Electrical Energy, Science and You

3 thoughts on “Electrical Energy, Science and You

  1. mark bell:

    So nice to hear from you again.

    Let us assume for arguments sake that the Nuclear Energy industry is subsidized at least as heavily as the Wind Industry. Heck — let’s claim the subsidies are greater.

    Who cares?

    The Nuclear, Hydro and Gas Generators deliver, even the coal generators deliver. Day after reliable day. See the link below…

    We are all aware of the problems with Ontarios’ Nuclear Generators. We know they were neglected and had to be restored. Politics. Gotta love it eh? Cost us a lot more than proper maintenance.

    Tuesday June 15, 2010 wind power did pretty good — eh? Maybe 250MW per hour average. But Sunday, tsk, tsk — not so good less than 100MW average? Probably! Lots of hours with less than 20MW. ..and a Name Plate Capacity of 1,089 MW.

    Just check here…

    You see subsidies aren’t so bad — if you get something for the money — just a way of evening out the cost so the poor can live a little easier. I can live with that.

    But wind power simply does not work.

    You would have us pay outrageous rates for something that does not deliver.

    Just another way of ensuring that poverty survives and thrives. That’s wind power.

    And when you reply tell us how many generators would it take to provide 15% of Ontario Power requirements — reliably. And, oh, yes — how many Hectares of land. I almost forgot — howe much transmission capacity will we need to add, and at what cost, to service the limp wristed wind turbines.

  2. Droz’s presentation is simply pro-“any energy that actually works” vs. scamming the public.

  3. Yes T3 and David, your letters are wonderful. I for one appreciate you posting here.

    I also agree with tony that your insights would be a wonderful addition to the local and national papers, not to mention to your MPs.

    Its about education and newspaper editorials / letters are great venues.

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