Why is the provincial government pushing industrial wind turbines on major migratory paths?

The Windsor Star

Perhaps someone in the provincial government can explain something to me because I’m very confused.

In the June 10 press release from The Nature Conservancy of Canada, it was announced that 317 acres of ecologically sensitive land in the Cedar Creek area was slated for protection in a joint venture by the government of Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, ERCA and Ducks Unlimited.

This was wonderful news to hear. The funding for this project comes from the government’s $225-million Natural Areas Conservation Program, according to the Minister of the Environment Jim Prentice, who went on to say that the investment is proof that, “we are taking real action to protect and conserve our ecosystems and sensitive species for present and future generations” and that this action, “will help to protect the abundance and variety of life that is part of our natural heritage.”

Again, this was wonderful news to hear. Also, outlined in the press release was the fact that, “the coastal wetlands associated with Lake Erie, including Cedar Creek, are continentally important for migrating waterfowl and their long-term conservation remains a top priority for Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Eastern Habitat Joint Venture.”

Now, here is where I get confused. If the federal government has earmarked $225 million to protect and conserve ecologically sensitive areas like the one in Cedar Creek, if they are interested in protecting our ecosystems and if the coastal wetlands of Lake Erie are so important for migrating waterfowl, why is the current provincial government pushing the construction of industrial wind turbines in the Pigeon Bay area of Lake Erie right smack dab in the middle of one of the largest migratory bird paths in the world?

I just don’t get it.

MARY ANNE ADAM, Kingsville

7 thoughts on “Why is the provincial government pushing industrial wind turbines on major migratory paths?

  1. McGuinty is putting our Crown Lands leased out for Industrial Wind Turbines. Algonquin Park won’t be such a great canoe trip.

  2. Any conservation group that receives cash from the Ontario Government are pretending that this is not happening, they aren’t interested in rocking the boat. If they rock the boat no more cash flow, sad, sad.

  3. Thank Margaret. Hope “they” get it! My new favorite term is “Feckless Idiots” thanks to Randy for coining the phrase. I should change my sign at the end of our lane way from: ” Opposition to Greenwash” “Watch US Grow” to “Opposition to Feckless Idiots in Government ” “See how we Grew”

  4. Why you ask ? Because our Ontario Liberal Government has become an eco-terrorist…

  5. Cool image of the spring migration! Wind Turbines would create an pinball machine effect for migrating birds to pass through. What do they win if they survive?

  6. I’ve been at Point Pelee during a major rush of migration in. The trees are just covered with so many types of birds, it’s just unimaginable. Some are so tired from making the exhausting trek across Lake Erie that they literally fall out of the trees to the ground.

    To force them to navigate around hundreds of massive turbines would surely kill many.

  7. “…Apparent mortality rates were at least 15 times higher during migration compared to stationary periods…more than 85% of apparent adult mortality occurred during migration.”

    Sillett, T. S., & R.T. Holmes. 2002. Variation in survivorship of a migratory songbird throughout its annual cycle. Journal of Animal Ecology 71, 296-308.

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