International Power finally agrees to look at the Norfolk victims

by Daniel Pearce, Simcoe Reformer

The company that owns the wind farm in the west end of Norfolk says it will undertake an infrasound study in the Clear Creek area to determine if its turbines generate low-level frequencies that nearby residents insist are sickening them.

“We anticipate the study will be done this summer,” David Timm, vice-president strategic affairs for International Power, told Norfolk council on Tuesday night.

The findings will be made available to the public, he added.

Scientific evidence so far shows no link between turbines and illnesses in people who live near them, Timm said.

But his company, which recently bought out the former owners PowerGen, wants to do the study anyway because of complaints from a number of people living near a cluster of turbines in the Clear Creek area, he said.

“We take noise complaints seriously and we investigate them,” Timm said.

The Ontario Ministry of Environment has studied the Norfolk farm and gave it the OK, but it also suggested the company do the infrasound testing, he said.

“We have to investigate the issue and see whether the issue exists or not,” Timm said.

Over the past year, residents who live near the turbines have insisted the vibrations do exist and are ruining their lives. They say they suffer from headaches and especially sleeplessness.

Some have moved out of their homes and were present at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Stephana Johnston, the most well-known of the residents, addressed council again on the matter and said things have become so bad residents are simply abandoning their homes.

Of 140 homes in her area, 40 are either abandoned, vacant, or up for sale, she said.

“We feel this does need fixing,” Johnston said before asking council to write a letter to Dr. Siva Sivoththaman, a University of Waterloo professor who holds an Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies, calling for him to study the situation. Council agreed to her request. Johnston challenged some of Timm’s statements.

“There’s been no scientific studies on the impact of human beings surrounded by wind turbines,” said Johnston, who has resorted to sleeping in a trailer at her son’s home near Langton. “Nobody’s looking at the effects these wind turbines have on us.”

Johnston and two other residents at the meeting followed Timm outside the council room and pleaded with him to get his company to do something.

“I can’t stay there,” said Tracy Whitworth, a school teacher who moved into a temporary home on May 1 to get away from the turbines. “If I stay there, I will die.

“I can’t sell my home. What do I do? How do I survive?”

Johnston told Timm living near the turbines amounts to a form of “torture.”

12 thoughts on “International Power finally agrees to look at the Norfolk victims

  1. If it’s not going to be an independent study then what type of study is it going to be, how would/will anybody know whether it will be fixed or not. As an example lets say it shows what everyone has been telling them part way into the study, will they continue and or what will be said and or done by other wind turbine companies, the study or any study has to be done buy an independent group as the turbine companies can not be trusted?

  2. This whole thing will come crashing down around the residents ears………..The Ontario appointed Chair Dr. Sivoththaman is like asking Gerettson to do the study!

    THEN after he finds there is NO connection between Wind Turbines and Health issues the Wind Industry will blow the report out of all proportion and declare that their agenda is not only safe to people but actually GOOD for people!

    Mark my words!……………

  3. Mike Crawley and his boyz CANNOT be trusted to do anything above board, by the book or trustworthy!

  4. Given the wind industries track
    record in producing biased, skewed,
    non-sensical studies, you already
    know in advance that this infrasound
    study will not draw any definitive
    conclusions detrimental to the industry.

  5. “Scientific evidence so far shows no link between turbines and illnesses in people who live near them, Timm said.”

    With those words of Timm’s, we know the study is already tainted and one-sided. Currently there is NO, ZERO, NADA scientific evidence. It has never been studied so how can his claim be made.

    This study will be bogus! Residents should insist on an indepepdent overseer for this study. I suggest both a certified acoustician and a knowledgeable, open minded doctor, say someone like Dr. Robert McMurtry

  6. I just can’t imagine IPC having a conclusion like, “The infrasound really IS causing all these residents to have severe health problems. We will shut the wind turbines all down because we don’t want to harm anybody. We are terribly sorry for all the hurt we have caused”….just not possible, very sad to say. Nice dream for me though….

  7. Thanks for the info Johana. This is another point blank article that was well written. The truth doesn’t need to be dressed up, wrong is wrong.
    When people like Crawley resort to using our tax dollars against us and uttering threats, who needs to say anymore!

  8. It’s hard to believe that an employee of a university funded by “the government” could possibly be unbiased. University employees know what side their bread is buttered on and don’t have to be told.
    My opinion of university employees is they abhor being involved in anything political .Unbiased? I think not.
    Think of 3 researchers who were fired when they raised the alarm over the dangers posed feeding cattle tissue back to cattle?
    First they were suspended then fired. Their warning? BSE–mad cow disease that went on to decimate the cattle industry. Our government didn’t learn from Britain.
    I don’t see any difference with wind turbines either when testing is placed in the hands of government employees.

  9. There doesn’t seem to be any” experts” that aren’t already being paid by the wind industry. How do we get fair studies? I don’t trust the Liberals any more, they’ve shown their bias to wind in more ways than one.

  10. Note how David Timm indicates that “The Ontario Ministry of Environment has studied the Norfolk farm and gave it the OK, but it also suggested the company do the infrasound testing, he said. If it’s O.K. David than why do the infrasound testing? As for the OK status, note that MOE does not have a scientific methodology to assess to see if noise is out of compliance therefore how is this statement true. Is this project O.K. simply because MOE can’t figure out the problem?? If AIM/IPC has any involvement with the noise assessement, I can assure this Norfolk group it will be skewed to support the company’s position only and they will walk away without any consequences.

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