No justifiable reason for OPP calls/visits

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Friday I got a phone call from the OPP.  The man said my name had come up in relation to a protest of the Harrow Wind project and that he would like to come out and visit me.  I told him I had no idea who he was and that I felt harrassed.  He asked why and I hung up.  So, you are probably thinking she must be some huge threat with a criminal background … well think again!!!  Here is a bit about me:
– I have a BSc (Agr) and a MSc
– I decided to give up my career to be a stay at home mom
– I volunteer every week in my child’s classroom, volunteer for school field trips, field days etc.
– I volunteer a week out of my summer at the community Vacation Bible School
– I bake for and volunteer at the local soup kitchen
– I provide food and work at funeral lunches at my church when asked
– I am a Christian who attends church regularly
– I have absolutely no record of any violence or criminal activity in my past (except if you count one speeding ticket ages ago)
– I live a quiet life and love to grow and raise my own food
In other words… there is absolutely nothing in my background that would warrant a call and investigation from the OPP.
If the wind company has hired this OPP officer, then this appears to be nothing but an intimidation tactic.  But it won’t work… a cute sign one of my friend’s has sums up my response:  “You can’t frighten me… I have children!”
If the province is responsible for this investigation, then every Ontario taxpayer should be outraged that their tax money is being wasted in this manner.
I wonder if the officers feel as silly as they look?!
Monica Elmes
RR 1, Ridgetown, ON
If these officers come to my home, I will not be offering them any of my famous homemade scones and jam.

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  1. The truth is “hate speech” only to those who have something to hide.–Michael Rivero

  2. I see a book here at the very least maybe a movie. I have a concept in mind….

    I’m thinking of those Blueberry Scones … cops –> donuts –> Scones — hey it’s a small step. Bored, sitting around gotta find something to do to justify the existence of their unit — so they run it up the flag pole and the Commandante buys in — and they get to harass someone they figure will supply free scones to boot as a bonus– just to avoid harassment. Such a deal…

    We gotta cover the political angle too! I’m seeing Jim Carey as the Premier — the man of a thousand faces. We’ll have him order the investigation on you personally — after you refuse to give him a free scone when he attends a community bake sale — it’ll be a great scene!

    Dan Akroyd as the wind company owner…

    Is it Billy Bob Thornton as the Investigator (The guy who chased the on-armed murder — right?)? — You know the guy…

    Now we just need a couple of cops that like Blueberries — where to look in Ontario? Anybody know a donut shop?

    Monica I think I can sell this — I already have my beret picked out. You can make some big bucks on this — you just gotta memorize your story –well right it as fast as we can…

    Now we gotta take a few liberties — but don’t worry about that — anybody who has been the subject of an investigation or a newspaper article will tell you that they don’t recognize themselves and that the story couldn’t be further from the truth. So this is all normal.. Books and movies are the same so don’t be concerned…

    Can I sign you up? It’s gonna be huge!

  3. Monica, maybe you should let them come and ask them how they like being the knife edge of a police state. Ask those officers if they would like it if the state tried to intimidate them.

    What I would like to know is how the hell the OPP Chief would go along with this! Does he not have any balls? He should be defying McLiar that his officers have more important things to do than harrass people excersizing their Charter rights.

  4. McGuinty has finally “exposed” himself as to what he really thinks of the Ontario Landowner!

    He is now using his (our ) Police Force to intimidate anyone who disagrees with his destructive and hateful agenda to erect Industrial Parks around Prime Agricultural Land, which of course is at a “premium” right now.

    The Police are being used as another “tool” in his arsenal of “shutdown criticism” strategy.

    I’m very sure the OPP do NOT like being used as scapegoats here and are not very pleased to be considered “McGuinty’s Henchmen”!

    I believe a united effort here to not only bring this to the forefront of public view but I also believe we should be speaking out on behalf of the Police to show Ontarians how THEY are being “used” by our decrepit Political System to further a political and destructive agenda like the Wind Scam!

    I’m pretty sure if one Officer from the OPP ever questioned his “orders” he/she would be dismissed immediately!

    We are all in this TOGETHER!

  5. Yes Quixote, I believe you are correct. These officers are being put in a very difficult position. In the future, I do not believe that they will be proud of the role that they have been asked to play. Harassing some of the few citizens left who are willing to stand up and demand truth and accountibility from our government is not something that any honourable person wishes to do. Many of us retired folks have never even taken part in a protest before, and we could certainly find more enjoyable ways to spend our time, but we see the erosion of our democratic rights. We are also old enough to know where this leads, and care enough about the future of our province, our children and indeed, these same OPP officers, to stand up and demand that public policy be made for the benefit of the people, not corporations and special interest groups.

  6. I would guess the average age of our members is 50-60. Although we have some younger people who are a real asset. Most have never attended a protest in their lives. These are ordinary, hardworking people, both rural and urban.

    Just who does McGuinty think we are??

