Mapleton Councillor: ‘dirty electricity’ a concern with turbines

By Chris Daponte, The Wellington Advertiser

Coun­cillor Jim Curry says now is the time to measure local electrical frequencies to establish  baseline and help determine the possible impact of wind energy projects proposed in the area.

“It is imperative that the quality of electricity before wind turbines be guaranteed after wind turbines go into service [in] Mapleton or neighbouring municipalities,” Curry said in a recent report to council.

He feels that work should be completed by Hydro One officials, who currently do not monitor “the high frequencies associated with [the] dirty electricity produced by wind turbines.”

Curry explained Hydro One will test for stray voltage but determines that anything less than 1 volt “at relatively low frequencies, such as 60Hz, is considered to be safe to human and animal health.”

But tests performed nearby wind energy projects have shown voltage in the 10mV range with frequencies near 10,000Hz and also identify multiple harmonics, he said.

Overexposure to such high frequencies can cause health problems such as ringing in the ears, headaches, sleeplessness, elevated blood pressure and more, Curry said. And in dairy cattle, it can cause decreased milk production, lower butter fat content, decreased food consumption, swelling of the knees, mastitis and noticeable agitation, he added.

Those affects can be mitigated through the use of buried, insulated wires, Curry said, but most companies are using overhead, bare wires for wind energy projects because it is cheaper.

Curry proposed sending his comments to Hydro One and requesting the energy provider change the way it assesses stray voltage and investigates complaints.

Councillor Bruce Whale suggested the information should instead be sent to local residents investigating health concerns and ­also to the pro­vincial government, perhaps as an addendum to the township’s previous request for a moratorium on wind energy projects until an independent health study is completed.

“I think this would be lost at Hydro One,” Whale said.

Curry said the report should be forwarded to the province as well as other municipalities and to Wellington County. He believes it has to be mandated that Hydro One change its prac­­tices.

Curry has also contacted University of Waterloo professor Sivo Siboththaman – the electrical and computer engi­neer who received a five year, $1.5-million grant to study the safety of the renewable energy technologies and the effects on the health of people and the environment – but has yet to hear back about whether frequencies and harmonics are included in his study.

Mayor John Green said he would feel much better sending Curry’s report to the province than to Hydro One. Curry re­plied that as long as local residents are protected, he is fine with that.

Green thinks the township is on “sticky ground” when it comes to the arguments presented by Curry.

The mayor explained that for every source the township comes up with saying wind turbines can cause health problems, the province and wind energy proponents will produce two that say no such link exists.

Whale suggested the township just ask the province to in­clude harmonics and high frequencies in the approval pro­cess for wind farms.

Clerk Patty Sinnamon said the municipality’s recent submission to the province – to offer comments on its renewable energy guidelines – speci­fically mentioned stray voltage and frequencies.

Green said the township could review its submission to the province and if there’s anything in Curry’s report that was not covered, the township could add it to the submission.

20 thoughts on “Mapleton Councillor: ‘dirty electricity’ a concern with turbines

  1. Pressure, jangling nerves and sleep deprivation have been constant companions when I TRY to stay in my home ever since Mike Crawley & Co. had 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s erected and generating within a 3 km radius of my home in the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore IWT Zone.

    Why should I be treated as collateral damage while the principles of International Power/AIM PowerGen rake in $$$$$$$$$$$$$millions?

  2. Well heres my 2 cents, not nearly enough to buy a kilowatt hour anymore!!!
    Its time we all realized what the Bruce X Milton transmission line is really all about.Do the research and see how many projects are waiting connectivity tests, theres a lot!!!I recomend to all of you along this coridor to purchase a dirty elecricity meter ( ), do reading of your house prior to this transmission line getting up and running(as early as Dec 2011) once this coridor is up and running and these projects in waiting start to hook up ,retest your home,and when the reading is threw the roof, demand a tax reassement, once the municipalities have to start re evaluating your taxes maybe they will really start to fight for the taxpayers in their communities!!!! By doing this test prior to these hook ups you will have a real leg to stand on, dont leave it till its to late do your test now, document them now, and as these projects develope!!$125 now can save thousands of property tax dollars later!!But really can we put a price on our health??

