Trillium Power will unveil Duck Island plans – 138 turbines

Main Duck Island

Credit: By Nancy Madsen, Times Staff Writer, Watertown Daily Times

A Canadian company with an offshore wind power project planned for south and west of the Duck Islands will have a public meeting on this side of the border.

Trillium Power Wind Corp., Toronto, is proposing Trillium Power Wind 1, a 414-megwatt project.

The corporation will hold a public meeting from 5 to 9 p.m. July 8 at the Cape Vincent Elementary School, 410 S. Esseltyne St. Main Duck Island is 16 miles from Point Peninsula.

Trillium Power is not required to hold public meetings in the U.S. Chief Executive Officer John Kourtoff said his company wants to get accurate information out.

“It’s just because we’re always about doing things the right way,” he said. “We were only supposed to submit notice to residents within five kilometers, but we’re 17 kilometers from shore.”

The developer distributed 17,000 printed notices, along with those placed in newspapers. Trillium Power also is holding public meetings July 6 in Napanee and July 7 in Picton, both in Ontario, as part of the environmental review process.

The July 8 open house will use a series of informational panels on the project, with explanations from Trillium staff and consultants.

Mr. Kourtoff said he hopes this sets a high mark that U.S. developers also will meet.

“We are willing to consult with U.S. jurisdictions, though there is no requirement for us to do so,” he said. “From a moral perspective, this sets a requirement for reciprocating.”

The site considered for the wind project would begin in the shoals about three-tenths of a mile south of the island, according to the project description report. There, the water is about 6 feet deep, and at the farthest reaches of the site, the water is about 130 feet deep.

The project will cover about 16,000 acres. Navigation aids will surround the towers, and lights and foghorns will warn ships and boats of the project.

To address concerns about light pollution, Mr. Kourtoff said, the project will use LED lights, visible for no more than five kilometers, or 3.1 miles.

The project will sit 17 kilometers, or 10.6 miles, from the nearest shoreline in Prince Edward County, Ontario, and 28 kilometers, or 16.8 miles, from the shoreline in the town of Greater Napanee, where the transmission line will make landfall.

The project will include 138 three-megawatt turbines. The developer has chosen Vestas turbines, which will stand from 262 to 328 feet high. The full project description is available on the corporation’s website.

The choice of turbines is “pretty well set,” Mr. Kourtoff said. But even if the end product includes more powerful turbines, they won’t be much larger, he said.

Trillium Power plans to begin construction in July 2012 and complete the project in November 2014. The work will shut down for the winter months from November 2012 through April 2013.

In its project description, Trillium Power said it is working on evaluations of natural resources at the site, including wildlife — birds, bats and aquatic species — and archaeology.

Preliminary results show there aren’t many birds near Main Duck Island, Mr. Kourtoff said, because “birds go along the shoreline.”

The developer also said he believes constructing the turbine foundations will create a “reef effect” that allows more productive fish spawning, according to research provided by the province of Ontario.

While recreational fishing will be restricted during construction and decommissioning, Trillium Power wrote that fishing could take place during operation.

Ontario’s provincial government released proposed offshore wind-power project regulations Friday. They include a 5-kilometer, or 3.1-mile, exclusion zone around major islands and mainland where turbines won’t be allowed.

Projects will follow an environmental review process that includes addressing potential negative effects to significant wildlife habitat, noise and drinking water. The projects also must meet coastal engineering study requirements. They would have a series of Canadian permits and requirements to meet as part of the review process, too.

Mr. Kourtoff, Trillium CEO, said he welcomes the proposed regulations, and the offshore project will follow all of them.

“They’re trying to do it for the right reasons,” he said.

16 thoughts on “Trillium Power will unveil Duck Island plans – 138 turbines

  1. Something (LIKE USUAL) dosent add up?! It’s a 300mw operation. But there’s going to be 138, 3mw turbines?!!! WITH FOG HORNS!;)

  2. Yeah just checked their propaganda page on their web site. Sure enough it says it’s a 420mw project??? The original FAT contract was for 300mw?
    Oh and one more thing about the site……GREEN COLLAR JOBS!! THAT’S JUST SAD!!!

  3. The green Energy Program in Spain has been a massive failure in terms of economics, in terms of the (lack of) power supplied, environmental benefits and so-called Green Jobs.

    Has anyone asked the local MP what Canada is doing differently that will guarantee success in this venture and others? If no,t why not pose these questions to your local MP and ask for a written response to those specific questions?

    The link to the paper by Dr. Calzeda of has been posted many times, but here it is again:
    You can print him/her a copy in advance if you
    wish. It would be a small expense to deflect a possible excuse.

    Also feel free to print them a copy of my paper “Watts with the Wind”. I would be pleased to meet with your MP along with you and defend my findings.

