Homeowners file lawsuit over wind turbines

4 thoughts on “Homeowners file lawsuit over wind turbines

  1. Good for them! The publicity is great too! I believe we have a councilor over in Grey Township that leased his land as well. Talk about a conflict of interest!!! Hope they get a judge with gonads… fine the pants off them.

  2. This is excellent………straight forward and right to the point…..no pussy footing around here!………….laws are broken and landowners charge the perpetrators!

    Now if only a full audit could be done at every Council level in Ontario to see who is acting outside the law!

    Let’s start the clean -up!

  3. Re: the clean-up:

    I don’t think all that concrete and steel that’s going to be uprooted (or left to rot) will be very good for the environment…

  4. Here’s a suggestion……………..on every single turbine there should be a nameplate installed on it with the full name and address of the person who installed it and who is making money off it and should be installed permanently so that when the monster quits working and begins to rot and decay and then has to be taken down, then that person and his relatives can be held responsible for it’s removal.

    Bet they wouldn’t want that on them would they?……………

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