Province puts environment ahead of wind power

By JONATHAN JENKINS, Queen’s Park Bureau Toronto Sun

A controversial plan to build wind turbines off the Scarborough shoreline would be blown away under new rules proposed Friday by the provincial government.

“Our priority is making sure renewable, clean energy sources are developed in a way that protects the environment,” Environment Minister Jon Gerretson said in a press release.

“We look forward to hearing from the public and industry on the protective rules we are proposing.”

Toronto Hydro wants to build up to 200 megawatts of off-shore electrical generation in Lake Ontario. The proposed wind turbine farm would sit on a shelf that stretches four kilometres from the Scarborough Bluffs and then abruptly drops off to depths that would make the turbines too difficult to place.

The proposed wind farm has been bitterly opposed by residents of the Bluffs, who are concerned it would damage their health and wreck their property values and view.

The province’s medical officer of health has found no evidence wind turbines can cause sickness, and setback rules for onshore wind farms are a minimum of 550 metres.

Energy Minister Brad Duguid, who represents Scarborough Centre, said the offshore rules strike the right balance.

“Today’s posting of rules proposed for offshore wind turbines demonstrates that our government is advancing renewable energy technology in a responsible way that protects the environment.”

Toronto Hydro said the utility would have to study the proposal before commenting.

1 thought on “Province puts environment ahead of wind power

  1. If they can’t go east, then maybe they should be going west?

    Why doesn’t Toronto Hydro talk to Hazel McCallion and ask her, no tell her that they want to install or put up Turbines at the old Lake View Generating Station. There is plenty of space, it’s flat and the Grid is right there from the old coal plant. I am sure that they could fit in about 100.

    The McGuinty government it’s not being fare with the distribution of all these wind energy approvals, he should be spreading as much apprehension as he can across Ontario evenly so that everyone should have to live with a concept of Turbines hanging over their heads. Should Mississauga be exempt, Everyone in Ontario will be paying for the high cost electric power everyone should have to share the view(s) as well.

    No I wouldn’t want to see wind turbines being pushed on anyone (well maybe one), my only thought was, it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall and hear what old Hazel would tell Toronto Hydro, if in fact she’s still around? Now that would make for some interesting reading?

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