Forum blows hot over Scarborough wind farm

by Reuben Sokol, The Toronto Observer,

Opponents of a proposed wind farm off the Scarborough Bluffs have adopted the old Bob Dylan folk classic, with their own spin, as a rallying cry: ‘the answer is not blowing in the wind.’

About 150 residents from the Guildwood area gathered Thursday evening to map out a strategy against the province’s plan to install wind turbines about two kilometres south of the bluffs, in Lake Ontario.

Under the banner of Toronto Wind Action, the group held a forum called ‘Finally the Truth About Turbines’ at Sir Wilfred Laurier Collegiate.

Lawrence Solomon, executive director at the Energy Probe Research Foundation, told the forum that contrary to the position of the United Nations, there is no threat of global warming from fossil fuels and therefore no need for wind energy.

“There is now no shortage of energy … There is limitless natural gas … and there will be no shortage of oil in our lifetime – most of the world is unexplored,” Solomon said. “Carbon dioxide is a natural part of our biosphere.”

Dr. Robert McMurtry, a professor or surgery at the University of Western Ontario, warned that new rules for locating wind projects should be drawn up and that large windmills should be kept a minimum of two kilometres from residential areas.

He pointed to anecdotal evidence of wind projects disrupting peoples’ health and sleeping patterns.

David Grey Eagle Sanford, a member of the Mohawk tribe who speaks for TWA, said that while evidence of wind power’s effects on human health was unclear, its effect on the health of animals was well known.

“I am a carrier of sacred eagle feathers,” Sanford said. “Hundreds of eagles are killed or disturbed by windmills.”

Sanford conceded that the eagle population has increased over the past 20 years in Ontario due to its protection as an endangered species, but to him every eagle is sacred.

“As one of my elders told me, ‘the eagle is the wind’,” Sanford said.

He then spoke of a dream told to him many years ago by his grandmother: “In the future, they are going to sell you the wind.”

Judy Lipp, the executive director of the Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative (TREC), which developed a 299 foot windmill in Toronto by Exhibition Place, spoke to the Toronto Observer before the TWA event.

TREC supports wind energy in Toronto. She said that concern over global climate change justified the need for sustainable energy sources such as wind power; there are no easy choices, she said.

“The impact of a large power plant is much bigger in terms of its footprint on the landscape and we can’t quickly return the land to its original state,” Lipp added.

She added that the large windmill in downtown Toronto, has not led to any complaints from local residents since it was built eight years ago.

“If you stand under it, you cannot hear anything except the Gardiner Expressway … In an urban environment, ambient noise far overshadows the noise that wind turbines make,” Lipp said.

9 thoughts on “Forum blows hot over Scarborough wind farm

  1. Judy Lipp? As an executive director of an energy group one would think she would be more sophisticated and informed about the noise of wind turbines when they are multiplied by 5, 10, 100+, and over 400 feet tall. I wonder if she has ever travelled north of the 407? Isn’t that just a sad commentary on how out of touch these people are. She should take her grandma and her puppy for a week into a toxic home.

  2. Judy Lipp does not realize what she is saying with her statements, if she wanted to show support for industrial wind turbines. Industrial wind turbines are not sustainable. Large traditional power plants per MW do not cover a larger area than wind turbine complexes, not even close. Even if we carpet the land with industrial wind turbines we would need the larger power plants. Returning the vast areas needed for industrial wind complexes, roads, substations, transmission capacity etc. back to its original state is not considered feasible and not expected to happen even when the turbines fail. A smaller version of the current industrial wind turbines built next to an expressway is not a good comparison to much as an industrial complex within an industrial system is not that big a deal. The actual MW produced at that one Toronto wind turbine is dismal at best and the amount of electricity needed to keep the blades turning so the components within the turbine are not damaged most likely exceed any amount produced. Why doesn’t Judy Lipp tell the whole story? It is not that pretty and she must know that. How is it that her garbage gets any space in this article? It is such bs move by media.

  3. Judy Lipp,

    First of all, there are no homes close to the CNE grounds Any homes in that area would be subject to the traffic noise from the Gardiner Expressway. And at least it is quiet at night! People in rural Ont are living in dead quiet zones. You should try it sometimes. Many have found “that you don’t get used to the noise, you get sick!”

    2nd, Miss Dingle Nuts, had you researched anything the new turbines are twice as tall as your 0NE turbine at the CNE! These monstrosities put out extreme Low frequency vibration amplified through the walls and floors of country homes! The wind factories in rural Ontario inappropriately placed 30-40-90 Industrial wind turbines on a Industrial wind “Farm” and forces tremendous suffering on their neighbours.