  3. Might I suggest to Mr Curry, that the town of Mapleton get together with all the other municipalities in Ontario, with the lawyers involved in the legal proceedings underway(best educated lawyers regarding the green energy act) and hold a meeting behind closed doors.(just like Dalton and his flunkies did)Id like to suggest that at this meeting all in attendence examine their property standards act, and have the lawyers find the language that would add no property shall emit more than so many HZ of dirty electricity!! Dont ask Hydro One to do any testing, do that yourself so you have real data!! I beleive that the property standards act will allow the municipality to enter any property in violation and fix any issues, and pass the bill on to the landowner!! If I was going to make 20 000 a year in rent but got billed 100 000 to bring my property up to the standards, I would certianly think twice about renting my land to the corporate giants!!! Lets make our green energy act truely green!!!!

  4. Homer:

    I posted an “answer” to what you pose in another thread.

    I suggest that if you are worried about the transmissions from Electrical Meters (XBee style or the 450MHz or 900MHz or 2.64 GHz band or whatever they use) that you turn off your PC immediately and stop posting — it is likely an equal danger. If your PC is just running it emits. If you have a wireless router in your house it probably emits an equally strong signal as the Smart Meter (that dumb thing).

    Frankly, every wire in your house is an antenna…

    A nearby lightning strike emits enough power (EMF) to destroy all your electrical equipment with no direct connection… (EMP effects)

    Good design of “high structures” should always incorporate grounding for this reason.

    Dirty Electricity s a complex topic. The links you pointed to a more folk-lure than science. There is a grain of truth in the “Dirty Electricity” angle — but like LFN it takes some work to ferret out the truth.

  5. Melody:

    Start here…

    But remember that “Dirty Electricity” can mean many things…

    Spikes. EMI (RD Noise), drop-outs, brown-outs, high power low-power etc…

    To really tackle it an oscilloscope helps, and then frequency detectors etc….

    With the right person, those meters can tell a story. Without some understanding they can easily spin fairy tales.

    To suggest that any EM Radiation is injurious is like saying that ingesting salt is always harmful.

    I am aware of the effects of radiation sickness — anyone that designs equipment that operates over 100MHZ had better be aware of same…

    Most of the equipment that they are operating operates in the “sub-broadcast-bad” range — which for most people starts at .450MHz (450KHz on your AM dial — yes most radios tune that low or close…)

    Below that band is only the Marine LF band (and similar I know) and Submarine communications systems.

    Use caution if you get one of those meters and try to interpret the results. Like LFN what bothers someone (somehow) may not bother many other people — and may be site specific.

    One example…. Ham Radio operators in older neighborhoods can be plagued by clotheslines and eaves troughs picking up signals and re-transmitting on a new frequency — and wiping out antenna based radio and TV.

    …and before you ask… Tooth Fillings? no idea — but I have heard all the stories…

    While I did teach this stuff for a while I make no general claims of expertise these days. The principles remain the same though…

  6. hmmmmmmmmmm, imagine the government scared to let a guy post an opionion on something he apparently knows nothing about. Talk about a dictatorship, we must live in a communist state!!! Thanks Dalton!!!!!!!

  7. dont let david confuse you with a bunch of fancy talk, its real simple when you take AC power and convert it to DC it gets distorted, creating electrical pollution, and it is going to transfer into our houses, now is the time to speak up and do your testing before all of these projects in waiting get hooked up, I can filter out some of the pollution(my computer, small appliances) but not an entire turbine or wind farm

  8. “dont let david confuse you with a bunch of fancy talk, its real simple when you take AC power and convert it to DC it gets distorted, creating electrical pollution”


    The math for that must be something fierce! Have at it — let’s see a demo. I am always willing to learn more.

