Displaced families evidence enough to warrant halt to wind turbines

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There is more than enough evidence to warrant a complete halt to erecting any more industrial wind turbine installations. In Ontario alone, we have multiple families who can no longer live in their own homes due to noise, low-frequency vibration, and dirty electricity. This is documented and known throughout the industry and the government. These families were fine before the wind installations started up, they got sick after they started up, and they get better when they leave their homes.

The health problems are the same around the world with family members of all ages suffering from sleep deprivation, tinnitus, stomach aches, dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, heart palpitations, ear and chest pressure, body vibration, and the list goes on. While some will say that these symptoms can be found anywhere in the general population, it is important to understand that people who did not have any of these symptoms before are experiencing multiple symptoms post startup.

What we hear from the ministers and industry figures is their claim that they need to shut down coal plants because they are killing people, but we all know it is immoral to cause harm to one segment of the population in order to alleviate a perceived harm to another. The term “anti-wind” is often tossed about by proponents to label people who have valid concerns. Every person that I have talked to was not anti-wind and they welcomed the wind turbines into their community. I would suggest that “pro-health” is a more suitable term for those who are asking for caution.

In Ontario alone there are 115 known and documented reports of residents suffering adverse health effects from wind installations and there are less than 700 turbines in operation. Not very good odds are they? Add to this that problems are seriously underreported due to gag clause restrictions, fear of property devaluation when one speaks publicly, fear of loss of privacy if reporting, and fear of upsetting community harmony. Families are being torn apart physically and emotionally.

I am not an expert in coal, nuclear, gas or wind energy, nor am I a health professional, but I can tell you from first-hand knowledge that the effects that wind turbines are having on large numbers of families in this province is not acceptable, and to continue down this road without conducting proper independent health studies and the mitigation of current problems is absolutely reckless.

The imbalance of power in rural Ontario is stunning. We have wind lobby groups, developers, and our own government ministries all on the same page, changing legislation to suit their agenda and with endless funding to do what they need. On the other hand are families who are falling ill and being forced to leave their homes with no assistance from any ministry. A most difficult situation has been thrust upon our rural municipalities in that with this new green-energy legislation they have been removed from determining what is best for their own communities, yet at the same time they are supposed to protect their residents from harm. The backlash from residents has been loud and clear and the government has legislated themselves the ability to ignore and press forward.

For the affected families, there is no form of assistance from the Ministry of Energy, which is forcefully pushing this agenda. There is no help from the Ministry of the Environment, which is supposed to be monitoring the entire program, and which, by the way, is failing miserably because it does have not the tools or knowledge to understand the complicated technical detail and consequences of industrial wind turbine generated electricity. But worst of all is that there is no help from our own health department, which is well aware of and has heard directly from many victims in this province. Our own chief medical officer of health released a report that in the body of the report recognizes there are health issues associated with wind installations and yet in her conclusion, the one that gets repeatedly used throughout industry and in the media, she says there is no causal link that associates wind turbines to health problems. There has been very strong negative reaction from health professionals to her report. An analysis of her report is available at www.windvigilance.com. Oddly, she did not speak to any of the many available victims in compiling her report and one has to wonder why she would make such a grave omission.

All we have received to date from any industry- or government-funded report is a review of older existing literature. Old turbines were far smaller and mostly placed away from the population. Contrary to what is being printed in the media, European countries are having just as many problems and so is the rest of the world wherever industrial wind is installed.

Can we at least admit there is a huge problem with this policy and start taking steps to investigate these health complaints, complaints serious enough that they are forcing people out of their own homes? Instead of repeatedly demeaning and revictimizing those who are suffering, let’s apply the caution this issue deserves and get some help with this, independent of industry and government fingers.

Barbara Ashbee, Orangeville

7 thoughts on “Displaced families evidence enough to warrant halt to wind turbines

  1. Thank-you, Barbara, for this clear and informative piece. I hope it will be printed many times over in many newspapers.

  2. The decision not to add scrubbers to the coal-fired generating stations looks more ridiculous every day…

  3. Thank you Barb. Your very good article has been sent to our papers. I will print it as a hand out as well. The flood of exponential info is what I believe to be the turning point of this fiasco. The sacrifices you have made and your unfailing commitment for years now, to get the truth out to the masses will be bear fruit soon. You put the GO in “You go girl”

  4. The so-called Government keeps using this excuse: “that dirty coal burning is killing people”, that it is well documented and they even quote figures!

    I say let’s go straight back to that claim and get DOCUMENTED proof that Coal Burning is killing people!

    If the Government claims that “their coal plants are killing people” then where are the lawsuits and wrongful death claims against THEM?

    Wouldn’t one expect that if they stated that THEIR coal plants had killed people then that would be admission in court that they were responsible for the deaths of their citizens?

    Every time the Government or Wind Industry makes a claim about anything, it is so full of holes and untruths that not one person I know believes ANYTHING anymore coming form their lips!

  5. Quixote adnd the others. Let’s put this claim to rest. I thought you might appreciate this from Ross McKitrick, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Guelph:

    “For many years we have heard that air pollution in Canada is responsible for thousands of annual deaths and hospitalizations. In 2004 Toronto Public Health claimed that 1,700 premature deaths and 6,000 hospitalizations occur each year in Toronto alone, due to air pollution. The Ontario Medical Association, provincial and federal governments, lung associations and other groups regularly cite these kinds of figures in support of calls for new regulatory initiatives. These death and hospitalization rates are astonishing. It is like suffering a 9/11-sized terrorist attack every 10 months. But is it really true?”

    Read the rest of his article here: http://network.nationalpost.com/NP/blogs/fpcomment/archive/2010/03/17/where-are-the-bodies.aspx

    and another of Ross’ papers presented to the Association of Major Power Consumers of Ontario
    Toronto, April 30 2004:

  6. “…admission in court that they were responsible for the deaths of their citizens?”

    Wow! So obvious and so brilliantly stated.

    Of course, this is pure truth.

  7. Look at this web page on the effects of infrasound as well as low frequency sound. It is amazing how the symptoms match what Barbara is talking about.

    This MP3 tells about a $43,000 study on the wind turbine noise on a farm that drove the family off the land. I think it shows the probable causal link of wind turbine health issues. Note how test results can be skewed by the test equipment and its settings.



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