Aercoustics / MOE consultation session

Below are comments and reports concerning the Aercoustics / MOE consultation session to discuss the proposal for monitoring of audible noise from wind turbines.  This was held June 22, 2010 in Toronto.

  1. Consultation Session Presentation
  2. 10.06.11- 10039 – Phase 1 Report Final
  3. Comment from George Kamperman
  4. Comment from John Harrison
  5. Comment from P. Lomath
  6. Comment from Dr Lombardi
  7. Comment from W Palmer
  8. Comment from C McLean
  9. Incorporating Low Frequency Noise Legislation for the Energy Industry in Alberta
  10. 10-04-23 Schomer responds to Hessler claims
  11. Sound from FFT Analysis Files Cut for Print
  12. Listen: Amplitude modulated noise components, the single most referenced factor (swish-swish) in noise complaints from Ontarians
  13. Listen: modulation noise and tonal components  (Swish, roar and “Whistle”).  For more info, go to

4 thoughts on “Aercoustics / MOE consultation session

  1. Take note that this consultation’s focus is only on those wavelengths that you can “hear”. The parameters of the consultation were clearly set to exclude infrasound wavelengths and to exclude taking readings inside dwellings. The MOE knows very well that the bulk of the problem comes from infrasound and its ‘standing wave resonance’ within receptor structures. The MOE had the limits fixed on this from the get-go!

  2. Huge thank you to all those who volunteered their time, expenses and expertise to attend this session. We all appreciate it immensely!!

  3. Just finished reading all the submissions and the case against the Aercoustics study is overwhelming. What fantastic work!


    According to the World Health Organization, if low frequency components are present in the noise source, then A-weighted measurements are inappropriate.

    Start from there and clean up this nonsensical “monitoring of audible noise.”

    It’s the mostly inaudible, powerful LFN that punches through house structures and sets them — and their occupants — in constant vibration.

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