Support for turbine control law grows

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By Mary Golem,  Owen Sun Times Correspondent

Support is growing for Arran- Elderslie’s bylaw to control industrial windfarm development using a section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, based on health and safety concerns.

In April, Arran-Elderslie passed the bylaw in an attempt to block wind turbine development within the municipality. The bylaw, which was then circulated to all Ontario municipalities for support, calls for “the protection of life, liberty and security of person” under Section 7 of the charter, claiming wind turbines cause serious health effects.

To date, about 20 municipalities have endorsed Arran-Elderslie’s bylaw, council heard at a meeting Monday.

The municipality and representatives of the neighbouring municipalities of Chatsworth, West Grey, Grey Highlands, Georgian Bluffs, Saugeen Shores, Huron-Kinloss and South Bruce will meet again July 8 at 7 p.m. in the Arran-Elderslie council chambers to plan their next step.

11 thoughts on “Support for turbine control law grows

  1. For any strong challenge against what is taking place in this Country right now we need strong and honest people to flood the Municipalities of Ontario to carry on with this struggle and make sure it isn’t de-railed by “cronies” and “left over” politicians that allowed this Province to get to this point to start with.

    It costs $100 to sign up as candidate at your Municipal Office. You don’t need to get 100 signatures on a nomination form anymore, so it is fairly easy and all it requires is for you to have a strong stomach for the next 4 years!

  2. Melodie:

    I am going to say this as politely as I am able to …

    Screw the diplomacy — it hasn’t worked so far.

    Skip the tact and diplomacy training and register for the local government election.

  3. Thank you David. Gee, I can now honestly say as a politician would, that I was asked by someone to run! Well here goes then. Hey what business proposition? That post was buried, MA hides them somewhere???? It was you replying to my post about our property value. Tell me where to look. I am a business women and love fresh ideas especially from Brave young Knights with guts and shiny swords. I am happily married not flirting but I get accused of that because I am a friendly open book type.

  4. Anyone considering running for election should sign up to be a “councillor” first….this gives you an entry into the weird and private world of Municipal Politics and take it from me……… won’t take long to begin seeing some strange things happening……………

    As one fellow told me the other day who was our Mayor, Councillor and eventually Warden ……….”above all, don’t take it too seriously”……….

    I think he means the debates and in-fighting…………
    If enough of US get into power then WE can meet each other in positions of power instead of protesters outside the offices and make REAL changes in the way we do business!

    Could be an exciting re-awakening!!!!!

  5. I am not well known in this area as this farm house was rented out for many years til we decided to renovate and restore for our retirement. Because of my outspoken signs at the lane way I am probably considered a nut job. I have met very many savvy people in our group of opposition and I am sure some of them would be a shoe in.

    Sure would be nice Quixote, a re awakening is what we need, that’s for sure. If not this generation then who??? Our kids and their kids will think we are supposed to be complacent lemmings. Hope you lead the charge in your area. All the best.

  6. You know what, Melodie?

    In 40-50 years we’ll all be dead. Do you think we’ll look back and be sorry that we didn’t worry enough about how we “looked” to other people? I doubt it.

    Will we look back and be happy that while we still could, we did what we could to stop corruption and lies? Yes, I think so.

  7. More taxation without representation except it’s not really a tax. I mean, like, it’s just a fee ya know!

    TORONTO — Already reeling from the July 1 introduction of the HST, Ontario consumers are now being hit with another levy.

    So-called eco fees for thousands of new products came into effect on the same day as the HST. Unlike the unpopular new value-added tax, however, provincial authorities did virtually nothing to publicize the changes.

    A government-issued list of new initiatives going into effect July 1 did not include the eco fees.

    “People do not know about this,” said Conservative MPP Toby Barrett, who was informed of the changes by a local hardware store owner in his riding who called him over the weekend. “No question they were caught off guard. And I’ll be darned if I can find any information about this.”

    A spokeswoman for Stewardship Ontario, the agency overseeing the new levies, said a $2.5-million media campaign to publicize the changes only began once the program went into effect.

    “Our thinking is the best time to start with the public education campaign is when you actually have a program in place,” said Amanda Harper Sevonty. “If you do it farther out and they can’t get involved in recycl[ing], I’m not sure how effective it would be.”

    Liberal Environment Minister John Gerretsen was not available for comment.


    It’s just a fee…


    Harper Sevonty said the eco fees are not strictly a tax. Stewardship Ontario charges industry based on production numbers. Industry is then left to recoup the new costs on their own.

    “How they choose to manage that is not up to us,” she said. “We have no authority over that whatsoever.”

    Under the program, 92 special municipal disposal sites exist throughout the province. A range of retailers also participate for specific products.

    While some of the hazardous materials — such as paint and batteries — are recycled, others are not. Pesticides, solvents and fertilizers are treated, solidified and then sent to a landfill site.

    Ottawa Citizen


    Oh Canada, my Home and Native Land!

    more double-talk

  8. David,
    Please visit the Stewardship Ontario website so you can get the right information about eco fees.

  9. Be sure to look at this list of fees.

    It’s not just ‘hazardous waste’ disposal anymore…it’s things like a bag of cement (the fee will double the price), smoke detectors, watches, dish washing soap…just about anything you can think of to buy now has a ‘fee’ for some obscure reason.

    What happens to this ‘fee’? Sorry if this is off topic, but it really stinks to me, especially since the Liberals are keeping it so hush hush.
    I’m so sick and tired of people trying to greenwash me. I can’t afford this BS anymore!

  10. Amanda:

    What makes you think I did not visit the site? I think I understand the fees very well. Thank you for your concern.

    I see it as more taxation without representation and wonder if the collection of these taxes meets constitutional requirements. I guess most everything will be passed under the Green Energy Act these days — it will save a lot of money on Parliament. You’re on a roll — why not ask the Premier for more?

    Out of curiosity… What is the up-front recycling fee for a Wind Turbine? Just thinking ahead, I’d like to see them all gone and I wonder what the burden is and who will have to bear it? Any guidance would be appreciated.

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