Wind Turbine Proponents Interested Only in $$$

by Terry Sprague

This blue-gray gnatcatcher's views on wind turbines in an IBA seem quite clear. Photo by Greg Barteluk

A consultant’s report estimates that 1,270 bats and 602 birds were killed by Wolfe Island’s 86 turbines from July 1 to Dec. 31 of last year, the project’s first months of operation. In an area that sees only a fraction of the bird migration that the South Shore Important Bird Area does in Prince Edward County, we can only imagine the slaughter when the Ostrander Point turbines commence turning.

Proponents of wind energy yammer on endlessly about how birds will be migrating at altitudes many times higher than the turbines, but feign deafness over concerns about the tens of thousands of birds that descend on this peninsula each spring as they seek out the first land mass after crossing Lake Ontario.

Since these birds migrate at night and are not readily visible except by radar, proponents refuse to believe these numbers. Yet, all we have to do is recall 1985 when over 10,000 migrant song birds were killed in one night alone at the Lennox Generating Plant chimneys due to improper lighting combined with a low ceiling, to realize that these numbers are very real. 

It is a travesty that a wind farm should even be contemplated, let alone endorsed, for the Prince Edward Point peninsula – a designated Important Bird Area – when facts alone should indicate that bird mortality here will occur in numbers unlike anything we have ever seen. And they call this “green energy.” It is amazing how quickly we can label ourselves as “clean and green” when dollar signs are waved in front of us. 

As the world population continues to escalate at 53 million people per year, wind farms are nothing more than a band-aid solution to a much greater problem, and I for one am looking forward to the day when I will no longer be around to see what hair brain scheme will be dredged up next to mask our extreme wastefulness and refusal to curb our burgeoning human population.  

3 thoughts on “Wind Turbine Proponents Interested Only in $$$

  1. It’s the subsidy Terry. It’s all about the subsidy.

    Even in the UK they have figured it out…

    The wife of the Deputy Prime Minister has lent her name to one new venture.

    “Last week’s decision by Miriam González Durántez, wife of the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, to join a leading wind-farm company has thrown the spotlight on one of Britain’s most controversial industries.”

    See the full article at…

    Protecting the birds and the bees does not enter into the equation when politicians smell money.

    Does this happen in Canada where people enter into a conflict of interest to make a few bucks? Check the Tom Adams site for a few interesting articles.

    And no… The turbines are not even a “band-aid” solution — they are salt in the wound.

  2. Terry Sprague has been writing about the wildlife on PEC for many years..
    I read his column all the time..

    I hope and pray that someone who has some power reads what he has written today..This must be stopped..

  3. There is another issue: property values and the tax base. With Prince Edward County in debt to the tune of $46 million (!!!), what will the effect of reduced property values be on the local tax base? Good times are NOT coming to the County!

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