Open Letter to Toronto Mayor, David Miller

5.5 million people in GTA - One lonely turbine

Mr. David Miller, Mayor
City of Toronto, City Hall

Today, June 28, 2010 I saw you on television. You talked about many things, including protests, and “How to get your message out without destroying the city.” One item in particular struck me. You talked about the G20 and how it could be used to address Climate Change and getting the message out. I believe you said that: “It was the most important issue in the world today!”, or words to that effect. If this be so, then you have a unique opportunity, and you are in a unique position to bring that opportunity to fruition with the eyes of the world upon you.

Allow me to outline the wonderful opportunity before you. As the Mayor of the one of largest and most assuredly the most dynamic city in the world, I am sure that you realize that you also represent a constituency that clearly uses the most energy, food and resources of any city in the beautiful country of Canada.

Also, you must realize that your security of supply for all these items lies outside your city with many other nations and countries as well as with people of Ontario. When you consider how easy it was to bring the city to its knees with a mere handful of G20 protestors surely that drives home the point that security is another important issue that confronts us. It does not compete with Climate Change, but combining these two current issues gives you the unique opportunity to ensure the energy security of Toronto and fight Climate Change with only one small act.

Here is the plan:   Invite the providers and developers of Wind Power, Solar Power and Industrial Turbines to “Energize the City”. When you view the maps of Toronto available on the Internet (Google maps for example) you can see that there are numerous areas where Wind Power would be practical and beneficial and would ensure the security of supply for the City of Toronto. No longer would you be required to suffer the complaints of the NIMBY’s of the rural areas who do not want Wind Turbines and Solar farms. Indeed not! You can grab control of this issue and open up Toronto to become the first “Free Energy City” of the globe. You would not need lengthy transmission lines that bleed power with every kilometer.

The power would be in the back yard of the people who crave it daily, and you, sir, would control it! How can you resist? This is a project that would the support of consumers, commerce and industry. You would rule a City of Free Energy. The energy would be unlimited, supplied by the wind and the sun – all at no cost to you once a few inexpensive and unobtrusive installations were completed. Think of it – solar panels on every building all in the same attractive and uniform hue, attractive, efficient turbines humming along like banks of quiet refrigerators supplying the greenest people, in the greenest city in the world. Toronto will truly be a dynamo among cities and nations!

The benefits of this plan far outweigh any negative trivialities which could possibly be conceived of. First, the energy is free, second the generation sources are noise free and unobtrusive, third they fight Climate Change by eliminating the possibility of CO2 emissions. These installations could even become tourist attractions tempting everyone from around the world to visit our fair city to bask in the reflected glow of our accomplishments. Imagine rows of Wind Turbines marching down the Don Valley —in all their magnificent glory – powering our very city! Think of the beauty of High Park in the morning with the sun glinting off stately towers! The benefits are obvious, the advantages are many, and there are no drawbacks that are in any way possible worthy of mention.

This is your opportunity to transform Toronto into the most sought after living space on the planet where energy is free for the taking and the citizens may live guilt free knowing that are contributing in an inimitable manner to our saving of the planet. What’s not to like?

There’s more! This could happen at no better time. HRH Prince Phillip and Her Majesty the Queen are available to share in the experience of announcing an unprecedented action to take action against inaction and lead the campaign to save the world from certain destruction. As you know HRH Prince Phillip is in the forefront of the battle to save the planet. Imagine your stature in his eyes! You would make all Torontonions, Ontarions and Canadians proud if you could challenge the Country, nay the world, with this bold action plan.

Mr. Miller, Your Worship, I implore you to pass any necessary local laws and move ahead with all possible haste to a new, energetic and shining future. You need give me no credit as it is your inspiration as you talk of a green future of saving the planet that permitted me to think of this bold and inspiring plan. I know that I but repeat your thoughts. When you speak of conservation and energy there are few that are not moved by your eloquence.

All I ask in return for this idea is that you think kindly of me when you receive the thanks, adoration and adulation of your constituents. Please speak not of me again as I feel that any thoughts of your constituents should be solely with you in this matter.

