Guildwood Community Calls on Toronto Hydro to Kill Wind Turbine Project Off Scarborough Bluffs

TORONTO, ONTARIO — The Guildwood Village Community Association (GVCA) today called on Toronto Hydro to cancel any plans to place up to 100 wind turbines 1 – 2 kilometres off the Scarborough Bluffs in Lake Ontario, and to immediately remove the anemometer wind testing device from the Scarborough shoreline.

“Clearly, in light of the provincial government’s announcement on Friday that it is looking at 5 kilometre setbacks for offshore wind turbine placement, Toronto Hydro is wasting its own resources in placing an anemometer immediately offshore to measure wind that a Helimax study commissioned by Ontario Power Generation has already shown to be insufficient in this area” said Timo Puhakka, President.

Toronto Hydro’s anemometer is only 1.2 kilometres off the Scarborough Bluffs. “Any findings from an anemometer that is fully 3- 4 kilometres away from the nearest setback being proposed by the provincial government is not going to give Toronto Hydro the information it requires concerning wind speeds” says Harry Spindel, Vice President of the Association. “They need to remove the anemometer, and they need to do it now. And they need to immediately announce the cancellation of this project” said Spindel.

The GVCA believes that Toronto Hydro jumped the gun in investing over a million dollars to place an anemometer before the provincial government had determined what appropriate offshore setbacks would be.

The GVCA Executive unanimously passed a resolution last year to oppose Toronto Hydro’s plans for economic, health, and environmental reasons and has been pressing Toronto City Council and the Province of Ontario to cancel any plans for this project.

For more information, please contact
Guildwood Village Community Association
Harry Spindel
(416) 873-5757 (Cell) or (416) 261-0264

2 thoughts on “Guildwood Community Calls on Toronto Hydro to Kill Wind Turbine Project Off Scarborough Bluffs

  1. Dear Mr. Vice-President

    Just say no, no, do not compromise, wind companies requesting input are looking for ways to use this gathered information against you.

    We all have heard the saying, a “good offence, is a good defence” or keep your friends close and keep your enemy even closer” I know that would be hard if they are Liberal, then who would admit that they are Liberal these days?

  2. I agree, keep saying “NO”. Compromise is not an option because wind turbines are not green.


    Still, this is good news indeed.

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