  7. This reminds me of what happened between the clean-water people at Dump Site 41.

    The OPP ordered 2 seniors while making tarts for church to appear at OPP office within 90 minutes for their charges.

    78 year old Ina Woods had a stroke. 100 cars joined Keith (82) and Ina 78 at the police station.

    Natives who joined when neighbouring farms had silted up wells were arrested and charged with both intimidation and mischief. White farmers were only charged with mischief even though they were shoulder-to-shoulder with the natives and did nothing different. A native was charged while playing a flute.

    The environment minister lied and now the windfarm people are undergoing the same problems.

    I visited the protest 22 times in Elmvale where they had 28 tents at the protest area — 2 giant teepees — not a mention made in mainstream papers who called the farmers and natives rag-tag protesters even though the camp was really a giant news item.

  8. The police need a warrant to come on to your property that’s why they phone you to get your permission to come to your house.

    Just tell them no comment and direct any & all questions they may have to your lawyer.

  9. So they do background checks on the executive and organizers…

    Is Monica in that category?

  10. Are they doing background checks on the International Power people and the 150 guests they invited? Are they visiting them at their homes?

  11. Good question MA. If they did, they’d find that these ‘guests’ have and are hurting many people throughout Ontario with their wind turbine installations, and for this THEY should be the ones who are monitored carefully.

  12. Was only refering to your own real property. The warrant rights issue goes back to the Magna Carta 1215. The police need a warrant to come on to your property without your permission. Again, this is why they phone you to get your permission to come on to your property.

    Anyone who gives the police permission to come on to their property to question them is being very foolish.

  13. Why don’t the OPP cold call a few drug dealers instead? We are not criminals nor criminally minded.

  14. Dear Mr. Alias;

    Neither my statements, or letters have ever implied or stated any problem with the OPP or desire to “give them a run for their money”. Our goal remains focused, without distraction, on correcting the travesty which has befallen our communities under the banner of the Green Energy Act. The Green Energy Act is not an issue that remotely involves the OPP . The Green Energy Act is a construct of the Liberal Government, and is executed through the OPA.

    For the record, the OPP were invited to satisfy the High School’s need for assurance of safety for ALL who attended. Without their presence we would not have been able to use the facility. Please be aware that every single open house hosted in Ontario by the energy companies that you have participated with to date has been attended by a minimum of three plain clothes OPP officers with a uniformed officer in a police car a short distance away. So their involvement is not new or sinister.

    And yes MA in answer to your question, I was informed by the officers that they do background checks on ALL participants that they can readily identify regardless of what side of the fence one sits on. They told us they want to understand the motives of the each side so they can be better prepared to interject if necessary. The men and woman that attended our March education meeting were genuinely interested in receiving the factual information we distributed that evening. This information was in turn distributed throughout the OPP system and in effect we were able to educate a large number of the men and women who serve and protect us.

    I am confident that the people of our community will attend the next public information meeting, knowing that their safety is reasonably assured while they participate in a mature exchange of information. I look forward to meeting you Mr. Alias at our next gathering. Should you attend please seek me out and introduce yourself.

    Sincerely James (Jimmy) Virgin

  15. Apparently, the developer of this project was “alarmed” at what took place at Belwood. This is his excuse for calling in the OPP for a non-event.

  16. Attending and monitoring a public meeting and remaining reasonably anonymous is a far cry from singling out individuals, contacting them personally and visiting them at their homes.

    The anonymous nature of the former helps to avoid confrontation and intimidation. The very substance of the latter is to confront and intimidate and this must stop!

    Surely it is patently illegal for the police to collect information about citizens who have comitted no crime! This form of direct contact is extremely serious and smacks of police state behaviour.

    What reasonable or probable grounds to they have to investigate these private citizens – or to spend taxpayers dollars on such investigations?

    Who identified these particular people as being of interest? I for one, would be demanding to know who provided my name or identified me as a person of interest. Is it International Power or is it the MOE ordering this intimidation and investigation of honest Canadian Citizens?

  17. Remember:
    Countries behind the former “IRON CURTAIN”, where Police constantly kept an eye on private citizens, went bankrupt at the end of the last century.
    — I was there and managed to escape to live in a “DEMOCRATIC” society.
    A society that protects and cares for “ALL” its law abiding citizens and their rights equally.
    What happened ???

  18. TTB:

    You thought you escaped?

    Silly you.

    Over the last 15 years I have heard that comment from many ex-rezidents of the CCCP.

    Surprise! (Just like in the “Psycho” movie!)

  19. The officer that called my home and wanted to visit with me so badly, drove right past all the protesters (me included) at the opening of the Harrow wind project last Friday. He went into the building where invited only guests were allowed, and never once approached the area where we were protesting. It appears to me that he was more concerned with “smooszhing” than in making sure everyone was behaving in a safe manner. After seeing this I really feel that his phone call prior to the event was meant to be intimidating.

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