Do it now while the eyes of the world are upon us. Do it now while the touch of Royalty may be visited upon you. Do it now while the Natural Governing Party is our guiding light along the path of righteousness.

Your Humble Servant and admirer,

D. Robinson

24 thoughts on “Open Letter to Toronto Mayor, David Miller

  1. Thanks, Humble Servant of His Worship. Your wonderful humour has brought me tears of joy and laughter.

  2. Melodie: Thank you fair maiden.

    Claire: I fail to see the humour in my proposal. I am wounded.

    Lynne: Irony? It is in all respects a doable proposal. No negative vibes. Please! Chill with the negative vibes.

    Let’s get Miller on track!

  3. I think Mr. Miller would be presented with the Nobel prize for planet saving. It’s time to jump in and help. There is a lot of usuable industrial space along the 407 corridor. I thought the same thing but didn’t have the sense to actually write to him. Good for you! Good for Toronto! Good for everyone!!!

  4. Be not wounded, for yours is an all-embracing sense of humour. Your visionary proposal is unbearably brilliant.

    Did you, in actuality, send off the missive?

  5. It went to Mr. Miller by Email.

    I encourage all of your to send your own version. Perhaps you feel that another park would be just as appropriate as high park and could be festooned with wind turbines as well.

    Yes, it is a brilliant plan in all respects isn’t it? Sadly I am not the visionary, I am but an empty vessel into which the beloved mayor of Toronto pours his thoughts and visions for tomorrow. I act only as his humble scribe.

    All kidding aside I have listened to him say many similar words about climate and the need for Green Energy. I have simply expanded it to a Modest Proposal.

    How could he not approve of this plan? The ideas are his!

    I think that if everyone here promotes it and writes letters to their favorite editor in a similar vein, and the letters are published and the ideas take hold, then it will be taken up by the masses as their plan.

    If someone could hand deliver a printed copy to the mayors office to ensure that as many people see it as possible I know that it will be appreciated.

    On to victory!

  6. The direction proposed in the excellent writings from David would have been the initial line of action if government had any belief wind and solar could make a difference. Hitting the rural areas with monster turbines and fields of solar panels keeps out of sight future problems to be hidden. It is hard to imagine hiding a 400 foot wind turbine with missing blades next to the 401 or oil dripping from the nacelle. It would be hard to let derelicts rust in place. Far easier to put them out of sight and out to sea so Torontonians can forget about them. To maximize efficiency and delivery problems, if wind and solar really was an answer, wind turbines and solar panels would be squeezed into every available space in Toronto before spilling into the rural areas. The problem would be clear that demand for reliable energy sources would be the same if not greater than before so in the end wind and solar would be shown to be nothing but a waste within our grid system. It would be nice if some ignorant people believe David’s ramblings to be true and start to implement a scheme to drown Toronto in some of this garbage.

  7. 2nds2go:

    NO NO NO!

    Toronto proper only!

    There is lots of empty park space, river flood plains and transit corridors within Toronto!

    They want a replacement for the Gardiner Expressway — right? Turbines and Solar Cells. Toronto Island is practically empty!

    How about TTC Parking lots?

    How about surrounding the Rogers Centre — find more parks — fill them — this is a Workable Idea — let Toronto implement it first and show us the way!

    The land is free, the wind is free, the sun is free. His worships ideas are ntohing short of brilliant! Help him achieve his dream!

    Send him letters of encouragement!

  8. Zen2Then:

    No more negative vibes! They are forbidden.

    You call my plan drivel! Hah! Present a better plan.

    There is lots of land in Toronto. It is where the power is need.

    Ranting??? my hairy you-know-what it’s ranting!

    This is a serious workable plan!

    get behind it! Send the mayor a letter with refinements.

    Help him see the light!

  9. David your strategy is brilliant. If Miller is as serious as he says… let’s get Toronto on board.

  10. Zen2Then:


    Anyone living in Toronto should make sure that their local MP is on board with this idea, make sure the councilors get the letter. …or your variation!

