No wonder rural Ontarians feel like second-class citizens

The Moderate & The NIMBY

 Re: Put turbines 5 kms from shore, ministry says

Toronto Star

Commenting on the proposed 5 kilometre setback for offshore wind turbines, Energy Minister Brad Duguid said: “I think it sets to rest the concerns of some moderate people who were concerned that if they go to the beach, they could be looking up at a huge wind turbine.”

His comment shocked Ontarians who are fighting the province’s lax rules that allow industrial wind turbines to be built just 550 meters from homes.

Just like folks going to the beach, we don’t want to look at massive industrial turbines either, some 500 to 600 feet tall. But we also don’t want them to make us sick.

These turbines emit a pulsing, swishing noise that never stops, and the low frequency noise and infrasound they emit is a very serious concern for populations exposed constantly in their homes. Worldwide, people are reporting sleep disturbance, dizziness, headaches, and a host of other symptoms.

Handily, the Ontario government can claim there is no available evidence of a direct causal link between turbines and these symptoms, because that causal link has never been studied.

No wonder rural Ontarians feel like second-class citizens.

Janet Vallery, Belwood

6 thoughts on “No wonder rural Ontarians feel like second-class citizens

  1. Duguid is a total hypocrite….Guess that we aren’t viewed as “moderate” people…Feckless Idiot..

  2. Hope this article and the term ” Freckless Idiot” is going directly to his inbox. It certainly speaks for all of us. I take “all of us” to mean about 1.5 million people in the Counties that asked for a moratorium that was refused by the other “Freckless Idiots”

    Love Mel xo

    Go ahead everyone, copy, paste and send this including the “Responses” I double dare you.

  3. I’ve sent a email to Duguid this AM…Guess that I’ll be getting a call from the OPP later today…

  4. Our member groups and sites including our neutered councils should be demanding at least equivalent set backs of 5 km (at minimum) across Ontario….We shouldn’t let Duguid away with the hypocrisy espoused in his policy change for offshore wind turbines…because we are normally “moderate” folks in rural Ontario and we deserve to be treated the same as citizens living near offshore wind turbines…

  5. Just a quick reminder on setting public environmental policy..


    Just a friendly chat will do…

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