The Destruction of Beautiful Lake Ontario

~1275 Turbines in a ~70 km. radius.
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Approximate number of turbines (based on the unreliable information given out by the wind corporations):
PEC – 6 proj cir – 330
PEC – 3 proj cir – 25
PEC – 4 proj cir – 35
Timber Is – 100
Duck – 138
Galloo – 84
NYPA – 166
Cape Vin – 140
WI – 86
AI – 86
Ernestown – 5
WI Shoals – 80

Total – 1275

13 thoughts on “The Destruction of Beautiful Lake Ontario

  1. With the alarming death count already on Wolfe Island, migrating birds are supposed to “fly around” this disgusting mess?

  2. McGuinty Legacy is currently —- > LIAR…..

    I guess that he is aspiring to be the “Ontario Liberal Eco-Terrorist”…with his FAKE Green Energy Act…

  3. McGuinty, Harper and Miller on Monday will have to answer to the Ontario people for their “actions” against their own citizens regarding the G20 debacle!

    Kind of makes one think twice about how much more destruction we can handle at the hands of “mad men” intent on destroying this country…….Wind is just one symptom ..

  4. I wonder if McGuinty, Harper and Miller had to use their own money, would things be different?

    They should have found some oil rig platform State or Canadian side to hold their summit on, would have cost a whole lot less, no one would have been inconvenienced, and no ones rights would have been violated,

    What’s the worst that could happen out there in the Atlantic Ocean?

    Laws were put in place to protect wildlife from man and development and yet both Federal and Provincial and Local governments don’t care, if they did I would more than likely not be writing this post @ one in the morning.

  5. Now I’m REALLY CONFUSED???? I thought duck island, and Wolfe island shoals were the same?

  6. Yeah, I was wrong. And I’ve never been so sad about being wrong before:(

  7. On the return flight from Quebec after the rally at Massif Du Sud, we could see the huge turbines on Wolf Island from the air! It was so sad. I was shocked that they are so big that they could been seen clearly from the air. They dominate the Island.
    I felt RAGE and I am not even from there.

    Imagine… who would have thought RAGE would be another negative symptom from the Industrial wind turbines?

  8. I’ve actually seen ANGER as a health concern for windmills on some report or another. I’m just glad that’s MY only known health problem.

  9. The tar sands were charged for killing the 1600 ducks that landed in their tailing ponds, who is charging the Wind Turbine companies for killing the birds killed on Wolfe Island?
    No birds will make it through a mass of blades planned for the Amherst Island projects.

  10. For details on the negative cumulative effects of closely spaced IWT arrays both onshore and offshore, please read Location, Location, Location…Migration, Migration, Migration in the Wildlife section of this website.

  11. Deep rage and shock associated with massive betrayal of trust are aspects of post-traumatic stress, which as we know, is life-threatening to the human spirit and body. Just as the bats and birds are categorized by the psychopathic, death-dealing “officials” as “collateral damage” in their war, our damaged health and trust are “side effects” of the all-out delusional pursuit of supreme power: the power to thwart nature’s laws and to save Mother Earth by destroying her.

    Consider the “health problems” of these delusional, death dealers – mad men indeed.

    I am so grateful that I can feel.

    Thank heaven we can feel and connect and express ourselves here on this website, and everywhere.

  12. Miller said how upset he was with the protesters that came into his city and vanalized it, but yet McGuinty is allowed to come into our towns and vandalize them with the wind towers and we the people are speaking and these people arent listening to us

  13. worst of all, these systems have no reasonable economic case at over 13 cents per KwH vs 3.5 cents current wholesale. They are outlandishly subsidized by our taxes and will not conceivable make sense unless power quintruples in cost. Bogus “green” energy entrepreneurs and Seimens (turbine makers) are laughing to the bank on our tax dollars!

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