Rural Ontario abandoned to wind farm interests

London Free Press

On the Ontario government’s website, they state, “4.5 million people in Ontario live in a rural community. The Ontario government has made a long-term commitment to improve their quality of life.”

They go on to say “We care about the people who live and work in rural Ontario.”

Well! Who are they trying to kid? Their actions prove otherwise. They are preparing to sacrifice the village of Zurich and just look the other way.

The $1-billion wind-farm deal is all well and good for some – the government coffers, big American business and a few farmers – who will benefit, but not those of us in the village of Zurich who will be surrounded by these farms.

There will be constant noise, an unsightly view and vibrations.

At the same time, we are expected to sit on top of a proposed natural gas storage project.

We will be directly impacted by all of the safety and health issues associated with both initiatives.

And we will see property values plummet to zero.

This is devastating.

Where are the studies that show the effects of these wind farms, in particular the resulting constant land vibration on an underground gas storage and the effects on our municipal deep well water system?

Providing cheaper energy for urban Canada and our American neighbours at our expense is sickening.

Add to all of this the recent announcement that the government will also close our public school where our children walk to school each day for a first-class education. It’s just more than our village can tolerate in order to survive.

The government’s promise to ensure and enhance our quality of life is a lie. We’ve invested in homes and businesses here. Now these investments are being taken away with no regard for any of us.

The government’s agenda to abolish our town should at least include compensation for relocation.

Heather Redick is a Zurich resident.

4 thoughts on “Rural Ontario abandoned to wind farm interests

  1. I still think that the best locations for the turbines is the cities where they want the power.

    Words of David Miller…
    EECO Sustainability Forum, May 2005

    Another example is Exhibition Place, a 100 hectare multi-use site along our waterfront. The Ex is a flagship site for sustainable energy technologies and related financing strategies. The most visible is the $1.8 million wind turbine built by Toronto Hydro and the WindShare Co-operative. The turbine produces enough energy to supply 250 homes. It is also a constant reminder to everyone who sees it of the potential for renewable energy in our city.

    A solar power project will be installed at Exhibition Place this fall. When it is completed it will be the largest solar power plant in Canada.

    Also See Digital Journal for more articles on his enthusiasm.

    Put the noise where the desire is the greatest.

    …. Yeah T.O.
    The City of Toronto remains committed in its efforts to provide leadership in greening City Hall and further savings will be attained by installing a small wind turbine that would produce electricity for the building, installing indoor and outdoor LED lighting, and finally ensuring that City Hall becomes a zero waste building.
    Miller announced that Toronto City Hall had also received a BOMA BEST, which stands for Business Owners & Management Association, Building Environmental Standards, certification, recognizing their environmental leadership in the commercial building industry. BOMA BEST is a national certification program that recognizes how important it is to save energy and reduce green house gas emissions.

    The City of Toronto has always been at the forefront of environmental initiatives. We are a leading-edge city for greening technology and sustainability and as mayor of the City of Toronto, I am very proud of this effort and excited about all of the new technology that will help us achieve our goal.

    …Just leave us out of your Green Fantasies.

    Smitherman will be worse.

  2. Rural Onatrio is under a direct attack from our provincial “leaders” who want everyone to move into a high density and cheaply serviced city environment. Then they can take our land, water and natural resources and peddle them off to the rest of the world for big $$$$.

    Doesn’t get much clearer than that. If I’m wrong……..give me some proof that this is not what is going on!

    Yep……………..thought so………NOTHING!

  3. This is resource exploitation. The people behind this wind energy campaign could care less about the people in rural Ontario. You are just collateral damage.

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