It’s Good to have Liberal Friends, isn’t it, Mike?

It all started after Mike Crawley sat on the Renewable Energy Task Team (RETT) back in 2003 RETT was responsible for setting the stage for subsidizing the wind industry in Ontario.

Why was Mike Crawley chosen for a $475M contract when ninety other companies came forward?  He had virtually no experience in this wind industry.

Why was the flagrant abuse of the Standard Offer Program (piece-mealing the Norfolk and Harrow wind farms in order to obtain millions of dollars of extra subsidies) ignored?    They quickly tightened the rules for others but allowed Crawley’s projects through with no penalty or repercussions.

Why was his UK parent company eligible to receive outrageous subsidies paid out of Ontarian’s pockets?  The SOP was originally sold to the public as a program for communities and small, private companies…not foreign corporations on the London Stock Exchange.

Why, on Mike Crawley’s command, did the special unit of OPP drive all the way down from Toronto to “investigate” and question those who might be thinking of protesting his little ribbon cutting ceremony?

Why did the local Liberal MP, Bruce Crozier speak out against the offshore project in the area yet was completely silent and refused to even respond to concerns about Mike Crawley’s Harrow project?

How can Crawley simply ignore the pleas of people having to abandon their homes in Frogmore/Clear Creek piecemealed project?  Perhaps he knows from his Liberal buddies there will no repercussions or consequences.

Perhaps this will give you a clue…


9 thoughts on “It’s Good to have Liberal Friends, isn’t it, Mike?

  1. If you can’t stomach the entire movie, zoom to minute 7:40 for some nice wind turbine pictures. What a flippin sleaze. I hope he appreciated the Harrow protestors.

  2. Does anyone else get the impression that Mr. Crawley intends to run for office?

  3. I have a feeling that the worst thing that can happen to this Provincial “handout” of our money to the “less than honourable players” in the Government and Wind Industry is new honest people occupying seats at the Municipal level of Government!

    Get yourselves into positions of power and authority and then dig into each municipality’s books and “private” deals that have taken place over the past two years plus.

    I’ll bet you’ll find some very amazing and unreal decisions being made with our hard earned tax dollars!!!!!

    McGuinty’s worst nightmare!

  4. Well done Mike Crawley indeed, the carpet-knight has won the wooden spoon — at least he earned his thirty dollars to soothe his troubled soul and to provide sustenance in his unforeseen retirement.

  5. Is there anyone who does not recognize that these children are being exploited?

    Children do not give informed consent for their privacy to be sacrificed for profit.

  6. It appears the Liberal party have now taken down the video from Youtube. I’ll find it somewhere else.

  7. I guess Mike has asked that the video be removed…………could he be the “crack in McGuinty’s Armor?”

    For an Industry to “flourish” like it has with all the things that are fundamentally wrong with it requires a huge “propaganda machine” to enable it to exist!

    If it is so “transparent and above board” why all the attempts to shut down opposition and censor videos?……….

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