No harvest at wind farm

The Windsor Star,

So, where’s the pictures of the protesters at the so-called grand opening of the Harrow wind farm? I was there and there were plenty of protesters, yet none were in the article in the paper.

They call this a farm? I do not see any harvest going on here. Farms have a harvest, usually grown produce. All we see is another government issue being forced upon us, and another “government elect” representing it.

I live in the middle of these ugly things. There are three in the farmer-owned field behind me. I had no say in whether or not they should be put on the land directly behind me and all my neighbours agree.

I live here. They are ugly, noisy and we do not like them. And, to top it all off, we had no say in the matter. They claim there will be jobs created by the building of these things. Yes, there will be but not for our community. These workers are all from Toronto and surrounding areas, not here. The farmer and the government are the only ones who profit from these things.

Our rates go up, and yet, we are the ones who have to look at them and put up with the noise. Today, I got mail from the owners of these monstrosities. Where is it going to end?

Are they going to expropriate our land like they are doing for the new bridge? I grew up there and had to leave that neighbourhood because of government, also. I guess that I will have to move to the wilderness to stop them from pushing me around.


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  1. I was also very disappointed with the CBC coverage on the Harrow Wind project opening. Showcasing Jeff Watson who has spent 11.2 million dollars on this project of taxpayers dollars for an inefficient, unreliable and environmentally non friendly source of electrical energy completely ignored the real issue at hand which is the fact that wind energy will not move us forward progressively into a new manufacturing sector and will instead cause this province massive debt as it is proving out to be in Spain, Denmark, and Germany.

    Suggesting that we need to move forward with this kind of development clearly is in contradiction to the prov. PC’s who are realizing how expensive and what little return wind energy provides. At this same opening we spent a lots of face time talking to all the media hoping to educated them on the futility of wind energy and yet no one not one counter point was offered during their broadcast. As for one of landowners claiming there is no noise despite working in her garden, she doesn’t even realize that these turbines are not generating at this time, only being tested, hence simply moving. Her own turbine has only turned for approx. 3 days.

    Most residents I’ve talked to tell me turbines make different noises when generating rather than “free-wheeling”. Corresponence with Mike Crawley confirms that not all turbines are generating. A statement from a councillor indicates that they are generating a half capacity. Again nothing but lies and deceit when you are dealing with the “Windies”.

  2. You are all to be commended for showing up and protesting, but if there was no news coverage of the protest, then you have learned something, right?

    What are your options to ensure news coverage of opposition for the next one? Legal and unignorable. Brainstorm, people!

    Possibilities are endless.

  3. I believe what’s learned is that news media is more interested in advertisers, and not rocking the boat with the powers that be.

    News media take the press release given by the “company” and may show up at the last minute to take a few photos. If they noticed the protesters that would have taken time and energy to actually “report”and get a complete story. Perhaps the protesters should have given their own “press release” to the media if they didn’t.

  4. At least the media was smart enough to realize the tractor and planter were out in a field already planted and didn’t use that photo-op

  5. BD

    I know, wasn’t that incredible? Talk about “staging” an event. What the hell was that tractor doing out in that planted field, other than driving around?

    I almost wonder if those two deer that wandered in were staged props as well. LOL

  6. The MEDIA belongs to the Proponents!

    Why does anyone after all the the research we have done for these many years keep expecting to find out anything relevant and truthful from the various media outlets?

    Did anyone read yesterday that the “not or profit” Canada News Service sold out to a “For Profit” consortium of businesses now called the Canada Press Enterprises?

    Expect NOTHING revealing fro mainstream media anymore………so called reporters are nothing more than “bingo callers”

    Why would Peter Mansbridge be attending the Bilderberg meeting in Spain two weeks ago with Gordon Campbell?

    Someone tell my why………….explain that one!….if it was to cover it as a reporter where is his story?………….could it be he was being handed the script for the G20 coverage?……………….

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