Crops ousted for Samsung solar farm

Information meeting scheduled for July 8, 2010 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Cayuga Kinsman Community Centre

This untendered contract, for $7 billion, had no public review, no consultation with the locals, or with the people who will ultimately be footing the bill- the Ontario taxpayers.   Haldimand Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett states that there are, “tremendous subsidies going to Samsung consortium.”

By Alice Guthrie  Caledonia Sachem

First, there was a phone call, advising that his lease was being terminated, and that a letter would soon be delivered by courier. This letter confirmed the call, and a subsequent meeting assured him that he could still take the 2010 crop from the land, after which he would need to vacate, as there was a need to explore solar and/or wind energy generation in the area.

A second phone call and letter followed, advising him of a change in plans. He would need to vacate in 30 days.

By this time, Andy Van Kralingen had already worked and seeded the land. He will be compensated for the lost income; however, compensation was not included for the winter months when rent was paid on leased lands that stood vacant and unused.

The Ontario Realty Corporation (ORC) has advised him not to discuss details of the settlement they have offered. There are 18 other farmers affected by lease terminations in South Cayuga.

There has been an element of secrecy in these proceedings. According to Samsung’s website – – the Ontario government, represented by Premier Dalton McGuinty and Energy Minister Brad Duguid, signed an agreement with the foreign conglomerate, Samsung, on January 21, 2010.

This untendered contract, for $7 billion, had no public review, no consultation with the locals, or with the people who will ultimately be footing the bill- the Ontario taxpayers.   Haldimand Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett states that there are, “tremendous subsidies going to Samsung consortium.”

He added, “(We) can’t go on with these expenditures without rudimentary information.”
The Progressive Conservative Party, as the official Opposition, is calling for a moratorium on new wind turbines. While Barrett fears little can be done in the local situation, he will continue to call on the Auditor General, Jim McCarter, for transparency.

He emphasized that taxpayers in Ontario need assurance concerning this Samsung–McGuinty deal. There has been no oversight, no debate.

He encourages people to attend the information meeting scheduled for July 8, 2010 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Cayuga Kinsman Community Centre, as well as get together with other concerned people to learn more.

The Green Energy Bill, passed in May of 2009, overrides a municipality’s right to plan its own land use. This provincial legislation allows the province to approve green energy projects, without approval from local council.

Council met June 14 to discuss the situation. Councillor Buck Sloat spoke of, “so many unknowns,” as to how this will impact Haldimand, mentioning lost revenue to farmers and to the county. Haldimand staff will prepare a report outlining council concerns with regard to solar farm development in Haldimand County.

Frank Sommer, a director of the Haldimand Federation of Agriculture (HFA), said that a resolution was passed at their May meeting calling for no solar development on farmland. The resolution has been sent to Haldimand County via the Agriculture Awareness Committee, and to the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), requesting their support. There has been no reply to date.

The land area in question, according to the map on a notice published recently, is part of Walpole, Rainham and South Cayuga townships. It stretches from Nanticoke to Dunnville, and from the lake north to Cayuga and the edge of Hagersville. Part of the land in this area is the property of the Ontario Realty Corporation, acquired during the government buy-up in the 1970s.

14 thoughts on “Crops ousted for Samsung solar farm

  1. Maybe we will all be eating imported “quality” food from Korea and China after all our prime farmland is gone.

    Too bad this wasn’t on the G20 fake meeting’s agenda ………”Ontario trades off farmland to Energy generation”………………

    Just like China and the Third World Countries do to their citizens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Smitherman has no place in any political arena ever!……….he is a mad man hell bent on destroying anything he ever gets control of………… one single portfolio he has operated that helped the citizens of Ontario……………

  3. Evidently, the McGuinty Government changed the rules to allow this solar farm. At one point, no solar farms were being allowed on class 1, 2, and 3 farm land. Most of the farm land in Haldimand County is class 3.

    If it was substandard land, nobody would be renting it to grow crops.

    How many people will go to an early grave because of the loss of this farm land to a useless high-priced form of power generation?

  4. Grant, comments on an earlier article, and some surfing, lead me to believe the GEA exempted up to 500 MW on class3.
    The Korean syndicate also had the 500MW of solar tagged to it.
    And the ORC owns that land (curiously going back to the 70’s when it was acquired in planning a small city).
    Is there a problem with a specific exemption clause being provided for a specific deal?

