Thunder Bay wind fight continues

By Jamie Smith

The group opposed to a proposed South Neebing wind farm says it will draft a report to counter Horizon Wind’s recent Renewable Energy Approval Report, but group members admit that their report could take some time.

The Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Committee held its first open house Wednesday and hosted more than 90 people. The group members used the open house, and about 10 displays on information from economic concerns to the cultural heritage of the Nor’Westers, to inform the public on what they say is a bad idea for the city.

NMEPC member Irene Bond said the group wants the public to have as much information as possible about the mountain range and the proposed Big Thunder Wind Park Horizon Wind wants to put on top of it.

“We feel that this will be detrimental to Thunder Bay in more ways than one. We want them to be aware of it and to go away thinking this is not good for Thunder Bay and we need to make sure we don’t move forward with this in the proposed locations,” Bond said.

With the release of Horizon’s Renewable Energy Approval Report draft last month, Bond said the public needs to know what the project would look like and what it would mean for the city.

While the group plans to make their own report on the draft, Bond said due to the size of the document, 700 pages, it will take some time.

Karl Piirik, also with NMEPC said he’s already had some issues with the report and doesn’t see all of the information he’s been looking for. Piirik added that the open houses, with another scheduled June 15 at Mary J L Black Library, are an opportunity for the public to get informed, something they haven’t been able to do before the report came out.

“Wind power has its advantages but this location is wrong,” Piirik said. “I think everybody in Thunder Bay should look through the report.”

Carmen Gordon, a resident in South Neebing, came to the open house to see if there was any new information about the project. She said she has concerns about how the city came to make the agreement with Horizion in 2007.

“I just wonder is it to our benefit or is it not to our benefit,” Gordon said. “Who is to benefit from it?”

Ann Roddy also lives in the area. Roddy said if the Niagara Escarpment can be exempt from wind turbines, so should the Nor’Westers.

Roddy added that the range is a unique feature with geological and cultural significance just like Niagara. It may be because Thunder Bay is far away from Southern Ontario that an exemption is being overlooked.

“If anybody suggested that the nicest views in Ottawa, for instance, should be spoiled by putting up wind turbines practically the whole country would be up in arms,” Roddy said. “We’re considering putting an eyesore on top of them and putting numerous roads and industrial connections on the sides and around the bottom and probably ruining the view of them for all time for what’s certainly not any guaranteed useful income or advantage to the region.”

2 thoughts on “Thunder Bay wind fight continues

  1. Why don’t we challenge Dalton McGuinty to cut down all the trees in High Park, Allen Gardens, and along the Don Valley Parkway and 407 Hwy. and put in as many 4o story Industrial wind turbines as allowable. If these pieces of junk are so safe , quiet and beautiful then he should have no objection to plastering them all over the GTA! Can you imagine the hoopla? The fact that these fools in the Legislative Assembly keep using their One smaller wind turbine at the CNE grounds as an example of how wind turbines are not obnoxious, tells us just how uninformed and out of touch they are with the reality and facts about Industrial wind turbines they really are.

    Put your money where your mouth is Liberal Party! You have foisted your unstudied nightmare on rural Ontario and destroyed lives , homes and dreams. I CAN ONLY HOPE THERE ARE CRIMINAL REPERCUSSIONS FOR ALL OF YOU. We of rural Ontario will not give up until you are all charged with willfully passing a criminal Act that set out to destroy rural Ontario.

  2. McGuinty and Gang have declared war on Ontario and have effectively removed any barriers to oppose them with the Green Energy Act.

    They keep “floating balloons” to see how people react to their crazy ideas and then proceed to another if the population erupts en masse.

    By hammering Ontarians every single day with another insane plan they hope to wear us down and have us quit complaining. It seems to be working fairly well from what I see but a few will “soldier on” and when a nut case like this Premier thinks he has an open “playing field” to work his insanity that is when mistakes are made and can be made to “pay the price”.

    We just have to follow this guy around and be prepared to catch him in the act!

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