CanWEA expects the taxpayer to pay their way

You’ve got to hand it to CanWEA, lobby group for the Canadian wind industry.  They have honed begging at the public trough to an artform.   Professional high-class beggars with an arrogant sense of entitlement.   Subsidies, subsidies, more and more subsidies.

…and let the little people pay our costs! 

Letter to the OEB

We are also requesting cost eligibility on behalf of CanWEA. While CanWEA would normally not be eligible for an award of costs due to its inclusion in the list of ineligible parties under section 3.05 of the Board’s Practice Direction on Cost Awards, special circumstances exist in this consultation that should allow for our client to be eligible.

They are intrevenors in respect to the discussions that the OEB are currently holding on how to spend $2.9 Billion dollars of our money to upgrade the transmission system to hook up wind and solar and they applied to have their costs (lawyers, etc.) paid for.    I guess if the Liberals are handing out billions of our tax money, grab what you can and to hell with the taxpayer/ratepayer.