a security problem that has been created by foreign visitors?

    We could go on and on why this is all wrong but here is the question? Why are we as the taxpayers and voters in this Province allowing our elected officials to dictate this scenario onto the private lives of citizens without OUR input?

    Time to get an answer!!!!

  3. Shame on you Mr. McGuinty for ruining our land, water. destroying our peace of mind, selling our rural heritage to foreign investors and refusing to defend the citizens that elected you.
    Shame on your for your “carpetbagger” mentality.
    Rural Ontario is not yours to pillage, we are not the defeated South following the Civil War.
    BUT if you get your way we will be.
    Turbines, garbage disposal, sewage sludge are all you are about.
    Just because most of your support originates in cities doesn’t giver you the right to trash the rest of us. We’re citizens too.
    Torontonians are complaining about being “pushed around” because of the Summit? Well, now they know how we feel. The exception being we’ll have to live with it the rest of our lives long after the Summit has left town.

  4. On Canada Day 2010, Let us ALL fly our flags at half Staff. Perhaps our 56 Councils who requested a moratorium will also let McGuinty know how we feel by flying our Flag at half staff. Write your council today. Be ready for publicity about the corporate take over of all our rural lands on July 1, 2010!

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