Turbines an entrepreneurial nightmare

Ian Baines, driving force behind the Industrialization of Wolfe Island

Kingston Whig Standard

The Globe and Mail recently reported turbine strikes on Wolfe Island (“Windfarm Turbines Deadly for Birds, Bats”). This follows a recent announcement of another, even larger installation — 100 turbines proposed for Lake Ontario immediately adjacent to Main Duck Island, part of Parks Canada’s Thousand Island National Park.

It’s pretty clear that big green energy sees eastern Lake Ontario, including Wolfe, Simcoe, Howe, Amherst and Point Edward as a sacrifice zone for inefficient, bird-chopping, subsidized industrial turbine plants. That is, “plants” as in aluminum, nylon, locomotive plants for those of you who, like me, were raised in the Kingston area in the ’40s and ’50s, not market garden, organic or vineyard plants that are better suited to these rural areas.

Big turbines invaded rural, bucolic Wolfe Island while we slept. But the last truly wilderness island in Lake Ontario, Duck Island, a national park, should not be blighted by 100 wind turbines just 500 metres from its southwest shore. Its neighbour just to the east, Galloo Island, N.Y., is slated for total coverage by turbines. These remote islands are stepping stones for bird migrations; they are also your backyard or summer escapes, Torontonians. Are you going to sit by and watch them be sacrificed?

Canadians should not roll over to the aspirations of a Queen’s engineer to impose his entrepreneurial nightmare on a Canadian landmark, bird refuge and heritage haven for sailors and conservationists of one of Ontario’s last wildlife preserves.

Barrie K. Gilbert, Wolfe Island

4 thoughts on “Turbines an entrepreneurial nightmare

  1. McGuinty should be “OUSTED” for the disaster on Wolfe Island alone, never mind that his Green Energy Act is wreaking havock across all of Rural Ontario!

    We simply can not wait for elections, we must demand that every County in Ontario ask the Premier to step down now.

    This is the biggest assault on democracy since Germany raped Poland in September 1939!

    Ontario, rise up. The pipes are calling Ye…..

    Take back your Province that your elders sacrificed so much for.

  2. You are so right, Melodie. Like the monks of Tibet, we must rise up.

    As horrifying as it is, the time has come for us to open our eyes to rape and murder in the name of green – and to take a stand for all that is life-affirming and truly, genuinely green.

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