North Dundas council votes against turbines

North Dundas Municipal Building

By Jill Hudson, EMC News,

North Dundas voted “no” to complicated wind turbine motion on Tuesday May 25 at the North Dundas Town Council meeting. A motion made by the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie was to amend the municipal code.

The motion led with the statement, “Council is not opposed to “green energy” projects per se, however we wish to promote their use in a responsible manner to benefit, or at least, to do no harm to any individual by such use.”

By-law 14-10 was attached to the motion which listed seven permits needed to install industrial or commercial wind generation facilities. The title page of the proposal quoted the Charter of Right and Freedoms section seven that protects legal rights of life, liberty and security of person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

Councilors John Thompson and Eric Duncan voted against the motion.

Mr. Duncan said his decision was based on the enormous amount of work that would be involved in procuring wind turbines according the by-law.

“The municipality was asking for help with their motion,” he said. “I think a lot of us have the feeling that the Green Energy Act the McGuinty government put in went too far in terms of getting rid of red tape, to the point where the municipalities don’t have any say.”

For the full story, please see the June 3 edition of the EMC.

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  1. “Enormous amount work””!! Am I reading correctly?

    Get to work you lazy good for nothing poor excuse for a councilor! Surely the ratepayers will ask these Councilors John Thompson and Eric Duncan to STEP DOWN immediately. We are in a crisis in Ontario and ask our elected officials to help us and 2 Mamby Pambies say “This is an enormous amount of work so we don’t want to do this” !!! ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING , I am spitting angry and so should North Dundas taxpayers.

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