Pickering questions wind turbine safety

PICKERING — Pickering council is joining other municipalities to insist health and safety concerns be considered in light of the Province of Ontario’s focus on wind power.

On July 21, council supported Arran-Elderslie Township’s bylaw that calls for the protection of life, liberty and security of person under Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, claiming wind turbines cause serious health effects.

The letter to Pickering from the chief administrative officer said council is “not opposed to ‘green energy’ projects per se, however we wish to promote their use in a responsible manner to benefit, or at least, to do no harm to any individual by such use.”

Toronto Hydro is currently undergoing studies to install a string of up to 60 wind turbines along Lake Ontario from Scarborough to Ajax.

In 2009, provincial Green Energy Act provisions removed the municipal approval process for renewable energy projects and replaced it with provincial approval, but municipalities still have a say in the health, safety and well-being of its residents.

Ward 2 City Councillor Doug Dickerson noted there are different schools of thought on whether wind turbines negatively impact health.

“If the jury’s still out, one must err on the side of caution,” he said.

Ward 1 City Councillor Jennifer O’Connell said she supported the bylaw not because of health concerns, but because of the close proximity of the turbines to communities, and noted the bylaw was fair and balanced.

“I think it’s a good position for us to take,” said Coun. O’Connell.

Ward 2 Regional Councillor Bill McLean, who’d just returned from a conference on the Great Lakes, said this “hits the nail on the head” in reference to needing a strong environmental review process when dealing with the Great Lakes.

Ward 1 Regional Councillor Bonnie Littley said it makes sense to ensure environmental and consultation processes are in place, but noted it’s time to make the move to climate change and other green initiatives.

3 thoughts on “Pickering questions wind turbine safety

  1. Bonnie little, You must read more! nothing green about em. Climate change will not be reduced or effected by 1000000000 turbines in your back yard. How did you get voted for when you don’t seem to be able to read!!! Go home Bonnie and do the dishes. you make us women look bad.

  2. I think that once some people know they (wind turbines) aren’t what they claim they aren’t so all fired for them. But, the strangest thing where I’m at, two councilmen stated they really aren’t that in favor, know that they cost more unreliable, cause health concerns, but they’re most concerned about when the subsidy runs out.. They don’t seem to want to improve the ordinance setbacks — heaven forbid the wind company has said they can’t do the project if that happens. Then some counties are foregoing the taxes for 3 years. And, that was the selling point to the counties.
    It’s like we know they don’t work, but the government wants to give out some money so let’s get it or let the leaseholder get it and the heck with what it does to the landscape and peoples enjoyment of their property and life. It’s like government has no sense or so overrun by lobbyist can’t think straight! We all seem to be in the same boat US/Canada/Europe.

  3. “Nothing green about ’em.” Thanks Melodie. I see many placards with this as slogan.

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