Central Huron group launches lawsuit against developer and landowners

By Cheryl Heath,  www.clintonnewsrecord.com

A Central Huron-based group of concerned ratepayers is launching a class-action lawsuit in relation to two wind farm projects planned for the municipality.

Burkhard Metzger, spokesman for the recently formed Central Huron Against Turbines (CHAT) group, reports lawyer Patrick Murphy, of the Donnelly & Murphy law firm of Goderich, is in the process of distributing a letter advising impacted landowners of the lawsuit. In short, the letter states the firm has been retained to “commence a class-action lawsuit against TTD Wind Project ULC, Twenty-Two Degree Energy Corp. and landowners who erect turbines.”

In essence, reports Metzger, the lawsuit battles the proposed project on a number of fronts, including their impact on assessment values, noise pollution, negative affect on health, and livestock loss, among other issues.

“Hopefully, there is going to be a groundswell,” says Metzger, a businessman who owns a property on Maitland Line, where his family raises Clydesdale horses.

Metzger says this is the first of such lawsuits in southwestern Ontario, though a similar one was launched in Huron County, Michigan, last week.

He adds that he was unimpressed several weeks ago, when he first learned of plans for two large-scale projects destined for Central Huron.

He adds the notion that resistance against wind projects is futile given the scope of the province’s Green Energy Act proved to be too much for him to take lying down.

9 thoughts on “Central Huron group launches lawsuit against developer and landowners

  1. Good for YOU! Fight Fight Fight! Then Fight some more. We must not allow this dictatorship in Ontario.
    Our Grandchildren will thank us. I hope every County ratepayer in Ontario joins you in your challenge.

  2. Control over land is worth fighting over.
    Hopefully one, province-wide class action law suit could be mounted.
    All for one ……………………..

  3. Removal of existing turbines is the compensation needed for those suffering. Even then the destruction caused by building the turbines will still be too high as affected people have lost time they will never get back.

  4. I have been trying to purchase the book “Wind Turbine Syndrome” online, but have run into shipping issues. Any tips on how to get it would be most appreciated.

  5. Hello,

    I would like to know how to contact CHAT. If anyone has any information it would be appreciated.

    I live in Huron County and feel like the local government is not listening to the average land owner in regards to opposition of these turbines. Also, if anyone has any information about any meetings going on in or around Huron County I would appreciate it.

  6. Note.:

    Municipal control of our land(s) is our battle. The Green Energy Act removed Municipal control.

    Canadian Citizens do not have” land entitlement.” The railroad went through… the gravel act went through.. When the United States broke away from the Crown (Britain), we chose to remain loyal to the Crown.

  7. Folks, you need to learn about Crown land grant patents. These little gems contain all you rproperty rights and it behooves you to find out more at the Ontario Landownes website.

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