    They will be impressed with the brilliance. They always back Miller!

    Stop fighting the idea — let’s just get the Turbines where they will do the most good. Near the power sinkhole!

    Get the idea out there — win converts — Cover the Gardiner, Decorate high Park!

    We support workable Green Energy where it will do the most good and where people want it! Toronto!

  11. Exactly the point which should have been raised months ago.
    McGuinty represents Ottawa, a city with plenty of existing spaces for wind turbines. the greenbelt, Experimental Farm, hydro corridors. All these spaces have ample room for set-back from exisitng houses, following the latest Ont. guidelines.
    Instead, the city council and the main paper overwhelmingly support a wind development in rural N Gower, where 600′ turbines are to be stacked up adjacent to a rural village.
    I asked mayoral candidate Jim Watson about this at a local meeting (he was a Liberal minister at the time). He had no reply except to comment it was an interesting idea. The very idea is preposterous to any urban sensibility.

  12. The Wind Farm issue is still in an underground state.

    It will explode soon enough in the media.

    — Victor Fletcher / Toronto Street News publisher and 300 acre family farm estate trustee in Fergus

  13. Victor:

    You may publish my letter. Permission is hereby granted!

    Feel free to correct the obvious typos.

  14. Sorry to say this David…………….Methinks you have wasted a beautiful amount of prose on a rather “Lame Duck” Mayor at this point in his “larger than life” tenure as Mayor of Toronto.

    Actually I believe he has gone quite “insane” and is incapable of making any decisions other than toilet installations at various tourist spots in the downtown area.

    His real legacy will be his “association” with Harper and McGuinty who have literally destroyed all Constitutional Rights of Canadians in just two days, hosting a lethargic and ignoble gaggle of self inflated Leaders from 20 countries of the World who have their jack boots solidly planted on the heads of all the other countries of the World they call “Developing”…………

    Oh Canada …………we stand on Guard for Thee!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Let’s be positive –
    Great suggestion David.
    Wouldn’t it be awesome (cool) to see solar panels and appropriately sized wind turbines on every public and commercial building in TO
    – and here is a chance for some entrepreneur(s) and our government(s) to solve at least part of our energy problem
    – and preserve rural Ontario’s peaceful and natural habitat
    – and show the world what Canada is really capable of (other than globally being one of biggest user/waster of energy).

  16. Quixote:

    I am disappointed that you cannot throw your weight behind this idea.

    What is the alternative? More turbines on the Madawaska? I hope not!

    If people begin to see the sense of having the turbines near the area where the power is required — then the battle is won. If they have arguments that the turbines are not suitable for the many open green areas and the Toronto Waterfront and Beached then…

    Why not see if your MP can support this idea?

    Why not insist that other cities adopt the proposal?

    Perhaps Miller is a lame duck, however, to counteract the idea that he might not be willing to act, I sent the proposal to his most trusted associated for review.

    Martin, as you note, feels that this idea could be workable in McGuibty’s home riding. Should we not promote the idea there as well?

    There are many green areas in the City of Ottawa. I see this is an ideal proposal for the city of Ottawa as well!

    No more negative vibes.

    Let’s promote this idea and see if people can raise one single, solid argument against the idea of turbines in cities. There should not be a single objection that cannot easily be overcome. Remember the words of the Chief Medical Officer — No Problem!

  17. Just a small note for those who felt it was only a humor piece…–wind-turbines-at-the-island-airport

    A wind farm at Toronto Island Airport?

    Mayor David Miller, who used his opposition to airport expansion as a springboard in his first election campaign, suggested yesterday that it would be a good place to generate electricity.

    Speaking from Copenhagen where he is attending the climate conference, Miller said Toronto could get much more energy from sources like wind power.

    Speaking to reporters by phone, Miller said he’s been impressed by the turbines he’s seen offshore between Sweden and Denmark.

