Federal Conservatives give over $11M to Harrow wind developer

Jeff Watson, MP

ESSEX, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – June 25, 2010) – At the official opening of the Harrow Wind Farm, Jeff Watson, Member of Parliament for Essex, today announced an investment of $11.2 million over ten years through the ecoENERGY for Renewable Power program. This project is not only helping enhance the production of cleaner energy but also increasing homeowner access to renewable energy sources.

“The federal government’s ecoENERGY program for renewable power was a critical element in making this project happen,” said Mike Crawley, President, International Power Canada.

7 thoughts on “Federal Conservatives give over $11M to Harrow wind developer

  1. This is clearly a company-generated “news” item like the earlier Canada newswire bit, but what does this mean for the Ontario Conservatives? They won’t say “boo” now because the feds have bought into this “clean energy” nonsense?
    No wonder we can’t get any traction with our MPs, either.

  2. Hmm, I guess only the ONTARIO Conservatives “pretended” they wanted a moratorium to appease us country bumpkins. After all they know we traditionally vote Conservative. Gee, it brings sense to the saying “I don’t know weather to *@#!, fight or hold the light.

    Secede anyone?……. all welcome, free corn.

    Imagine this, “We of RURAL CANADA, do not want Industrial wind generating facilities in our Province”
    RURAL… Keep it really GREEN!

  3. Just for clarity…the EcoEnergy program has now been cancelled. This project was approved when it was still in effect.

    Jeff Watson, MP for Essex refuses to answer my emails asking what his position is. I guess I now know. He was at the Harrow ribbon cutting.

  4. You know Harper won’t let them speak independently.
    It’s like the old story of then-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher giving a waiter her dinner order at a dinner with Cabinet ministers. “I’ll have steak,” she said. “And the vegetables?” the waiter asked.
    “They’ll have what I’m having,” she said.

  5. Once again the only people who will help us in this struggle are US!

    No politician at any level of Government gives a “damn” about the individual citizen. Does the removal of Democratic Rights by the G20 assembly not tell us in a very clear voice that “We are on our own?”

    Municipal Governments are our last resort…except for Council’s like Essex!

  6. Remember, name plate capacity is always quoted and the houses supplied exaggerated. When the wind is not blowing, back to fuel, when it blows too hard shut them down and pay penalty, back to fuel.
    All this back and forth, up and down uses more fuel.

    Conservatives, Liberals and NDP fall for misleading statistics and use misleading statistics to get votes. Green Party just sucks up and sits on the fence, so who cares.

    Federal, Provincial, all levels of government are facilitating a corporate takeover of our rural lands. All due process is bulldozed. Democratic rule of law…. ? It has been tunneled under, gone around, climbed over or knocked out of the way. “We WILL appease the lemmings, while the LION of Democracy sleeps” , “Appearance is everything, right?”

    Pressure your Municipality, encourage your council members to stand up and fight for the people that elected them.

  7. It’s about time that this group realized that the Conservatives are just as closely aligned as the Liberals in bringing Wind farms into Ontario.

    Local Conservatives in Fergus area pat the Wind Farm opponents on the head and say they are opposed also but don’t mention it anywhere in their community newsletters nor work to end wind farm attack on the environment.

    These people are destroying real estate values — our 300 acres on #6 highway just north of Fergus will suffer the same fate.

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