So how’s all that wind power working out for you, Dalton?

McGuinty OKs 17% increase in coal-fired electricity generation with no scrubbers in place

The McGuinty Government has issued a shareholder directive giving Ontario Power Generation permission to increase the output of its dirty coal-fired power plants by 17%, in each year from 2011 to 2014 inclusive, relative to its actual level of coal-fired electricity generation in 2009.

6 thoughts on “So how’s all that wind power working out for you, Dalton?

  1. The least that he could do was have them install the scrubbers in the coal-fired generating plants so that REAL pollution could be reduced….Last time they shot this idea down because it didn’t reduce CO2…? !@#…..Now there’s a GREEN Rationale for you….

  2. Agreed, Randy.


  3. He will never put scrubbers on them because then the Coal Fired Generation would WORK without polluting the air…..and that wouldn’t let him keep the Green Scam going!

  4. I’ve seen scrubber systems in action and they are extremely effective. If every generator was equipped a with multi-pollutant control system, financed over 15 years at 6%, and the capacity factor was 60%, it would add about one cent/kWh to the price of the power coming from the coal plants.

    The government claims it’s too expensive, so they give us wind at triple the cost and solar at ten times or more the cost. As far as CO2, that theory has been debunked.

    Since the McGuinty Government came to power. the electricity charge of an average of 7 cents/kWh has risen from 4.3 cents/kWh–a 63% increase. The distribution charge has gone from 1.78 cents/kWh to 3.34 cents/kWh–an 88% increase.

  5. The increased plan talk is nonsense (from the expected source of nonsense:

    The response shown in the Windsor Star was “OPG said the emission limits established a couple of weeks ago by its board for the next four years are the same outlined in 2008, said spokesman Ted Gruetzner.

    “(Gibbons) is saying there is an increase, but there has been no change in the targets,” Gruetzner said.

    It’s not realistic to set the limits any lower because of system reliability,

    Read more:

    In other words, the Clean Air Alliance wants to institutionalize 2009’s demand collapse due the recession and lack of summer – using as justification a loss on coal OPG suffered because they didn’t use it (if I recall correctly, a great deal of the loss on coal were cancellation penalties on supply).
    They may have missed the drop in hydro productivity due to the lack of wind bringing rain (wind capacity factors have been down 9 months straight).

  6. A little propaganda never hurt anybody — did it?

    Nigel Calder just posted a great article about propaganda and compares the efforts of more recent propagandists to the efforts made in WWII.

    Maybe you can see the parallels.

    I enjoyed that article and other parts of his blog.

    Next time you read “news” from the Greenies or our favorite Premier it might give you a leg up on understanding their “special wording”.

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