  5. Scott, yes there is a big problem with an exemption for a specific deal. It indicates the Samsung deal has long been in the works.

    Gobbling up thousands of acres of productive farmland for solar farms when thousands of people die every day in this world because of a lack of food is genocide.

    I owned a farm in the south end of Walpole. I know how productive that land is. It may not be the very best, but if we only relied on the very best, we would starve.

  6. Grant, I don’t refer to it as the Samsung deal. The other partner is KEPCO. This is essentially the Korean version of our old Ontario Hydro (it is my understanding Ontario’s public companies could not participate in the FIT program – but Korea’s could).

    Kepco is also a company that produces more generation with coal than all of Ontario’s demand. I would not be surprised to see a future for Nanticoke under the claim it will be made more clean than natural gas plants.

    The one thing to admire about the deal, from the little that has been shared, is the totality of how obnoxiously disrespectful of all Ontarions it is.

  7. Future generations will starve, joining those poor souls in third world countries whose political elites use their powerless citizens as cogs in the global industrial complex, leaving them with no quality of life whatsoever.

  8. I must admit I had a few of these thoughts myself…

    In the meantime, just remember how likely this Solar Farm is to produce anything of value..

    The story from Pajamas Media (May 18, 2010)

    Pajamas Media has received a leaked internal assessment produced by Spain’s Zapatero administration. The assessment confirms the key charges previously made by non-governmental Spanish experts in a damning report exposing the catastrophic economic failure of Spain’s “green economy” initiatives.

    On eight separate occasions, President Barack Obama has referred to the “green economy” policies enacted by Spain as being the model for what he envisioned for America.

    Later came the revelation that Obama administration senior Energy Department official Cathy Zoi — someone with serious publicized conflict of interest issues — demanded an urgent U.S. response to the damaging report from the non-governmental Spanish experts so as to protect the Obama administration’s plans.

    The link to the paper that is causing all the trouble and threats for Calzada…

    But we are going to do it better aren’t we? Our solar at $800 per MWH will be ever so much better than the power in Spain.

    “The Watts in Spain Grow Mainly on the Plain” — it’s sunny there you see. (Windy too!)

    Our Watts will be generated where hay, wheat, oats, barley, corn and clover used to grow. That will be ever so much better as those crops are healthy crops.

    May the farce be with you!

  9. Look at the math. The Sarnia solar farm is 40MW on 900 acres, or 22.5 acres per MW. 500 MW would require 11,250 acres. I had yields of 40 bushels/acre or more with both wheat and soybeans. That comes to 450,000 bushels of grain. My wheat was no 1 wheat. That is it was the highest density. My dad over in Norfolk never had anything more than no 2.

    The only thing dumber than wind farms is solar farms.
    There is nothing green about them.

  10. The latest news out of Spain is that a Green Energy Company mailed the author of the Spanish report on “how green energy has destroyed the economy” a box full of bomb parts!…………

    Here in Ontario they just use our own Police to shut us up!

    And now we have CSIS stating that 2 cabinet ministers in Ontario are making decisions on behalf of foreign governments without telling US who these ministers are!

    This is TYRANNY! We are paying our hard earned taxes to a Government which is corrupt and is selling US out to a foreign interest.

    Now we have a foreign company dictating forced evictions from Prime Farmland so that they can erect non functioning and environmentally destructive industrial complexes while food is as scarce in the world as fresh water.

    Why any single Municipality would continue to forward our tax dollars to Queens Park until a full accounting of this charge is investigated makes me wonder if we all don’t deserve to have this happen to us.

    Time to take back our towns!

  11. This IS scary folks. Something smells in Ontario and it smells like Tyranny. I agree with Quixote. We each need to write our councils. Let’s insist that we hold back taxes until democracy once more rules in Ontario. If we held back our property taxes to ensure Provincial taxes are not paid, Big Brother might pass an Act to forgo a second notice and scoop our land for non payment of taxes.. Sheesh…
    Time to have a private think tank folks.

  12. All the information that My husband and I have heard over this terrible period is so absolutely sad! Grant Church, love all that you know, we learned so much at the meeting at mr. & mrs stephens home! Lets hope all that we are doing will save all the precious land! Watching all the fields behind us being plowed under this week, wondering what is coming next, cannot sleep certain nights! what else can we do?

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