Grey Highlands – International Power Wind farm agreement stalled


Chris Fell, Staff, 13 July 2010

The chasm between Grey Highlands council and the proponents of a proposed wind farm in that municipality continues to be the size of the Grand Canyon. 

Representatives from International Power Canada – the proponent of the Plateau Wind Project in Grey Highlands – again appeared as a delegation at the regular meeting of Grey Highlands council on July 12. 

Mike Crawley and Will Pol pleaded with council to adopt a road agreement the company requires to move the wind energy project forward. 

“This is not a development that just popped up when the Green Energy Act was enacted,” said Crawley, who noted that many wind projects began during the government of former Premier Ernie Eves. “We have always focused on working with the community and finding solutions that work for everybody,” said Crawley. 

Mike Crawley, International Power

International Power – an international power company – needs a road agreement with Grey Highlands to get its industrial wind turbine project started. Grey Highlands municipal staff negotiated an agreement with the company and presented the report and agreement to council a few weeks ago. However, council had no interest in passing a road agreement, because the McGuinty government’s Green Energy Act removed its planning approval authorities for the project. 

“If council does not adopt the agreement it goes directly to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and they would direct the outcome,” said Crawley. “The municipality would have further expense to have representation at the OEB,” he said. 

He said if the OEB decides the matter Grey Highlands will lose any voice it has in the location of new hydro poles that have to be installed for the project. 

Pol compared the road agreement to that of a development agreement for a subdivision or the implementation of a severance consent application. 

“I see this road use agreement as the same kind of thing,” said Pol. 

Members of council were quiet for the entire presentation by the delegation. Deputy Mayor Dave Fawcett said he disagreed with the comparison of the road use agreement with the implementation of a development agreement or consent severance. 

“For both of those there is a public process and the applications are ultimately approved,” said Fawcett, noting that the Green Energy Act eliminated public consultation. “This (wind turbine proposal) has nothing to do with us,” said the Deputy Mayor. 

Mayor Brian Mullin told the delegation that council has refused to consider the road use agreement and he didn’t see any movement around the table to change that position. 

“Procedurally it would require a resolution from this council to re-consider the agreement,” he said.

10 thoughts on “Grey Highlands – International Power Wind farm agreement stalled

  1. So there you have it!.in case anyone had any doubts as to the involvement of the Conservatives in this Wind Scam you have it directly from the lips of the “Liberal house boy”” that Harris’s Government were up to their eye teeth in this scam!

    There are no longer any party lines when it comes to the money trough called taxpayers earnings and it is a feeding frenzy that knows no bounds!

    Also when Crawley doesn’t get his way then he starts to threaten Councils with the following statement: “If council does not adopt the agreement it goes directly to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and they would direct the outcome,” said Crawley.

    There you have it! A clear cut playing field that is pretty well one of the lowest and most foul that I have ever experienced since I was born.

    To threaten the Municipalities with huge costs and loss of what little power remains by an ex Liberal hack makes one wonder what banana republic we live in!

  2. Congratulations Grey Highlands for holding your ground! If we are all going to be broken economically from this fiasco we might as well ALL fight to our last dime and remain true to democracy. That is a legacy I can be proud of.

  3. If Paper Clip (Mike Crawley) is trying to convey that it’s okay for him to go back in time, to the days of Premier Ernie Eves in order to suit Crawley’s purposes. Then it’s okay for Grey Highlands to go back to a date in time such as March 02ND 2005 the day after the 2005 Provincial Policy Statement came into effect to suit Highlands Grey purposes as well.

    Paper Clip seems to have forgotten that Ontarians have a right to participate if they so choose and they as well have the right to change their minds.

    Mr. Crawley with regards to your comment “Grey Highlands will lose any voice it has in the location of new hydro poles that have to be installed for the project,” it wouldn’t matter what voice Grey Highlands had, if it didn’t suit your or International Power’s best interest you would threaten Grey Highlands like you had on July 12.

    Mr. Crawley, your claim that you make about focusing on working with the community and finding solutions that work for everybody is the very same as saying you (the municipality) are going to do as you are told and you will like it.

    I would imagine it’s time for another Paper Clip fabrication so that he sic the authorities on some poor innocent person.

  4. Just because Mr. Crawley and crew managed to sucker Essex council with a totally inadequate Road and right-of-way agreement, what make them think every council is that dysfunctional. This is one of the few ways municipalities have of controlling what happens. Are they going to go back to McQuinty crying again? They are the bullies, they are just too cheap to pay what they should.
    Check out the one sided Noise Protocal

  5. Mike, the golden days of the wind companies strutting into town and having stupid, uninformed Councilors turn into your glazy-eyed groupies are over.

    How about tending to the mess you left in Frogmore/Clear Creek before moving onto another community to destroy?

  6. If Crawley thought the SOP was too good to be true why did he find it necessary to skirt around the intent of the program and piece-meal projects so that he received the premium subsidy?

    Note on page 3 of the slideshow it clearly indicates this premium subsidy was for MAXIMUM 10 MW projects? So why is Harrow and the Frogmore/Clearcreek several times larger than that, yet they are still raking in the SOP subsidies?

    Other wind companies, like Trillium, clearly saw the abuse the Crawley and his boys were trying to pull off.

    Once the OPA became aware the public was seriously looking into this abuse, they quickly tightened up the rules….but grandfathered Crawley. The Ontario Liberals turned a blind eye to his abuse of the program.

  7. Not only have they skimmed all the gravy, they’ve made it so we can’t see how much they are getting because these wind farms are NOT listed on the IESO site and that’s just wrong.
    Hope they hold firm, don’t give in to these bullies.

  8. If and when someone with backbone and a little Honour gets involved in this scam and begins an investigation such as a “Public Inquiry” all these “players” will have some serious questions to answer!

    They may “think” they are getting away with this Wind Scam now but wait and see when the “chickens come home to roost!”………….

    Then you’ll here the crying and sorrowful crocodile tears flow saying they didn’t know what they were doing and they “thought” they were acting within the Law!

    RIGHT!………..did you Windies ever hear about ENRON?

  9. Grey Highlands Council,
    Thanks for listening to the concerns of your neighbours and residents alike.
    Al Buck
    8th Concession

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