Huge $1 Billion wind deal coming

By Norman De Bono The London Free Press

A $1.1-billion wind farm development slated for Southwestern Ontario would be the largest of its type in the province and cement the region’s reputation as a wind energy centre.

Next Era Energy, North America’s largest energy company, is proposing to build three wind farm projects in Lambton and Huron counties. Combined, they’d dwarf other farms — adding up to 300 wind turbines to the landscape.

Location: Huron East, southeast of Bayfield.
Capacity: 90 MW
Wind turbines: 60 or 39, depending on style used.

Location: South Huron, outside of Grand Bend
Capacity: 160 MW
Wind turbines: 106 or 69

Location: Thedford to Watford
Capacity: 230 MW
Wind turbines: 153 or 100


— What: To discuss details of the proposed wind energy projects.
— When: Wednesday, June 30, 5 to 8 p.m.
— Where: Kimble Hall, 6276 Townsend Line., Forest.

10 thoughts on “Huge $1 Billion wind deal coming

  1. I urge everyone to read the proposals.

    Can you say Boilerplate?

    Where have I heard that word “Boilerplate” in connection with an environmental disaster. I know it was recent — I just can’t put my finger on it. Hmmmm


    Something about Walruses… hmmmm

  2. I cannot understand how laid back people are in this area to allow this to even get to discussion with out more alarmist out there or a fight.It seems nobody really gives that much attention to it. This development is going to be so huge and will devour this region with huge problems and disintegration of our landscape and the list grows.Seems like to many are hoping to cash in on all this and can’t seem to pass this point. oh what a future we will have, so disappointing

  3. This is a huge project! No protesters in the streets yet?

    While people are thinking about the jobs that are supposedly coming to Ontario, and the power to be generated, let’s look at what 625 Turbines were able to bring to Ontario on June 27th, 2010.

    I have repeatedly made the argument that wind power can drop out altogether — even to Zero.

    Look at the power output on the WIND TOTAL line near the bottom. See the zeros? Amazing!

    Sure — let’s shut down our other power generation and rely on Wind and Solar!

    From the article ….

    “Next Era Energy, North America’s largest energy company, is proposing to build three wind farm projects in Lambton and Huron counties. Combined, they’d dwarf other farms — adding up to 300 wind turbines to the landscape and generating 490 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 144,000 homes.

    “It is a significant investment — a very significant investment,” Josie Hernandez, spokesperson for Next Era, based in Florida, said Tuesday.

    “It (the cost) can range that high — this is very expensive to develop.”

    The developments would also bring manufacturing jobs, since Next Era will buy either General Electric or Siemens turbines and has made it clear it wants to buy local — pressing the manufacturers to open plants here, said Hernandez.”

    Will 300 more help? Maybe that will boost us to 1MW on the off hours. That should help! hahahaha

  4. People should be going crazy mad about this development. It is more like 410 wind turbines when you add in the Bornish and Adelaide wind farms that have already had their public meetings. It will cover the area from Kettle Point to Bayfield, and down to Watford and Kerwood. The OPA’s encouraging companies to make ‘clusters’, and this is a massive one.
    You don’t need too many people to get your entire neighbourhood informed. Now is the time to raise hell, not later. I’m thinking this area needs an info meeting.

  5. Thanks, but the way I see it Lambton Shores with our wimpy Major(more interested in Grand Bend agendas) and most councillors are all dead beats on this subject others in this area seem to think nothing is wrong and they go back to there tv and computers and play there games. Yes they need to walk up all of them. I get this awful feeling they don’t care. i talk about it and it seems to go no where. Maybe some one with more influence could possible get this going.Thanks Wind Action for your concern.

  6. You are not alone, one particular Council out our way is more interested in receiving Cash Grants from the Liberal Government rather than making a stand against them regarding Wind Turbines. Do not fret about these idiots, stand tall, smile upon looking at yourself in the mirror each morning, take in to consideration your thoughts of concern of how important this wind turbine issue is, you are a person and you are normal. Then smile again upon thinking about your Councilors when they look upon themselves in the mirror each morning they’ll find an idiot staring back at them, why, idiots have no conscience because they are only concerned about themselves. As that day passes into the next each morning you’ll still be a person and your Councilors will still be idiots.

  7. I agree with Alias.
    You can try approaching your council again and again, just to educate them….personally I’ve given up on my local council (too much conflict of interest, no way to sway them) and have taken other routes beyond them. The line they will use now is ‘we can’t do anything anymore because of the GEA’. Well, they can support you, and if they can’t do that, move on because there are other ways that get better results.
    I know this is tiring, but analyzing the ‘drafts’ that NextEra put out are a good start. There is plenty of things to pick apart. First they had they wrong number of turbines, and now I see they think their aren’t any conservation areas in the Jericho project…I just went to Rock Glen yesterday…they must have missed it….! I suspect there are many other details missed. And when you find them, don’t keep them to yourself, blast it to the world. As for the locals, they have to get informed, and nobody is going to do it but people who care. You need an info meeting- I’m willing to help you get started (I had to start from scratch last year too). Yes it is a lot of work, but it is very much worth it. Please e-mail me if you would like to do this or talk about it: I have hope for your area, I really do.

    I heard this on the radio this morning:
    “There are 3 types of people: those who make change, those who watch change and those who ask what happened”.
    We have to be the first type and try to educate the second type.

    • I know this maybe a little late but how would I get my community of south huron together and have a proper info session not the one Nextera put on last year – I believe about 60 % want to get out of their leasing contract because at the time Nextera filled their heads with nonsense. I’ll say it most farmers were misinformed and looked at the dollar figure of $7000.00/year to lease 3 acres for 20 years. What bugs me the most is I’ll mention this to neighbouring communities like Crediton and Dashwood and they had no idea this was happening. We need more talk and discussions. Nextera did a great job of hiding this from the general public.

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