Class Action Lawsuit Launched in Ontario

by Peter Jackson   Bayshore Broadcasting

A group of farmers in Midwestern Ontario is turning to the courts in an effort to stop wind turbine development in Central Huron.

But the lawsuit could grow to include residents from across the province.

A proposed class-action lawsuit seeks damages from TTD Wind Project, Twenty-Two Degree Energy Corporation and individuals who put up wind turbines on their properties.

Lawyer Patrick Murphy of the Goderich firm Donnelly and Murphy has been hired to launch the proposed action. Murphy admits the lawsuit could take years to get to court.

Murphy says his firm will advertise for anyone affected by wind turbines so a class of individuals can be developed. He says only then can he go to court to apply for certification that his clients are affected by the turbines. Murphy says there is the potential for the action to become widespread around the province of Ontario.

Murphy says once certification by the Court is achieved the action would become province-wide and not restricted to just Central Huron.

Murphy says his clients take issue with the companies and individuals on several fronts.  He says health concerns top the list including sleep deprivation from wind turbine vibration which can lead to depression.

Murphy says his clients also cite a drop in property values and the loss of enjoyment of their properties.  Last week, the province’s Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Arlene King said that while there are irritants linked to wind turbines, there’s not enough medical evidence to label them a health hazard.

For information on how to join this class action lawsuit, contact Patrick Murphy:

5 thoughts on “Class Action Lawsuit Launched in Ontario

  1. I can’t sign up fast enough! How about you???

    This is it folks, your chance to let Ontario know how you feel about the invasion of rural Ontario and your way of life.

    contact right now.

  2. Included in this lawsuit as it will take several years,should be the damages to our environment with out of service and rusting hulks that will definitely impact Ontario for decades to come.

    There hasn’t even been a price established per Wind Turbine to decommission them as yet. Some say $300,000 per turbine but in 20 years that price could go well over 1 million!

    Nobody has signed any legal papers on who is responsible for that little problem!

  3. Ontario, your way of life and landscape is changing-so “Wake Up” to the “Covert Operation” of our provincial government, compliments of Dalton McGinty.
    Our government, less tha thought out “Green Energy Act” has been rammed down every Municipality and Citizen of Ontario and Mandated, allowing us only to protect ourselves, Health, Property Values, and way of life for future generations.
    Pay attention, and take a stand in November elections.
    I am “Green” but there are many options, and our government did not consider ours!
    Get on board and educate yourselves, before its too late.

  4. Although I’m down here in the US.. I wish you good luck with this!!

  5. Elexco Ltd, Rob Richardson Land Agent 519-686-0470 557 Southdale Road East Suite 101 London Ontario N6E 1A2 is signing up landowners to contracts to build new Wind Turbines along Count Road One in Brock Township. I own the 2 acres that the original farm buildings were on. If the owner of the adjacent farm land puts up a windmill, the value of my property will decline drastically. It seems to me there should be some way to stop him from doing this, or I should be compensated for my losses , which he caused.

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