Mayor to request Norfolk County be subject of wind turbine health study

by Ashley DeGroote,

Norfolk County wants to put itself at the forefront of a medical study into the effects of wind turbines. Former Green Party candidate, Stephana Johnston says half of the residents within 3 kilometers of the Clear Creek, Cultus and Frogmore wind facilities say their health is suffering from these turbines, it makes that area a prime spot for a study. Johnston says epidemiological research is being done by University of Waterloo into these health effects and we need to get involved.

Councillor Harold Sonnenberg says it’s evident that these people feel they’re suffering because of the turbines, so it’s something council needs to take a good look at. Mayor Travale will be writing to the doctor heading up the study to ask them to consider using our area.

7 thoughts on “Mayor to request Norfolk County be subject of wind turbine health study

  1. Be careful and be sure it is an independent study.

    If this is government or industry sponsored rest assured the results will be what they have paid for.

    Nothing the WB’s (wind bastards) would like better than to be able to point to a place such as this and say “see, we told you so!”

  2. If that Ontario Appointed Chair Dr. Sivoththaman is the one doing the study then all future Health Claims will be doomed to the trash bin!

    The Scam continues at all levels!

  3. AGREED. Not only will we ask that Dr. McMurtry PEER REVIEW the study, we will also ask Dr. Pierpont, Dr. Nissenbaum, Professor Harrison, Dr. Phillips, Rick James, our own Bill Palmer, Peter Lomath and others whom you would like to see on the panel.

  4. Good Luck!………….not one of the names above will be asked for anything as far as input is concerned…they are the Wind Industry’s worst nightmares……….they speak the TRUTH!

  5. Good day,
    First of all just a little bit about my background, I am a professional engineer in the telecommunications field and have been in the Energy and Renewable Energy for the last three years, also have been part of a number of business prior to starting The Anavitas Group Inc.

    My comment is:
    • Our population keeps growing
    • We are running out of environmentally friendly resources
    • We, for many years have disrespected Mather Earth
    • We have been spoiled to become a consumer society and want more

    What are our choices? In no particular order
    • Nuclear energy, requires large upfront capital long term ROI
    • Solar energy, too expensive and in Canada we do not have abundance of sun
    • Wind turbines, reasonable up front capital
    • Fossil fuels power generation stations

    I guess each one of us have to make its mind and be more realistic, years back I remember and still very vivid in my mind how many were opposed to the Internet and it is now, not much difference then when the TV came on back in the early fifties.

    In my opinion we need to be cautious, but at the same time realistic, the decisions we make today will affect our society for many years to come. Balancing good against bad is not an easy task for anybody.
    “Energy Conservation and Profitability are not necessarily Mutually Exclusive”

    Jose M. Gonzalez
    President & CEO
    The Anavitas Group Inc.

  6. Jose: You as a professional should know how useless wind is in providing useful energy, by means of the grid, to consumers. It would change the resonable up front capital costs to a waste of capital. Wind is no solution to meeting energy needs now or in the future. Improving storage technology would be better used with existing power management and keep wind out of it.

  7. Jose:

    The decision by the Government of Ontario to support Wind Turbines was a clear case of decision based evidence fabrication.

    I admit that wind power can be good to the bottom line for some subsidy sucking companies. For the Ontario Energy consumer it is simply a black hole for funding.

    As for changing people’s attitudes…

    read about the carbon fairy…


    TOWNSEND: I was making a speech to nearly 200 really hard core, deep environmentalists and I played a little thought game on them. I said imagine I am the carbon fairy and I wave a magic wand. We can get rid of all the carbon in the atmosphere, take it down to two hundred fifty parts per million and I will ensure with my little magic wand that we do not go above two degrees of global warming. However, by waving my magic wand I will be interfering with the laws of
    physics not with people – they will be as selfish, they will be as desiring of status. The cars will get bigger, the houses will get bigger, the planes will fly all over the place but there will be no climate change. And I asked them, would you ask the fairy to wave its magic wand? And about 2 people of the 200 raised their hands.

    ROWLATT: That is quite shocking. I bet you were
    shocked, weren’t you?

    TOWNSEND: I was angry. I wasn’t shocked. I was angry because it really showed that they wanted more. They didn’t just want to prevent climate change. They wanted to somehow change people, or at very least for people to know that they had to change.


    I’m pretty tired of people who want to protect me from myself by changing my attitude.

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