Do wind turbines affect property values?

Author:  Better Plan, Wisconsin
In March of 2008 the 86 turbine Invenergy Forward Energy wind project went on line in Dodge and Fond du Lac Counties, Wisconsin. The setback from non-participating homes is 1000 feet. Two months later this home in the project went up for sale.

LISTED MAY 29, 2008: For Sale: Country home on five wooded acres. 1900 square feet, four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, central air, new roof, sky lights in kitchen, deck, family room with wood burning fireplace, vaulted ceilings, first floor laundry, excercise room, whirlpool tub in master bath, 3.5 car garage, your own nature trail through black walnut woods behind the house.

MAY 29, 2008: Asking $219,000. No buyers.
WINTER of 2009: Asking Price: $179,900. No buyers.
SPRING of 2010: Asking Price: $158,900. No buyers.
JUNE 4, 2010: After 740 days on the market, SOLD for $129,000.

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  1. For property values testimony:
    Go to Important Docs
    “Testimony of Michael McCann on property value impacts in Adams Co,IL”

    Date is Jun.8,10

    Great information.

  2. Devastating news for the homeowners. And the province and turbine companies continue to stand by their commitment home value can go up with the installation of wind turbines.
    My heart goes out to the familes whose homes are near them. Very sad.

  3. Barbara has referenced an excellent paper. I urge everyone to read it — regardless of where you stand on the issues.

  4. This is an act of piracy by the McGuinty government, in allowing the Wind corporations to deploy Wind Turbines so close to people’s homes.
    McGuinty is all too well versed in the now exposed european science of the harm caused by these industrial behemoths, but continues to deny blatantly that they cause any serious harm. If this is indeed the case why isnt he insisting that they be deployed in all available green spaces in Toronto?
    Geez, could it be that he would lose votes on that issue?

  5. Its simple Graham. The Wind Nazi Party will not soil in their own back yard. Let us all remember to write letters to our local newspapers as well. Talk to as many people as possible. Spread the word as fast as you can.

  6. Spread the word as fast as you can.

    I sold a four level home in Toronto in order to build one ALL on ONE level. Three years after completing my home building, for which I have receipts for all the labour and materials, AIM PowerGen/IPC surrounded my home within a 3 km radius with 18 Vestas 1.65 MW Industrial Wind Turbines [IWT’s].

    BEFORE IWT’s, I had a quiet, peaceful home and was able to get the restorative sleep EVERY human being NEEDS.

    AFTER IWT’s, I experimented with renting an apt ~ 50 km away from the IWT’s to have a restful sleep which I could NOT get surrounded by those 18 Vestas!

    The money I had been saving to buy a GEOTHERMAL heating/cooling system is GONE.

    AIM PowerGen/IPC, McGuinty/Smitherman/Gerretsen and Norfolk should be returning the money I spent building my “aging in place” home so I might live out the rest of my life in peace. But my hunch is that they are just waiting for me to collapse and disappear.

    So, as Jack says, “Spread the word as fast as you can” so that you and others don’t suffer the same fate.

  7. Listed our 100 acre, cropped land income farm in May. Incredible view of Nottawa Bay of Georgian Bay. Spent our retirement savings to renovate small heritage house, Six families through, loved it … BUT! When hearing of the pending 8 IWT’s slated, now apparently named Fairview wind Farm, 5 families said they did not want to live by the turbines coming. One family put in an offer at 1/2 our asking price!!! We asked less than an comparable 100 acres, same view, no house , no crop income!

    Six other families on the other side of me have also signed contracts. Nice eh? Many people on this beautiful country road bought farms at market value and built their dream retirement home. They thought like I did that we would be able to leave our children a quiet country way of life, complete with wildlife and raptors.

    If I wanted to live in an industrial area I would build a house on Commissioners Street at Cherry beach in Toronto! (not allowed I bet, not healthy for residential!) Many of us are losing 40 years of equity!!!

  8. Melodie:

    You won’t like the plan — but here is an option…

    Put wind turbines on the land. As many as a company will install.

    Take the contract to the bank when you have an installation date. Use the contract value to mortgage a new house. Or sell the contract to a finance company. I would keep the property…

    Tear down the old house, rent the land to a farmer for cash crops.

    Enjoy the new house on the lake.

    Thumb your nose at your neighbors who signed first by making sure they get turbines to the millimeter within the allowable distance.

    You should have enough to winter in Mexico. I will take you around and show you some nice properties on the west coast. The payments should support both properties with cash left over, and you will own three pieces of nice land.

    If you did not follow that I will type slower next time. 🙂

    No hay problema senora vamos a la costa del oueste de Mexico! Aires bonitos, las playas y cerveza y camarones a la playa todos los domingos a las tardes.


    What do you think of the plan?

  9. No Gracias Senior, I already own many income properties. I turned down an offer to put three turbines on this farm. Your idea is slick and savvy however I believe true grit and integrity and principles will win the day. I will fight to the end and more to save this farm and for my family and my neighbours. AND for my deceased Father who served in the underground in Warsaw,survived 3 camps at 80 lbs and was liberated by the Russians. His dream was this farm and I got to make it come true for him. I will fight to regain democracy in Ontario. I will see McGuinty’s folly fall with him. I do love Mexico particularly Cabo However I did not trust the boom there or their government stability so I did not buy a dream condo on the beach. Interest is better spent on fun holidays anywhere in the world, with out turbines I might ad. Hausta La Vista Cowboy. If that is not clear I will say it in plain English as in Get Lost!

  10. Melodie:

    Well McGuinty has to go then. If you want democracy restored to Ontario then you may have to do it by starting a new political party!

    Ok Ok I’ll get lost.

    I just hope the liberals get lost first! 🙂

    I guess we will need to ask for a referendum on Wind Turbines. Can we call for a referendum in Ontario? It’s going to be tough to pull them pout later.

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