Grey-Highland passes bylaw

The Arran Elderslie by-law was passed in Grey Highlands council today, June 28th, 2010 and council rejected outright the approval of road use to AIM/IPC.
Grey Highlands council will be the first ones to be challenged with the bylaw in place since there is an active proposed turbine project by AIM/IPC that creeps from Melancthon into Grey Highlands at the moment.
Regardless of this, the council had the moral courage and determination to move forward with this by-law because they are concerned about ALL of the residents they represent.
We will see what kind of a corporate citizen AIM/IPC is (headed by Mike Crawley).  Will they use bullying tactics to force industrial wind turbines into our township?  Will the Ontario government use the same tactics in backing a corporation to steamroll over a small rural municipality?
I hope more and more municipalities pass this by-law. At a time when so many have lost any faith in any kind of government, our municipality stepped up to the plate and has shown that they are still there for the people.
I’m proud to live in this community. 

Lorrie Gillis

6 thoughts on “Grey-Highland passes bylaw

  1. I am still flying high from seeing this with my own eyes. I knew Canadians will always stand on guard for thee. It has been a slow process but tonight I feel tension drain from my body for the first time in many months. I will go out for dinner and celebrate…. recharge my resolve.

    We still have a long long way to go but our faith has been restored today and we can see daylight at the end of a very long dark tunnel. Thank you Grey council for your courage and conviction. Thank you for lighting the way. We will stand with you when push turns to shove. You have returned HONOUR to the people of Ontario who thought we had lost it in a world gone mad. For that we are eternally grateful. History was made today.

  2. The rock is starting to rumble, but it will be a long time before it starts to roll, if we all had municipalities with the moral courage and determination as does Grey Highlands Council, then the rock would be a shaking, if we could get all the municipalities in Ontario on board the rock would start to roll and it wouldn’t stop until it landed on Queens Park, everyone write your local government ask them to come up with their Bylaw that support the cause rather than to worry about cash Grants from McGuinty.

  3. People Power prevails ! Congrats to Grey-Highlands council. Lorrie Gillis your perseverance does us proud !

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