    It is time to remove the excuse that wind turbines perform a valuable function. They don’t. On top of that they do environmental damage, cause health problems among humans, and deplete the public purse through unwarranted public subsidies through the FIT rate.

    Enough is enough!

  4. When a Wind Company start using words like “moral obligation” and how they want to “do things the right way” then one has to have quite a strong stomach to even “think” this is true.

    The Wind Industry has absolutely no wish to consult the public let alone do anything that in a real world is considered “right”!

    The present “Public Consultation is nothing more than a joke and has never been “about the Public”

    It is an obligatory step dictated by McGuinty and gang and is just a massive Sham that allows more propaganda to be generated by the “Snake Oil Salesmen”!

    • Oh my God, Wayne. That is beyond comprehension. Such widespread destruction of a beautiful area.

  5. Wayne, that map is very upsetting. It should be at all future wind information meetings.

  6. Trillium Power Wind Corp., talk is cheap as long as your talking to someone that hasn’t a clue, though you read the article above, more SMOKE more MIRRORS by the wind company as follows ….,

    “In its project description, Trillium Power said it is working on evaluations of natural resources at the site, including wildlife — birds, bats and aquatic species — and archaeology.”

    “It’s just because we’re always about doing things the right way,” he said. “We were only supposed to submit notice to residents within five kilometers, but we’re 17 kilometers from shore.”

    The underlying concept here, is out of sight, out of mind, residents will say “yes yes” as long as these turbines are not going to be in their back yards.

    If Trillium Power Wind Corp. is going to be asking these residents, that are going to be 17 kilometres from the site location for their views and comments, then there’s more to it, than meets the eye, what is Trillium Power Wind Corp. really up to? What will be said by the residents will be used against them in the end or used some where else?

    With regards to wildlife how will we know what wildlife will be killed, are they going to be doing any monitoring, just think about it, are they going to have a team of scuba divers on standby, “lets get going cause the winds a blowing, put on your tanks we got to see how many birds and bats these Turbines are a killing.

  7. I stole your map and used it on my website, Jefferson’s Leaning Left. We in Cape Vincent, NY are fighting the horrific industrial wind battle and will not take Trillium’s courtesy visit lightly.

    Also, sadly, I inform you of two projects that you missed on your map. One would be a big circle filling the area from Galloo Island to Granadier to Pt. Peninsula. The other would be a circle south of Galloo Island and Stony Island running along the Oswego Lake Shore. They are compliments of Richie Kessel and the New York State Power Authority.

  8. Thanks Rick – I’ve updated the map and also added Timber Island. That pretty much fills up the lake and shoreline. Is NYPA going to proceed in spite of the local opposition?

    MA – you might want to grab the latest one.

  9. The NYPA continues to hold meetings with potential contractors where they promote the Lake Wind Projects. My guess is that after the elections in November and our local democrats are safe, Kessel will be back and by using the Army Corps of Engineers as the lead agency, will proceed with his lake plans.

    FYI: Our State Senator lives in Cape Vincent and has three leases with a wind developer. He will do nothing to keep Lake wind out and protect the seasonal and tourism trade.

  10. Cape Vincent’s WPEG and The Coalition for the Preservation of the Golden Crescent and The Thousand Island Region is protesting that meeting.

    Right next door, there is a meeting of the wind corrupt Cape Vincent Town Board, also.

    The Trillium meeting is at the Elementary School at the end of Esselstyne St.

    Cape Vincent is 35 min trip from the Thousand Island Bridge.

    Also, you can take the Wolfe Island Ferry and enjoy the drive through the Wolfe Island Wind complex to the Horn’s ferry which will take you to Cape Vincent. Then you could drive the bridge home after the protest.

    Come see Cape Vincent before it is crapped up by wind. Hell, bring a bus!

  11. Green bucks vs green energy….our councillor, Ray Best, has also signed contracts….no voice for us in the former township of North Marysburgh in Prince Edward County, Ont. Those of us who know about these proposed “farms” are sickened by it, BUT the number of people who don’t know about these proposals is alarming. Not only may we be surrounded on land, but also on the water…

  12. “The link to the paper by Dr. Calzeda of has been posted many times, but here it is again”….thank you David Robinson. Now on to some videos.

    Here is a link to many speeches held at
    the 4th Int’l Conference on Climate Change held in Chicago in May 2010 hosted by The Heartland Institute:

    Dr. Calzeda speaks (scan the page to locate his speech). It’s appropriately titled “Green Eggs and Scam: The Myth of Green Jobs”

  13. Trillium wind power is an odd company, depending on whether you read press releases or the company website they have been a leader in offshore wind for either 15 or 9 years. They don’ t appear connected to any projects beyond the proposal stage. There only seems to be one employee who seemed to appear out of nowhere at the same time as Trillium was formed. His claimed Alma mater U of T has no record of John Kourtoff graduating with an Astrophysics degree as he has claimed, he said it was a ‘bird course’ for him.

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