Watt’s Up with Wind in Ontario, 2010?

Did the McGuinty government fall for a misleading sales pitch?   Or did they knowingly throw our money away?

By D. Robinson, B.Sc., March 1, 2010

Much has been written about Wind Power in Ontario, but I could find no studies of actual production figures anywhere. The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) figures are easily available and easily imported into a modern database – making these numbers easy to study. The original purpose of this study was to see if I could verify any of the claims I heard about Wind Power Generation. Many of these claims said that we could replace coal power in Ontario, others said it was uneconomic, others said it was unreliable.  

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9 thoughts on “Watt’s Up with Wind in Ontario, 2010?

  1. Thank you Mr. Robinson,

    I have sent this paper on to our group and every MP & MPP I could think of. Hopefully your beacon will shine for all to see before we repeat the Spanish experience of total economic failure with wind power.

    We are truly grateful for your tireless effort.

    We salute you,

    Melodie Burkett
    Clearview Township

  2. Thank you for your hard work. I will get this paper out to everyone in NC who is fighting to save our mountains from the metal aliens.

  3. It is so obvious that McGuinty and other Government leaders will not read anything negative about their SCAM called Wind Turbines.

    They will ride this “dead pony” right to the very end of their Wind Race no matter what.

    It’s all about sucking every last cent of tax payers money out of their pockets until we are all relocated into some high density residential neighbourhood in the city where they can deliver their “services” cheaply and have complete control over our daily lives regardless of our Right to a Free and Democratic way of life!

    They can then declare our lands “theirs” and sell off the water rights, mineral rights and anything else that they deem an “asset” for a world wide investment.

    We are at war folks for our very survival!

  4. If it’s a WAR they ask for then a WAR it is! Just heard a rumor that the land owner that is putting up 8 IWT ‘s has sold 1000 of his acres for 10 mil TO A WIND COMPANY! That puts us in a cluster. This would of been against the residential laws if the Green Energy Act card had not been played. This truly is a government takeover of our land! They do want our water & minerals rights. Now I believe the wind turbines were just smoke and mirrors!

  5. Some GOOD NEWS folks,

    Tonight we all filed in our Township hall and with baited breath we waited while our Mayor read a Resolution asking for a Moratorium. The vote was unanimous in favor of a Moratorium. We hooted and cheered. We all met at our little town pub and felt a wee small gain as now our Township has joined with 54 other Townships in Ontario asking for Independent Health study. A small victory. but a victory non the less.

    Now I feel it is imperative that we the people of Ontario ask for the resignation of our Premier of the Majority Liberal Party at Queen’s Park to STEP DOWN. When you read Mr. Robinson’s well documented report on the insignifigant(sp)
    contribution of energy to the grid for such a steep price and still not able to address Green House Gas emissions then obviously the decision by McGuinty to enact the Green Energy Act and remove our rights was irresponsible and unforgivable. He must step down. Please join me in asking this formally with a letter. I am not sure but I think we ask the Speaker of the House If anyone knows who we submit our letters to please inform us.

  6. Melodie:

    Never give up.

    Read the bill — it can be beaten!

  7. Go for it Folks..and don’t let the Opposition Party ask for his resignation because then it becomes a “Political Move”………..the people of Ontario are the Government regardless of what the so called “leaders” say…………WE pay their salaries, We vote them in and WE can take them out……..if every Council in Ontario demanded this guys resignation then he would have to resign!

    WE have to start demonstrating that WE control our destiny.not the Authorities.

    We are law abiding, peaceful and honest citizens of this Province who are the caretakers of the land and wildlife, NOT the Government. They are supposed to represent OUR wishes for a an honest and healthy quality of life, not an adversarial confrontation every day of our lives by a bunch of hoodlums trying to line their pockets with shady scams and destructive industrial agendas!

  8. Robinson’s well presented and researched paper says it all.

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