Protesters greet energy minister

By Catherine Whitnall My Kawartha

Pontypool resident Anne Johnston (left) gives Brad Duguid, Ontario’s minister of energy and infrastructure, and earful outside of local MPP Rick Johnson’s office in Lindsay on Friday (June 18) afternoon. A group of residents gathered to protest the proposed wind farms in the Pontypool area. Ms Johnston is a former Toronto city councillor who served on council with Mr. Duguid in the early 2000s.  Photo: Lance Anderson

(LINDSAY) Residents protesting proposed wind turbine developments in Manvers Township took advantage of an opportunity to voice their concerns as soon as they caught wind of a visit on Friday (June 18) by provincial Energy and Infrastructure Minister Brad Duguid.

The group fired off questions to the Minister outside Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock MPP Rick Johnson’s Lindsay constituency office before he met with the media for a roundtable discussion regarding the province’s commitment to infrastructure investments and pursuing green energy opportunities to create a greener future.

Although the group was visibly upset by the minister and MPP’s inability to devote time to their cause, Minister Duguid did meet with representatives afterwards to hear their concerns, which included the impact of wind turbine projects on the Oak Ridges Moraine; of which a narrow slice runs through the City of Kawartha Lakes.

9 thoughts on “Protesters greet energy minister

  1. He has absolutely no idea what Anne is talking about………..once he puts his “crib notes” in his pocket he is back into “Sesame Street”………….

  2. The next election is in fall of 2011? I wonder what impact, if any, this issue will have on its outcome. Relatively few people live close to wind turbines, and friends that don’t seem to think the turbines are cool. On the other hand the offshore developments have entire towns riled in southwest Ontario. How many ill-considered projects will be irrevocably approved by fall of 2011, I wonder?

  3. Funny when a photo-op presents itself,
    all of these politicians can pull off that
    ‘smug’ yet ‘I don’t have a clue’ look.
    As with a lot of these life long politico’s,
    Duguid probably hasn’t spawned an
    original idea since the day he was
    potty trained.

  4. In this document the following quote that basically “sets the table” for the rest of the document has two LIES in it!…………..

    “concerns over climate change and depleting conventional energy resources”…………….

    To base anything on LIES and have an outcome that will affect Millions of people’s life styles is not only absurd but literally criminal!

    “Concerns over Climate Change” (ex Global Warming) is FAKE FAKE FAKE rhetoric coined by investors and politicos to screw people out of their $$$$$

    “depleting conventional energy resources” is also a LIE……….. conventional energy sources are being physically removed from the mix by Politicos to intentionally cause a crunch on supply so they can offer a “pie in the sky” solution that will cost us 3 to 4 times more to buy!

    Create a fake supply and demand scenario to justify a fake industry like WIND and Solar and there you have it!

    Until someone “tells it like it is”, we are all screwed!

  5. To make sure you can keep up your fighting Wind Warrior spirit, Anne, please make sure you have a respite sleeping place arranged before the IWT’s surround your home and you are prevented from getting the restorative sleep you need to keep up “the good fight”.

    Norfolk Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines are with you in spirit every day.

    Many thanks, too, to Peter Lomath of, Bill Palmer, Prof. John Harrison of Queens U, Colette McLean, Rick James and George Kamperman for all their dedicated work on behalf of all Ontario Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines.

  6. The Green Energy Debate and the approach to all of these issues is likely to change quite rapidly now. The Toronto Star carried this story this morning.

    From — The Toronto Star —

    Climate change debate to get radical overhaul

    Leaders will approve plan to break deadlock on getting emissions deal

    Allan Woods Ottawa Bureau

    World leaders will give final approval on a plan to radically overhaul the global climate change debate at summit meetings in Toronto this weekend in the hope of breaking the deadlock in talks for an international emissions-reduction deal, the Toronto Star has learned.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has tried to downplay any talk of climate change at the meetings, preferring to focus on the economy.

    But environmental stalwarts Brazil and Germany are forging ahead with the creation of a high-level panel made up of heads of state, government ministers and eminent individuals to advance troubled negotiations to cut the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and halt global warming.

    Despite this view, the environment will receive focused attention over the next three days. U.S. officials told reporters this week that climate change, energy security and the energy economy will all be discussed.–climate-change-debate-to-get-radical-overhaul?bn=1

    Although it is not specifically mentioned in this article an unnamed source tells me that “Protesters sticking their fingers in Brad Duigids belly button will be specifically addressed with tough new energy legislation.”

    You heard it here first!

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