Birds affected by other energy sources, too

Edmonton Journal,

I just got back from a trip and drove up south of Calgary past the big wind farm. As I passed it, I wondered how many birds these giant blenders kill.

I understand that the charge is $300,000 per duck for Syncrude. If a duck is worth $300,000 then certainly an eagle must be worth, what, 10 times a duck? So each eagle would be worth $3 million, an owl maybe a little less, say $1.5 million. From a report I read from somewhere in Texas, a wind farm has all but wiped out the total population of a rare grouse. So what is that worth?

Please do not take this as meaning I don’t care about the ducks at Fort McMurray, but I know where you can find thousands to replace those. The eagles and owls don’t reproduce at near the same rate. Frankly, one eagle is worth 100 times, no 1,000 times more than a duck.

Wind turbines kill thousands of birds every day of the year and we hear nothing about them. It is far past due that we start to get balanced reporting on the impact of all energy production. I also understand people living near wind farms display a number of strange illnesses.

How about a full disclosure of the real cost, instead of just a whitewash of the so-called green energy sources, because they are really very red with the blood of birds.

Bill Fox, Edmonton

2 thoughts on “Birds affected by other energy sources, too

  1. This stuff about ducks at Syncrude is sooooo much Media generated BS prompted on by Green NGO’s like Suzuki, WWF and other fake “saving the planet money-makers”!!!!!!

    On my very first day on the job at Suncor (Syncrude’s other giant oil sands competitor) the bus tour I was on took us straight out to the tar ponds where the tar was pumped into berm surrounded ponds and in the middle were raised platforms with huge duck nests on top………… could see the ducks taking off and landing while their young ones waited for food………now I believe the babies must have adapted to knowing their parents wouldn’t land on the tar so they would probably grow to the point where they could fly and then take off to the nearby Athabaska River for adulthood…………

    Again, many “red herrings” to distract us from the main purpose………..exposing the whole Wind Scam for exactly what it is…………..a $$$$ maker for politicians and investors at our expense!!!!!!!

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