    But tell you what, if you just want to sell something, why not just say so? It’s simpler than insulting someone… 😉

  9. Im not here to sell anything, I happen to live in Mapleton, I am going to protect myself and my health the best I can,and I d like the town to realize this is the beginning of devaluation of properties and taxes in their township!!And maybe give them some legal leverage or food for thought!!Driven threw Glammis or Tiverton ,Melancton lately??? ghost towns come to mind dont want to see Wellington County end up like that!! lets not forget Wolfe Island, what a gorgeous island it was when that project started and yes business was good for a couple years while under construction, but what an eye soar now, wonder how the tourist industry is today and how their bird population is surviving hard to imagine anything can fly around an area that small with 80 plus turbines!! How many people have moved out of Ripely already, and its just begining, And now I hear our fearless leader NEEDS to destroy our parkland to satisfy his deal with Samsung, I m preparing ,I want before statisics so when my family falls ill , we ll have some sort of before and after stats!! I,ve taken reading in my house already, well below the recommended 20 HZ, now lets see how that increases, once the Bruce X Milton corridor is up and running, and these projects waiting for connectivity tests get hooked up to the grid, both wind and solar, Have you got a brother that works for Hydro??? I knew a Robinson that I worked with there, guess I asked to many questions about this stuff, and got laid off because I could see, and questioned what was happening!!! Bruce X Milton isnt the only new transmission lines going up more in kappiskassing, etc, etc, all to tranfer this dirty energy around, eventually we ll all have to adapt to the pollution I guess!!!

  10. Well here goes for the second time. First I’m not here to sell anything, I happen to live in Mapleton, and want to bring to the attention of our municipalities this is the begining of devaluation of their tax revenue, and healthy living in their community. Driven threw, Glammis, Tiverton,Melancton lately word ghost town comes to mind!!Ripelys already starting its abandonment give it a year that will be another ghost town. How about Wolfe Island what a gorgeous place that was when construction started, wonder how the tourist industry is on the eye soar now?? wonder how the birds are doing there, hard to imagine anything flying over such a small area with 80 plus turbines on it.So I just want our counsellors to explore their property standards act.I ve done readings at my house, all fell below the 20 HZ levels recommended.Lets see how that changes once the Bruce X Milton project is up and running! All of these projects waiting for connectivity tests(solar and wind both convert AC to DC) start to hook up to the grid things are sure to change!! I’ve got my before stats and I think anyone with concerns should get theres now too, and to top it all off our fearless leader is now going to start destroying our parkland for the sake of his deal with Samsung.. .

    You got a brother that works for hydro?? I use to work with a Terry when I was with them, Ask to many questions and start to figure things out, YOU GET LAID OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you dont feel right about joining them speak up I always said, cant put a price on my family can you????

    So lets give our councellors some legal food to digest, if they explore their property standards act, and we as residents do before tests of our houses maybe we can pass bylaws that make the landowners and giant corporations accountable and spend their profits to clean up the pollution THEY create!! Or put an end to the green energy act in Wellington County period, before it even gets started!!!! No property shall emitt more than 20 HZ for a period of no longer than 3 hours a day, or we re gonna fix it and give you the landowner the bill.

  11. I’ll try again too…

    “No property shall emitt more than 20 HZ for a period of no longer than 3 hours a day, or we re gonna fix it and give you the landowner the bill.”

    Hz is a Frequency measurement as in Cycles per Second — so what? You are not making sense. You can emit energy at any frequency above 0 — that does not make it dangerous.

    The amount ENERGY that you emit — in joules or watts might make an emission harmful — depending on distance and the frequency. The combination spells out what the risk might be. To cite one without specifying the other and then stating the apparent risk is what is required to make sense.

    See wikipedia…

    You might have a point to make — but you are making no sense so far.

    Do you have a web reference you can point to that lays out what you think you are trying to say?

    Now, wind turbines do produce electrical noise of several types — some due to the generation style of turbines, some due to the machinery, some due to the electrics. Some is RF noise, some is just a small variation off the standard 60Hz line frequency at which power is distributed… Most of it is an annoyance — not a danger. An example would be the BUZZ that you get on your AM Radio near HV transmission lines. I can think of lots of others…

    I would love to see some good well thought out scientific literature or papers stating what the risks might be. …information with no scare stories — no apocalyptic predictions…

    Now try again.