    “I can tell you all of the City of Calgary’s energy is going to come from wind by 2012,” Miller said. “If you can do that in the middle of oil country, we can do that in Ontario, and particularly in Toronto.”

    Miller acknowledged that wind surveys have shown that other parts of the province probably have stronger, steadier winds that are more suitable for wind power. “But the wind turbine at Exhibition Place is near by a neighbourhood, and it’s beautiful, and I never get anything but compliments about it,” he said.


    What more need be said.


  18. Hey David.of course I’m behind it……………I was just being a bit blunt about “Miller the Stone Pillar”..he is nuts…………….he went completely overboard about a year ago when the Greenies got to him………….

    Anyway……….IF Solar and Wind on a small scale would work I would agree with everyone in Ontario having a crack at it on their own roofs and properties……

    I have always advocated conservation and individually owned alternatives……….it just makes too much sense though and nobody in the Government wants to start thinking that way!

  19. No corporate friend of the Liberals can receive all of the $$$$ benefit if every household participates with it’s own small scale renewable supply.

    Check our – it speaks clearly to the idea of small scale, home based supply and conservation and it makes a load of sense methinks.

    …and since Miller is on his way out – perhaps this idea would be well promoted to those running to take his place – how could Smitherman resist???

  20. Saturday was right, Sunday was wrong wrong, we can talk about it until they get rid of all the Turbines in Ontario, What’s going to be done about it, how many politicians are going to make a stand on this issue.

    The criminals that started things on Saturday should have all their names posted in the paper, all there assets should be confiscated, sold off to be used to pay for what they have done. Their crime was against our Charter of Rights and the citizens of Ontario.

    What they have done, makes it hard for lawful citizens to have their say, the authorities have all ready painted protesters with the same brush, however never give in, as long as your going by the book and as long as your being peaceful, stay peaceful and right will prevail.

  21. The problem with raising the issues of noise health and appearance is that Torontonians, and denizens of all major cities see us rural types as NIMBY’s — ’tis true — and it’s a devastating argument.

    You see the people of large cities like Toronto are far more accommodating and simply can’t understand our view point as they never raise similar issues.

    Let’s see what April Lindgren had to say on the issue…


    “The utility is considering installing as many as 60 wind power turbines off Toronto’s eastern shoreline. If tests show there is sufficient wind to justify the project, a string of turbines could soon dominate the waterscape from Leslie Street eastward to Ajax.

    Scarborough residents are raising questions about noise, the impact of the turbines on bird populations and whether the project could alter wind patterns and affect the Scarborough Bluffs. Expensive consultants’ reports and competing scientific opinions are clearly on the horizon.

    Also on the horizon, if the project goes ahead, is a collection of ugly industrial clutter destined to haunt generations to come. The wind farm would be located two to four kilometres off shore. That may sound like quite a distance, but wind turbines are huge so we’re not talking about a few little specks off in the distance.

    A wind farm glistening on a ridge of land in rural Ontario or southern Alberta can be a beautiful sight, particularly at sunrise or sunset. There’s something about the combination of human ingenuity and nature’s raw power that inspires awe.

    The thing is, there’s more than one ridge of land in rural Ontario and southern Alberta.

    But there’s only one Lake Ontario shoreline. It’s the only truly natural vista left in the city, the last refuge for anyone desperate to escape the madding crowd and a relentless landscape of concrete, glass and steel.”


    Get it? Outting the turbine on YOUR RIDGE is good, beautiful and productive.

    Putting the turbines on MY WATERFRONT is ugly awful and non-productive.

    I hope you followed that argument — it can be a little complicated for us rural bumpkins to follow that argument I know. So read slowly and carefully….

    Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad.

    Your Chocolate Ration has been increased from 8 oz to 4 oz.

    Re-read Animal Farm and “1984” by George Orwell if you have trouble grasping the complexity of these high-minded arguments.

    Send Toronto City Council a nice letter supporting Turbines in Toronto — SOON!

  22. Toronto has the space as already noted and since we use the power we should have more turbines in the city.

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