    3rd, Again , if you would read at all you would know that Germany boasts about closing a Nuclear facility BUT is opening 26 new coal plants to support wind turbines when the wind does not blow!!! That is how inefficient wind turbines are. Ontario will never be able to shut down coal plants, this is a lie that was swallowed from the wind industry. Ontario will open 2 new Gas peaker plants to support wind power that can not put more than 1% to our energy mix even when 7000 wind turbines are throughout Ont.!!! Is that worth putting our grandchildren in debt???

    Under a cloud of lies that are now being exposed in most of Europe, we are destroying rural Ontario, calling people that have had to abandon their homes and dreams liars. Forcing companies to move to Quebec because Quebec costs half of what Ontario charges for power and all because Mr. Ego McGuinty wants to win votes from non thinking robots like you that have been Greenwashed, paid for on the backs of tax payers.
    By next year you won’t be able to sell the wind farm scam to even one broke farmer, because the shoddy scheme is being exposed by thousands upon thousands of people around the world with the proof in the pudding!

    Lastly and most importantly, only a dumb broad would mention how quiet a wind turbine is when standing directly under it! By the very nature of wind turbines THE NOISE IS PROJECTED OUTWARD, amplified in hilly terrain. Now multiply that with the amount of turbines and you might “get it” The most quiet place is directly underneath one!

    Best you get some resume’s out Miss Lipp, you are going to need a real job!

  4. Let these “puppets” talk! People like Judy “the lip” Lipp underline the ignorance and lies that are perpetuating this Industry!

    Every single time a pro-windy gets up and quacks off about Wind Turbines and how “great” they are just emphasizes and makes very clear how absolutely out of touch with “reality” they actually are!

    We’ve got a lot of chaff to cut through folks but with massive efforts and the long blades of truth we will dismantle these “carpet baggers” and throw their agendas on the compost heap making us “greener than the Greenies!

  5. Good work Scarborough! Maybe Judy Lipp will come to the next information meeting on industrial wind turbines and learn something about what is going on with them before voicing such inaccurate and ignorant statements. I agree with the comment about Ms. Lipp taking her grandmother, puppy and children to live in one of the abandoned homes made toxic by wind turbines sited to closely. We’d see a change in her tune before long.
    Dear Ms. Lipp:
    Have a clue, please!

  6. There is by far more land and territory taken by Wind Turbine farms than a nuclear plant.
    Bald Eagles will not survive nor return with Wind Turbines destroying their living space. These will be more devastating than DDT which was at least stopped. What energy company will remove a Turbine?

  7. I find this so very sad.
    I do disagree with the one comment about noise, my Couny board rep (man) went to visit a turbine. He came back and said he didn’t think they were very noisy. And, yes he like the lady stood underneath.
    I visited one and underneath I heard the grind and clunk, but my husband walked down the road and taped the noise and pictures. It had a high pitched noise that just drives me to distraction. He said he couldn’t hear it as well. I can only imagine what it’s like to live with it all the time.
    I believe that the wind industry must have hired the best salesman in the world as they have done a great snow job on us all.
    When the money dries up it’ll stop. Untill then I don’t believe it will stop.

  8. I can hear them no problem from my house about 50% of the days. My neighbours don’t seem to? And I have to point it out to my girlfriend. Course that’s the difference, I listen for them:( she doesn’t(good for her). Everyone is different, we are like snowflakes. That being said. Nobody should have to listen to them, they aren’t worth the paper their printed on!;)

  9. Declaration of the Longhouse Council regarding the situation of Mr David Sanford, aka
    « Grey Eagle ».

    It has come to our attention that an individual named David Sanford is working with
    different officials of the Wendake
    Kehen (Old Huronia) region, saying he represents the Wendat Nation and / or the
    community of Wendake, about subjects
    relating to the traditional lands of our people. That the said man has made and / or
    is working towards agreements that
    could cause prejudice not only to the Wendat people, but also to our friends and
    allies, Onkwehonwe and Anishnabe of the
    area that is now known as Ontario.

    We, the Longhouse Council of Wendake, therefore declare:

    -That Mr. David Sanford, also known as « Grey Eagle », is not a member of the Wendat
    people. He is not of our
    nation, neither by blood nor adoption. He is not recognized by any law, wendat nor
    canadian, as being of our Nation. We
    also doubt very much that he is Onkwehonwe (« native ») at all.

    -That Mr. David Sanford has no right, authority, nor legitimacy whatsoever to speak
    in the name of the Wendat people, or
    to endorse any proposition in the name of our people. Mr. Sanford never received the
    mandate from the Wendat people, nor
    the Longhouse, to speak in the name of our Nation. He never consulted the Wendat
    people nor the Longhouse regarding the
    accord with the Town of Pickering or any other works he is doing in our name.

    Therefore, any accords, agreements, propositions or papers endorsed by Mr. Sanford in
    the name of the Wendat (Huron)
    Nation or as a « liaison » should be considered void, fraudulant, illegitimate and

    We are of One Mind,

    Accepted in Council, February 13th 2003,

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