Harrow Protests International Power Ribbon Cutting

The special unit of the plain clothes OPP attended just in case any of us grandmothers got out of hand. No violence occurred. The local OPP weren’t even aware of the event. Monica wisely questioned each guest as they were leaving if they had been imbibing inside and warned about drinking and driving.  Thanks to all who came out!





8 thoughts on “Harrow Protests International Power Ribbon Cutting

  1. Thank you for your steadfast protesting of a useless and disturbing utility.

  2. Well done, Wind Warriors.

    Some of the Norfolk Victims of IPC/AIM Power Gen IWT’s stopped what we were doing ~ 11:30 am to try to be with you in spirit.

  3. Wish there were more of this.
    I don’t think the average person has a clue about what’s going on.. That is.. until there’s a wind turbine next door … to them!!

  4. It’s a good thing the OPP were there. You look like a dangerous lot to me! LOL

  5. Thank goodness the OPP were there……….has anyone ever seen the aftermath of a drive-by “muffining?”……………oh the Humanity!

  6. Where were Crawley’s friends? I know he doesn’t have any,but I was talking about the local liberal MPP’s. No quotes from them any where. Do you think they’re a little upset with him thinking he could call the OPP on a law abiding citizen?

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