  12. This should read…

    “To cite one without specifying the other and then stating the apparent risk is what is required to make sense.”


    “You must cite one while specifying the other and then state the apparent risk — that is what is required to make sense.”

  13. I have posted my link above I’ll post it again it contains research and papers from medical jourals, and university studies, not a site that anyone can post anything to serve their own purpose

    My point is that the municipalities have more tools available to them to slow down this insane moneydriven policy at our expense.I’m sure the voting public is looking forward to a change of political parties very shortly

  14. Hi David

    I have read and re-read every word on this thread several times and your post is the ONLY one to mention “tooth fillings”.

    Why did you bring this issue into the thread and what is ti that you are inferring by bringing it in?

  15. Johanna:

    I have spent over 40 years working on electrical and electronic systems and Radio (RF) systems and many other HF, VHF and UHF systems. Just so that you you know I know a bit about the stuff — however little…

    From time to time the claim is made that metal tooth fillings can deceive radio signals. (EMI) Electromagnetic Interference or a local radio station is usually blamed.

    The truth is that any corroded contacts can “rectify” a radio wave and act like a receiver (de-modulator) of AM (amplitude modulation) signals — like the standard low band broadcast signals. (1010 CFRB/1010 News 680 etc…) (Spanky and our gang, The Shadow and the Lone Ranger — those were the days…)

    So the issue is that anybody who studies RF and RF noise (EMI) will not deny the possibility that a tooth filling might/could/possibly receive a local radio station, I have never met any radio technician, technologist or engineer with personal experience though. So I dunno…

    However, I do know of people and have met some that have found some truly weird devices receiving radio stations — including many household appliances and rain gutters, washing machines and clothes driers (the metal pole backyard type…)

    All of them had developed problems with corrosion and a particular connection that made a Diode — and formed a circuit such as you used to see in the old crystal radios thanks to all the contained wires acting as antennas.


    What people should note is that most equipment sold these days meets very strict RF emissions standards. When equipment is found defective it is usually pulled off the market quickly. Even 40 years ago industrial equipment I designed had to meet ISO emissions standards and was typically tested in labs in Europe…

    Next time you check the labels on some electronic equipment see if you can find a label saying what emissions standards are met.

    And yes — even the Stupid McGuinty Meters have to meet those radiation standards.

    However, suggesting that a DC power supply even though derived from the 60Hz wall outlet power would radiate due to the very fact that it forms DC — direct current — did stretch my credulity a touch. While not impossible, it would have to be so badly designed as to defy imagination.

    Proximity to Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio waves is a proven risk — once you get beyond a certain power level. Don’t belive me? Microwave yourself and report back…. Designing transmitters that do not emit these waves unintentionally takes some skill — and the designs are subject to test and measurement — these days.

    Exposure to power lines — very high power — at only 60 HZ is also claimed to be a risk. The claims are almost as contentious as wind turbines.

    There are no short answers in this field….

    Hope that did not bore you!

  16. Here is a link that will help people understand some of what is done to prevent incidental RF emissions…

    “Inside FCC Part 15 and Canada’s Corresponding Standards

    By Roland W. Gubisch

    ITS Intertek Testing Services (Boxborough, MA)

    In order to prevent interference to the reception of radio and TV broadcasts, and to protect other sensitive radio services such as aircraft navigation and emergency beacons, the FCC in 1975 established Part 15. These rules are directed at equipment that does not deliberately generate RF energy, as well as at low-power radio transmitters that do not require individual licensing. Part 15 affects a larger variety of electronic devices than does any other FCC regulation, imposing RF emissions limits on TV sets and radios, personal computers and peripherals, remote controls for home alarms and auto accessories, paging receivers, commercial networking systems, cable TV boxes, and electronic toys. Other parts of Chapter 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations (47 CFR) regulate high-volume products such as cellular telephones (Part 22) and high-power walkie-talkies (Part 90), but none covers such a diverse product mix as Part 15. ”


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