Green elites meet the people

5 thoughts on “Green elites meet the people

  1. We in rural America have not waken up to this and wind turbine complexes (wind farms) are sold to us like their the best thing around.
    We’re helping the environment (yeah, right?). And for us, it’s “these wind farms will bring JOBS & TAXES”. And, the wind farm salesmen are so slick our Boards/Council believe them rather than other info presented!
    I do wish you in Ontario luck. Personally I am not very positive about slowing this down with all the money involved.

  2. Lawerence is providing a clear picture on the wind economy. Spain, who invested heavily in a renewable economy, is in economic turmoil as is the rest of Europe, including Germany and Denmark. Industrial wind expansion depends on available sources of funds. If that dries up so does the wind industry as they do not produce a product that can pay the bills and will lose investors money. No one in their right business mind would invest in industrial wind without access to the subsidies or future carbon credits.

  3. And further, until everyone who is affected speaks out, rural Ontario will continue to be pillaged and ravaged at the whim of the “green elites” who have completely subverted the original meaning of the word in connection with human’s relationship to our natural world. To be “green” once meant working with nature, not dominating it.

  4. Larry Solomon is a small “ray of light” in this rather dark time we are living in.

    McGuinty and Gang are part of the “elitist Green Agenda” that has so badly destroyed the economies and lives of people world-wide and will have to answer for their stubborn and misguided actions one day. In the meantime we all suffer!

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