Green Energy Act EBR Submissions

Take a look at the hundreds of warnings to the McGuinty government of how undemocratic, ill-informed and reckless Bill 151, the Green Energy Act, was.  Municipalities and public concerns were ignored.  Important information about turbine setbacks from problem homes was blacked out.


Note: Some text looks scrambled as these files were converted to OCR to allow them to be searchable.

11 thoughts on “Green Energy Act EBR Submissions

  1. This posting is very “enlightening” to say the least!
    When one looks at the dates on each Municipality’s submissions you will notice that they were all made just AFTER the passing of the Bill 150 on May 9/2009!

    It seems very very strange that we would have such a concentrated number of submissions from these Municipalities “after the fact”!

    Where were they leading up to the passage of this Bill?

    I know I personally notified our Township on a regular and almost daily basis of what was coming down the pipe at us!……………also other groups in our area bombarded the Town Council with warnings and press releases that Slitherman was handing out so they could not “deny” they weren’t aware of what was happening!

    Now here is the question: Did the Municipalities of Ontario get notification from some “lobby” Group like the AMO that they “should” write the Minister of energy and everyone else after this Bill was jammed down our throats so that in the future…like today?…….that they “cared and were concerned” about this dismantling of our Democratic Rights at the local level so that they could use this “fake” opposition to the Bill during their re-election campaigns which are in full swing now?

    What an devious and unthinkable accusation I’ve just suggested!

    Of course the AMO and their Provincial masters in power right now definitely wouldn’t want any changes in the power structure of the Municipal Councils because they have them right where they want them! Obedient and “slave like” unquestioning local officials who have actually been the ones who allowed us all to be sold “down the river!”

  2. Hundreds upon hundreds of warnings were given by Citizens BEFORE the Bill was passed and NOTHING was done……………Municipalities AFTER the BILL was passed issued warnings and NOTHING was done…………take that to the bank

  3. What’s interesting is the wide variation of the quality of the responses.

    Some were self serving. Some had good information. Some like the OFA appeared to have a wide quality variation in the information. Much of the information contradicted other submissions. This of course would allow people to proceed on their chosen course and allow them to ignore all of the advice on the basis of the contradictory nature. Great politics in the short term, bad science always and destructive to everyone in the end.

    Very interesting reading.

  4. Melodie if you have a web site address I would appreciate it. I want to look at some of the technical aspects of their offerings.

    It may be in the part after the “@” symbol in the email you got.

    I am not certain of who this company is.

  5. Richard,

    Dig in! Our handful of volunteers are already run ragged.

  6. David,

    All I could find is “email us”


    “for more information” project site:

    (can’t read my own writing, I think that is /n )
    I will go back to my letter and check again.

    email me directly at and I will forward the whole Notice I received yesterday. They say “they are going to help Canada catch up with the success in Europe” !!!

    will send to anyone who wants to scrutinize it.

  7. Richard is run ragged as well — but he is a darn good investigator. 🙂

    Anyone who looks at his web sites will attest to that!

  8. Ok found the Fairview project sheet — it’s near Stayner

    Pull up google maps plug in these coordinates and you can see the locations. Lots of woods nearby.

    Turn on Satellite view or earth view.

    Turbine # Latitude Longitude

    1 44.406107° -80.110744°
    2 44.393180° -80.108662°
    3 44.386089° -80.107517°
    4 44.398336° -80.143481°
    5 44.388128° -80.133435°
    6 44.383808° -80.133835°
    7 44.400356° -80.146990°
    8 44.390199° -80.103558°

    Copy only the coordinates (leave out the Turbine #) — using cut and paste with the mouse.

    Due to the woods nearby you should be able get fresh bird every day. Yum!

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