Whose needs are giant windmills serving?


Alas, having gone unchecked these four centuries, that cursed necromancer Freston’s giants have grown and multiplied. The night sky penetrated by the rhythmic illuminations of those crimson demon eyes.

Peasants flee the safety of their homes and security of their gardens for the uncertainty of urban life to escape the offences of these beasts.

The waving lances of these behemoths now towering at hundreds of feet above the Earth fend off all that dare come near: Many a fowl have gone afoul trying to penetrate their defences. The sound of their blades ring out as a death knell to what is left of our pastoral communities.

Holding prisoner our fellow countrymen having fallen under the spell of that evil sorcerer.

It is rumoured that verily the worms beneath their mammoth legs flee to escape the tremblings caused by the vibrations of these massive beasts.

Even the trees of the forest cannot escape Freston’s wrath. Uprooted to serve as stakes for the conduits of nectar so hungrily sought by our metropolitan cousins who know not of our existence.

Soon these monsters will be waving to all those who stand on our shores trying to peer through their obscurement to glimpse at our sunsets.

It has been 400 years since that evil Freston, fearing the superior skills of Don Quixote de la Mancha, spared his ogre minions the taste of the Knight’s lance by turning the giants into “windmills.” Thus, Don Quixote was deprived of the honour of victory so many years ago. Today Freston has an army of giants spread across the globe. These giants must be exposed and their disguises removed. (With apologies to Miguel de Cervantes)

OK, I’m no Cervantes but I feel like a quixotista tilting at windmills. There’s really nothing wrong with windmills. I wouldn’t mind having one myself. A real one, not a giant! One to serve my needs. Who’s needs are these giants serving? Toronto? The British? The Spanish? Alberta Tar-sanders? Certainly not ours. What we get are neighbours pitted against neighbours, health concerns and a blighted landscape.

If you drive north from Ripley along SR. 25 you see a lot of new poles running along the side of the road. SR. 25 turns into SR 10 once you get into Kincardine Township. If you keep driving north you’re going to see a lot more new poles. A few trees had to be cut down to put in these new poles.

New poles used to be called old trees.

These giants don’t belong where people happen to be living. Even some landowners that signed up for the giants on their property claim to be ill. In response to growing complaints by people living near windmills, in January half a world away, the Japanese Environment Ministry announced a study into potential health hazards of all wind turbines nationwide. What does our government do? Takes away all local control. So much for democracy.

Who could tolerate a flashing red light shining in their bedroom window every night? I don’t know how much landowners are getting to play hosts to these behemoths, but in some cases it might be worthwhile for neighbour to pay neighbour not to put one on their land when you consider the loss in property value and health.

Is there any reason that taxpayer and ratepayer money going to subsidize out-of-province and off-shore corporations couldn’t be used to help the poor local farmer so that they don’t have to prostitute their land? How about a much smaller windmill to serve the farmers own needs and perhaps the needs of their neighbours? Give them a battery bank to maintain and you’ve got wind power that can contribute to peak demands, unlike those monsters.

Then again, poor farmers don’t contribute to political parties like big corporations do. They just vote for them.

So, be there chivalry left in this world let thy plume be thy lance: pick up thy plumes fellow countrymen and scribe thee to our governors words of appeal. Restore the honour lost by our gallant knight so long ago.

Keith Cleveland, Ripley

11 thoughts on “Whose needs are giant windmills serving?

  1. Tar-sanders……never. Oh wait TRANS-ALTA owns the ones on Wolfe island!;) oh yeah and don’t forget SAMSUNG!!!!!!

  2. Like the original “mad man” Don Quixote who was nothing more than an “idealistic remnant of humanity” I am attempting to do my part!

  3. Simcoe surfer,

    No… at least not enough to warrant the upheaval and destruction and obscene cost. Did you think the wind blows consistently out in the country??? Silly you. Scrubbers are cheaper, Nuclear is cheaper. Wind turbines are nonsensical , taking billions away from real green energy solutions and bankrupting countries. I would rather you eat by candle light than frighten away even one of my deer, or worse make my family sick.

  4. Melodie,

    It was A JOKE. I woke up this morning listening to the damn things!

  5. I too see the “Farmers Feed Cities” sign hanging in the MPP’s office. I agree that they should say what is really happening to our farmland.
    Farmers feed cities, take their garbage and toxic waste, distribute sewage, mine gravel, and now are supposed to supports giant electrical generators operating for the “Green Belief” that they create a sufficient supply of electricity for cities.
    We are supposed to be the symbols of wholesomeness for cities when they want us to be. Truthfully, our MPP’s have bought and sold our lands to the government and big business right out from under us.
    This government needs to be told that the land titles and rights of our counties need to be respected.

  6. Sorry Simcoe surfer. ( I thought I saw you post befour, duh ) I see those signs everywhere too”farmers feed cities” and I want to say “Well, stop feeding them, they will only breed and multiply and produce a Premier like McSlippery” (Just kidding)

    Sick Turbines: I think you are on to a very catchy phrase…”This government needs to be told that the land titles and rights of OUR counties need to be respected” If every group wrote those exact sentiments to every council member of their Townships and Counties, we might hit a nerve and make them come up fighting to gain back their right of Office. They SHOULD feel dis respected and that SHOULD make them spitting angry! Angry enough to “Wild Cat” and not issue one permit across the board! Catchy sentiment, might just be the “POKE” our Counties need.

  7. Wait I’ve got a BETTER one!

    “building a distainable community”!!!!!!;)

  8. Can anyone explain why the OMB is ok with rural property owners having to put up with industrial sized wind turbines next to them, but denied someone in the city of Ottawa from putting up a small wind turbine because their neighbours were against having a wind turbine next to their property? Something about safety, though what makes a huge industrial structure safer? It seems the OMB knows enough to do the right thing in the city of Ottawa, so why can’t they do the right thing for the rural property owners?

  9. The OMB is another arm of the Government just like every other agency that was originally set up to Protect Rural and City dwellers alike………..same as the AMO, the OFA and any other organization operating in Ontario. Effectively they have all been compromised and mean nothing anymore. The only people you can trust today are fellow neighbours and fellow landowners. A complete tearing down and rebuilding of our Municipal Councils is all that will set this straight again. the “rot” is so deep and pervasive that nobody can depend on any “Government Agency” to act on their behalf..

    This isn’t an idle opinion……….when was the last time anyone presented a well documented and proven case in front of an agency like the OMB and have it vote in their favour?

    Enough said!

  10. Who is being served by giant windmills?

    The subsidy farmers — that’s who!

    “Energy firms will receive thousands of pounds a day per wind farm to turn off their turbines because the National Grid cannot use the power they are producing.

    Critics of wind farms have seized on the revelation as evidence of the unsuitability of turbines to meet the UK’s energy needs in the future. They claim that the ‘intermittent’ nature of wind makes such farms unreliable providers of electricity. ”

    “Dr Lee Moroney, planning director of the Renewable Energy Foundation, a think tank opposed to the widespread introduction of wind farms, said: “As more and more wind farms come on stream this will become more and more of an issue. Wind power is not controllable and does not provide a solid supply to keep the national grid manageable. Paying multinational companies large sums of money not to supply electricity seems wrong.” “

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