Township, residents need say on wind farm: Wainfleet mayor wants process to be transparent

by Eddie Chau, Staff, Niagara This Week

Mayor Barbara Henderson wants the Township and its residents to have their say during the consultation process for a proposed wind energy project for Wainfleet.

The Ontario Power Authority announced in April a contract for a wind turbine project for Wainfleet. The contract was offered under the “Feed-in Tariff” program, a provincial program under the Green Energy Act.

The program offers long-term prices for energy from renewable source such as wind turbines.  Henderson said the contract is known as Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc.

Prior to the announcement in April, Henderson said the township had not been consulted by the Loeffen family, the proponents of the energy project. Staff then met with the proponents to discuss the project.

Henderson said during the meeting the project would be developed by IPC Energy of Mississauga and that an environmental review and approvals would be done by Toronto-based Morrison Hershfield Consulting.

“The capacity approved for the Wainfleet project by the Ontario Power Authority would be produced by the construction of up to five turbines,” Henderson said. “The site or sites for those towers is yet to be determined.”

The mayor said the proponents and its consultants are conducting assessments over a large study area to determine an optimal site.

A consultation process will involve the public sometime this summer, she said. The group’s intent is to construct the wind energy farm in 2011.

Henderson said while the approval for such projects has been removed from the township by the Green Energy Act, she wants to make sure the public consultation process is open and transparent.

3 thoughts on “Township, residents need say on wind farm: Wainfleet mayor wants process to be transparent

  1. Seems a bit funny that all these Mayors and Councilors are NOW fighting for their citizens to “have a say” regrading the siting of Wind Projects over a year after our Democratic process was ripped out from under us by a bunch of “jaded” politicians and yet not one “peep” last year from our Municipal leaders when we needed them the most!

    Sounds like their jobs could be in trouble with an election coming?

  2. The next 4 and 1/2 months may provide voters with the chance of the next decade to bring their municipal politicians to their senses.

    Voters, taxpayers, citizens arise, you have this fleeting chance to save your pocketbooks and even your livelihoods.

  3. The processes may be sort of “transparent” but the end results seem to be always the same.
    If we’re all in the same boat, how come we’re not all rowing to the same beat?
    Another issue to deal with. Sigh.

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