Arran-Elderslie leading the fight

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Arran-Elderslie Council is continuing its battle to keep wind turbines out of the municipality.

Council and representatives of its neighbouring municipalities agreed at a meeting on July 8 to create a working committee in an effort to pool resources towards what could be a legal battle over the issue.

The committee will consist of two representatives from each of the local municipalities who have joined Arran-Elderslie in its fight -Saugeen Shores, Huron-Kinloss, West Grey, Chatsworth, Georgian Bluffs, South Bruce and Grey Highlands, along with both Bruce and Grey County councils. Just over 20 municipalities province-wide have either supported or endorsed a bylaw Arran-Elderslie passed in April invoking a section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in an attempt to block wind turbine development within the municipality. It calls for “the protection of life, liberty and security of person” under Section 7 of the Charter, claiming wind turbines cause serious health effects.

The first task for the committee, to be formed later this month, will be to meet with provincial officials at the upcoming Association of Municipaties of Ontario (AMO) conference in mid-August.

West Grey councillor Carol Lawrence said their municipal staff have already contacted at least two ministries for a meeting at the conference and she believes making a joint presentation is the right way to go.

However, Arran-Elderslie councillor Mark Davis is not convinced it will do any good.

“We had trouble even getting them (AMO) to circulate our bylaw . . . I think it’s a waste of time meeting with them, but if others want to go and have a meeting, bless them.”

Meanwhile, in an information package presented to Arran-Elderslie council by wind energy proponents Leader Resources Services, it states Leader is currently pursuing a number of renewable energy projects, including 46 wind turbines, 115 megawatts each, near Burgoyne and another 100 wind turbines in two different areas of Central Huron.

In the report, Leader’s lawyer states “in my view, Leader should focus its efforts on continuing to take all possible steps to obtain provincial approval of wind facilities . . . it may also wish to point out the strength of its legal position and the weakness of the Arran-Elderslie bylaw in Central Huron or other municipalities contemplating similar challenges to wind turbines. It appears that such municipal bylaws are driven more by short-term political expedience than by a high probability of judicial success.”

Arran-Elderslie council and its wind opposition supporters who will make up the working committee will meet again Aug. 5.

4 thoughts on “Arran-Elderslie leading the fight

  1. What is the History of the AMO, is it mandated or is it just something that came about. As long as the Liberals can keep the municipalities divided the better off the Liberal party will be in making an example out of a municipality, however if all the municipalities were on board then things would be very different. I am of the opinion that a lot of municipal problems stem from their CAO’s because they are secretly doing the Liberal’s bidding rather than supporting the community’s interest as a whole. I sometimes wonder who’s who in our municipality, oh yeah the mayors the one with the Ferengi neck-chain.

  2. The only strategy that will work is to unite and use every means possible to stall or stop these ridiculous processes for the approval of wind farms inherent in the FAKE Green Energy Act……because the Ontario Liberals will be gone by the 2011 election if not sooner..
    I support all the municipalities and member sites that rise up against the Tyrrany of the Ontario Liberals Green Energy Act also known as the “War Against Affordable Energy”…..

    We need to ensure that our councils grow a pair (demand their support) and support us in this battle…

  3. Our councillors or Wards think to much of themselves to spend any time in growing a pair, problem is, even if they did change their attitude it would only be for show, to get votes.

    If Mcguinty is still so sure about his government he should call an election and see how sure the voters are of him and his party.

    Dalton if you are so sure of yourself and your party call an election, I dare you?

    An election now or later I would bet that he wouldn’t even get elected in his own riding?

  4. At AMO if councillors from municipalities that believe their residents speak loud and clear,in easy to understand language, maybe some of the brain washed mayors from Essex County will pay attention. Doubt it, they are mostly card carrying liberal sheep,but we can hope.
    Hubby told me it looks like the turbine at the end of Billings air strip is up. What a crime,and Bains did nothing to stop them, even before the GEA.

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